Fit Flex Summer Sashay

What does sashaying in the summer do to your fitness? Or does it do anything? If makes your fitness more fun and more like a dance party doesn’t it?  Any type of party is great in the summer isn’t it, especially some sort of fitness party right? Yes dance parties are great in the summer, although summer sashay isn’t all about dancing, it is more about getting in a great workout. When you get in a great workout in the summer how do you feel? You feel great and as though you can do anything. Summer workout are all about moving or sashaying as I like to say. When you think of sashaying in the summer you think of doing something fun, that could mean going outside, and burning off some energy. The best way to do that is bring your workout outside, lift weights or bricks,  use what you have outside, benches, for inclined push-ups or step –ups, or logs for step-ups too.  That is a summer fitness sashay.

A fit flex life fitness routine, is one of the greatest things to do in the summer. Why is this?  You wonder, this is because, it can be so different and new or it can stay the same but look and feel new and different depending on where you take it. It can be taken anywhere, especially in the summer.  When your workout doesn’t really look like a workout, you sashay because you are loving your fitness and your life. You are also loving the fact that your fitness and life combine, so much and that is why you keep moving. It is usually nice enough outside in July that this is possible. So fit fitness into your life in the summer and sashay along the way. That will fit fitness into your life, and make your fitness so much more fun.

Saying summer sashay is saying fit flex just differently.   We do a lot more in our fitness when, it comes to the summer, this is because we want to feel good in the summer and the best way to do that is to take our fitness outside, at least it is to me. So what do we do to spend time outside in the summer when it comes to our fitness? We come up with our fitness routines that can be taken outside in the summer.  These workouts could just be getting active with family and friends or bringing some of your workout equipment outside as I have mentioned in pervious posts. Summer sashay can be any type of fitness as long as you do what you want in your workout and bring it outside too.  Movement in the summer is great for our bodies in general so why not fit fitness, into your summer and sashay every time you need to move.  People may look at you funny but they also may want to join in. Fit flex workouts are different yes but they also a lot fun, so try one in the summer and move your body continually.  See how much fun you have with it.

When you fit fitness into your summer do you sashay? Do you make your workouts fun or do you just take the summer off from your workout? Nobody takes the summer off from there workouts if anything they do more workouts in the summer, when it comes to their fitness. The weather is so nice so that is why not do more fitness right? That is the way I think of it and that is why I do more fitness in the summer, and I am sure everyone who is involved in fitness does too in one way or another. They walk, run, dance, swim, sashay, garden, lift the list goes on and on, especially when you fit fitness into your life. This happens the most when you fit your summer and fitness together. When you do that you are sashaying when you are not doing a specific workout or even if you are. Why? You always want to keep your body in motion in the summer that is why some workout you can call summer sashay fit flex style or just summer sashay.

During a summer workout how much dancing or moving is involved? Does it depend on the type of workout you do? It really depends on all of it, the type of workout, where the workout is being done and the person doing the workout. In the summer you can do so many different types of workouts, doing differnet types of workouts (A) Make you happy and (B) make you want to sashay and keep moving. Summer sashay is all about different types of outdoor fitness you can do. It is also very fun because it is changing all the time and everyone likes that in there workouts don’t they? Most people do. This is why so many people do these types of workouts, in the summer and call them there summer sashay fitness. Summer means keep moving your body when you are outside, and call that your workout. You will be glad you did if you do that, so try it out.

A summer sashay workout is all about fitting fitness into your life that also means whenever you move your body in the summer try to work up a bit of a sweat. Which isn’t too hard with the heat that summer brings with it, is it? No its not. That also means fit flex workouts are much easier especially in the form of sashay workouts. Summer sashay workouts are all different workouts, to keep the people doing them on their toes. Isn’t that how all fit flex life workouts are though? Yes but just saying summer sashay sounds better doesn’t it? It does so do outdoor workouts in the summer and keep on moving the entire time.

Summer time screams fitness it also screams outdoor parities, which means a lot more food and sugary drinks and outdoor dancing. We all know that dancing is a form of fitness, so that means do summer sashay. The best time to do that is to add it into your outdoor fitness or to do outdoor fitness is when? In the summer, that is why the title of this post is so fitting. Summer sashay means bring your workout outside, and move your body try it out the next time you are outside, and see what you think of it.

Summer means keep moving, so that you get in a great workout without actually having to feel it.  Those are the best summer sashay workouts at least they are for me.  What do you think of them have you ever tried them? You probably have you just don’t know it.  That is how the fit flex life works you don’t even notice you are working out even when you are.

Summer workouts have a lot of sashaying involved, just do some cardio in your summer workout and you will see what I mean. It is all about moving constantly in your workout or while you are outside, which happens in the summer all the time.  It happens all the time in the summer because you are happy to be spending so much time outside so why not fit flex while you are outside? That will make you enjoy your fitness more I guarantee it. That is the way I look at it what about you?

Just get outside and enjoy the weather that is what summer sashay is all about. That and being active which is also great for the fit flex life. Remember that the next time you are outside in the summer and also remember to have fun while you are outside doing your workout, if you aren’t having fun what is the point.

Summer sashay is all about fun so be sure to have some when you fit fitness into your life in the summer. What in your opinion could the summer sashay be?

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