Birthday Flex Does That Exist?

When you have a birthday and you are in fitness do you take a rest day on your actual birthday day?  Or do you keep up with your fitness?  What do you normally do for your fitness on your birthday anything different than any other day when it comes to your fitness? No you usually don’t  you may put more work in terms of burning calories because of the calorie intake you will be consuming for your birthday but that is about it with the cake and food you will be eating. Sure it may be more calories than you are used too but don’t skip cake on your birthday never skip cake on your birthday. Eat the cake on your birthday when you do a birthday workout or a birthday flex you are working to eat that cake so eat it you deserve it. Your birthday is the one day you can indulge so do that.

We are all meant to indulge on our birthday, but that also means you flex before you eat the food or even after.  When you do that you will feel so much better. Just doing a workout on your birthday, always makes a person feel better doesn’t it? It does when they do a fit flex life workout on their birthday because then they use all the movement they do on their birthday as part of their workout. At least I do, I do this because the more movement you do the more of a workout you do and that is great for your birthday. This also means the more fun you have, once you work out is done.  What if you fit fitness into your life on your birthday do you call it birthday flex? Or fit flex birthday flex? Or neither? Do you just fit fitness into your life on your birthday and run with it? I do that a or I call it sweating for cake if I don’t want to call it birthday flex.  Birthday flex means you sweat for your cake, before you have it, that is what a birthday flex is.  When you work out on your birthday, you are doing fitness you enjoy when you do that on your birthday you are getting more out of your workout as well as more out of your birthday. A fit flex life workout is a birthday workout if you want it to be, so do fit flex life workout on your birthday that you enjoy and call them birthday flex workouts. See if other people will join you and see how much more fun you have and how much more you get out of them. Maybe other people will join in this work out on their birthday and get just as much out of it as you did.

The question is does a birthday flex workout truly exist? Can it exist? Can it exist? Yes it can and yes it does.  The way tha tit can and does exist is you know that you want to eat cake for your birthday so you decide to workout in order to eat sweets later as your birthday treat. That is why you do a workout on your birthday and why sometimes you call it birthday flex.  A fit flex life workout and a birthday workout can be one in the same, a birthday workout can be anything you want it to be it’s your birthday so, you are in complete control of it. When you are in complete control of your workout you can continue it on your birthday, by doing anything you want in terms of your workout.  That is a great birthday flex workout if I do say so myself. A birthday flex workout can be, abs, cardio, weights anything you want to get your blood pumping on your birthday.

What happens when you have a summer birthday? You spend a lot of time outside, swimming, tanning, gardening or just spending time outside in the sun if that is what you want. It’s your birthday so you can flex any way that you want. You can fit fitness into your life if that’s what you want on your birthday. If you are into fitness and have a summer birthday do you do a specific workout on that day? Does a birthday flex workout exist? It can if that is what people want on their birthday. If people have a summer birthday a birthday flex workout is a great type of workout because, the endorphins just because it’s your birthday are great combined with the endorphins of your workout make it even better. So why not, add a fit flex life workout into your summer birthday and make your birthday even better. That is what the fit flex life is all about when it comes to your birthday, at least it is for me. If you have a summer birthday how do you go about doing your summer fitness? Think about it, I fit my fitness into my birthday and have a blast with it as should you.

A birthday flex is any type of fitness people enjoy, it is all about the person and what they want for their birthday in terms of their fitness. Some may even take a rest day on their birthday but that all depends on the person. Some people want to get in a good sweat sesh on their birthday, so that the cheat meal, they have later in the day is warranted. So essentially a birthday sweat when it comes to the fit flex life, is I am working for sweets or even a great birthday dinner.  The words birthday flex makes you want to work out more doesn’t it? Yes it does that is why you fit fitness into your life, and have fun with it.

What is a birthday flex workout exactly? A birthday flex workout is fitting fitness into your life even on your birthday. That doesn’t mean you need to do a really hard work out, it just means work up a sweat to earn the drinks and sweets later. If you are doing fit flex life workouts and you work out on your birthday a birthday flex can happen all day long with all the movement you do.  Do your workout on your birthday by doing fitness you enjoy, don’t just take a rest day.  I always say if you want birthday cake you have to work for it. That means cardio, weights, swimming, swinging, go to the gym or fit fitness into your birthday for the cake. Make it all about the cake you will be sure to get in a great workout beforehand.

When it comes to a birthday flex workout, it is literally anything you want. It’s your birthday so do your favourite workout that is what a birthday flex is all about and what it is for. Usually for my birthday I do cardio, abs and lifting which means I pick workouts that push my limits and see how far I will get with them. Those types of workouts make my muscles scream and those are the type of workouts I like the most.  That is why I like to do them on my birthday. Those types of workouts, are fun and why wouldn’t you have fun on your birthday? You would have fun on your birthday, because it makes you happy. So do a birthday flex workout that makes you happy and there you have it fun on your birthday.

A birthday flex means workout on your birthday any way you see fit. Something that gets your blood pumping, is fun and keeps you on your toes. Just keep moving on your birthday and you will be doing a birthday flex. So on your birthday do a workout and call it birthday flex. See what type of workout you come up with when you do that for your birthday.

A birthday flex workout is pretty much your workout with a twist. This twist includes a lot of smiles and laughter as well as eyeing all the desserts you will eat later. So lift, and do cardio until your body can’t, move anymore. That will make you eating all the sweets worth it. It is all about getting your heart rate up before you party. So that is where you bring your workout with you anywhere you go. Lift, do cardio, and abs.  This can be done during a birthday celebration you just have to make it work for you even on your actual birthday. Work for the sweets you will consume.

Yes a birthday flex workout exists, if you want it too. The way that it exists is just working out on your birthday and not taking a rest day. Even if you are just preparing for a party consider that your workout. All the cleaning and prepping for it can make you work up a sweat that screams workout. At least it does to me, so the next time your birthday rolls around try a fit flex birthday work out for yourself.

A birthday flex workout is a great workout because it gives you so much more energy to have fun on your birthday. So get in a workout on your birthday and see for yourself. What do you think a birthday flex workout is and have you ever done one?

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