Holiday Flex

Summer means holidays doesn’t it? Yes it does, does that mean you stop your fitness when a holiday approaches? Or is that when you change it up and go all in, and make it a part of your life? Or do you go all in on your fitness before a holiday and just continue to do it on whichever day a holiday falls? Do your workouts change depending on a holiday? Most of the time they do because holidays also depend on the time of year. The one thing that all holidays have in common is lots of food. The question is what does lots of food have to do with your fitness and the holiday it surrounds? It means eat what you love in moderation and still find time to get a workout in.  Can you do that, if you go to the gym or fit fitness into your life? Yes you can even on a holiday. You probably have many questions surrounding this so let me begin to answer those questions, When it comes to the holidays the food that it has is neve ending. That is why activity is great during any holiday. Which means when a holiday approaches don’t just stop your fitness keep moving even on the holiday and you will feel so much better.

July or any time of year where there is a holiday is a great time for a holiday flex workout. It is a really good workout in July because, if you are either Canadian or American there is a holiday pretty much back to back for both of you, also a lot of people take vacation time in July does that mean however that your fitness stops? No it just means that it may change, depending on what you are doing in your summer day, you may do complete cardio, or you may do abs, and cardio with a side of lifting, Most of the time, when it comes to holiday workouts you usually want to get them done quickly, so you can have fun with the rest of your day.

Do quick holiday workouts exist in July? Yes they do you can always find, a  15- 20 minute workout routine, online, or dvd or better yet fit fitness into your life and all the running you do, before whatever even you have or whatever it is you are doing in the summer. This is great for the first week of July with the holidays that it has. Also remember that fitting fitness into your life is, great during the holidays because you get to get a great workout in and nobody will even notice you are doing it. That is the best type of holiday workout if I do say so myself.

When you flex on a holiday or during a holiday weekend, what happens in terms of your fitness? Does your fitness change, if so how and if it doesn’t how does it stay the same? Most of the time in terms of holiday fitness it does change, because we are always doing other things, to celebrate said holiday. The question is why can’t we add some fitness into that too? We can if we fit it into our lives, of course. The best way to do that when it comes to a holiday is just move your body, and consider that your workout. If you work up a bit of a sweat that is a bonus, so for the next holiday you have try doing that and see what happens in terms of your fitness?  You may be surprised and want to continue to do it.

When you think of doing a holiday workout, do you cringe and try to shy away from doing it? If so you should try to fit your holiday workouts into your life, when you do that your workouts become much easier, that in turn makes your holiday workout easier, and that is all we shoot for isn’t it? For the most part yes so why wouldn’t, we do holiday workouts in July? We would because (1) it is summer, and we can take our workouts anywhere, and (2) just moving around on a holiday is a workout and nobody knows you are doing it if you are just moving your body, so when a holiday approaches in the summer don’t just sit there, because it is a day off work, get up and move your body you will be glad you did.

If you are spending a lot of time outside, with family or by a pool over the summer holiday season why not play a game that requires movement outside, like tag, volleyball, swimming or do an outdoor project. Always remember to stay active on a holiday in the summer you will get more out of it that way. When you fit fitness into your life on a holiday what happens? Your workout gets accomplished and it doesn’t even feel like a workout because all the movements you are doing feel so natural, to you as well, as you are using non- workout materials to get your workout accomplished. Although you can use workout materials outside in the summer, and most of the time you do that for a holiday workout. Just remember to fit fitness into your holiday   even if it is 15- 20 minutes, and see how much more of a workout you get out of it, you may be surprised.

When you holiday flex, you are usually using different things and smiling throughout, if it is nice outside on the holiday that is, even if its not though and you are fitting fitness into your life you can still consider the movement you are doing a holiday flex workout. Just remember to work up a bit of a sweat, which isn’t really, difficult in the month of July. Even if you aren’t working out in July you are usually sweating. This happens the most in the summer why? It happens the most in the summer because, the weather is nice and we usually want to soak up all the nice weather, while it lasts. So if its nice weather in July, go outside and soak it up by moving your body, and staying active. So fit fitness into your holidays in July and see how much more you get out of your fitness even on a summer holiday.

When you flex during the summer holidays you feel great don’t you? Yes you do because, you can wear nice summer clothes, which show off your muscular arms, and legs. Which is what we always like to see for holidays, that is when we wear nice summer dresses. So wear a nice summer dress, on a holiday in July and see how you can or if you can fit fitness into your life, while wearing it, I am sure you can if you just keep moving in the summer and especially when it’s nice and sunny outside. That is why holiday flexing is great in the summer especially in July.

July holiday fitness, is easy because as we all know, it is busy as is any holiday and with that nobody likes to stay still, when the weather is nice do they? No they don’t in the summer people want to keep moving so they get all they can out of the nice weather. Holiday workouts are always changing though remember that. The way that they change, is by the person doing the summer fitness and what they like to do, some people like to lift, more in July or to do cardio, or even both. I like to do both which is what the fit flex life offers. So do cardio and lifting even on a holiday fit it into your life and see how much more you get out of your workouts for the holidays in the month of July or the summer even.  That is what the fit flex life and holiday fitness offer in the summer, and why we should try it and see where it leads us.

Holiday flex is so great in the summer, because it is always on the go, and it is always changing. Which means it is busy. Holidays are always busy, and so is the fit flex life that is why holiday flex is great to do on a holiday in the summer or any day in the summer. That is what the holiday flex is all about. So take your holiday and fit fitness into your life and see what happens. You will get a lot out of your workout if you do it that way, so try it. If you are looking for a new way of getting in a great summer workout why not check out a great fitness course that can be done anywhere.

When you do a holiday flex workout why are you doing it? Do you even know or are you just moving so that you can work off all the holiday treats. You can eat all the holiday treats if you fit fitness into your life, and keep your body moving. So if you want to keep up your fitness in the summer even on holidays, that the summer has, we call it holiday flex. What do you call your workouts on these days in the summer in terms of the fit flex life?

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  1. Very well written! Thanks for this reminder! I think I can, I think I ca!


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