When you think of summer do you automatically think of your fitness or wearing summer clothes? Do you just think of all the fun you are going to have outside with friends and family? What about all the parties and different summer time food that you will be eating and participating in?  There is so much to think about and remember in terms of summer but where is there time to think about your fitness? Well there is always time to think about your fitness, you just have to do it properly and make the time to think about it as well as do it. The way you can do your workouts in the summer is make sure you set time aside to do a workout whether that be going to the gym or getting something in at home or even fitting fitness into your life. You may think that sometimes in the summer it might be easier to skip a workout, you will feel so much better however if you get your workout in, in the summer no matter what. Is there one main focus in summer workouts? That is a question that probably has some people thinking.

Summer is meant for flexing which means it is meant on focusing on getting muscle of some kind to look good in t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and capris. Or whatever you want, really. That is how I look at it. Our first though when we think of summer and our workouts is what? How much lifting can we do, and can we do it outside? There is a lot of lifting in the summer no matter what. This is because is a lot of different types of lifting that we do in the summer there is a lot of different types of flexing that goes with it too. Which is great for the clothing that is worn in the summer.

When you hear the term of so flexed summer that makes you think of fitness correct? At least it does for me but not in the normal way. The term oh so flexed fitness can mean a number of different things, and it does mean a number of different things when it comes to the fit flex life. What oh so flexed summer truly means, with the fit flex life is keep moving, in the summer doing anything and everything to work up a sweat. It doesn’t have to be a huge sweat, but a sweat none the less. Flexing in the summer, is not something hard to do just move your body, moving your arms in a flexing motion will work too. When you do outdoor activities that is all you are doing for the most part. That is why oh so flexed summer is a great way to think of the fit flex life.

Flexed summer means, use the summer as part of your fitness sure you can do a specific workout if you want but you don’t have too.  When you do a summer workout anything is possible, why do I say that? I say that because if you fit fitness into your life in the summer you get more out of your workout and that makes you feel better when you are working out doesn’t it? It does for me that is why I try to flex in all of my workouts in the summer.  You can flex in your summer workouts wherever you go, just remember to move your arms in a flexing motion or carry things. Everyone does that in the summer everyday one way or the other.

Flexing is always a part of our summer, whether we notice it or not. Although now that I have mentioned it I want people to look at their summer that way. Look at what you do in the summer on a daily basis and see how much of what you do in the summer is flexing, or has flexing involved.  We are all meant to be flexible in the summer although I don’t think it is meant in fitness terms but for this post it is. Oh so flexed summer means be flexible with your workouts, but try as you might to get them in. If that means living life and considering what you are doing in life a part of your workout then so be it. So flexed summer is meant for workouts and life to combine. So let it.

Summer is all about flexibility so the question is how do you fit your fitness into a flexible summer? You change up your workouts to make them fit easier, into your summer. This could mean not doing your daily planned calendar workouts and doing something else. It could also mean making up your own workouts or even doing fit flex life workouts.  When you flex in the summer most of the time, you are fitting fitness into your life and making up your own workouts. That is what oh so flexed summer is all about. These types of workouts are great July workouts because it is usually bright and sunny, most of us like that for our workouts especially if you bring them outside like I do.

Oh so flexed summer means bring your workout outside, and use summer as part of your fitness. Don’t forget to flex in the summer when you use it as part of your fitness. The summer is the time of year meant for different types of activity so do that and when you do that see how much more of a workout you get. You will be surprised in terms of the fit flex life how much of a workout you get just by moving and how much flexing you do without even realizing it.

Do our workouts change when we think of flexing in the summer? Yes they do but not in a boring way. They change for the better in terms of the fit flex life. Summer is all about the flexing because of all the awesome tank-tops, swimsuits and wife beaters and swim trunks people like to wear during that time of the year. This means that flexing in the summer is a huge possibility because, of the way people want to look throughout it. So most of the time, in the summer when people are working out or even just living life they are flexing too. That is great isn’t it? It is to me, flexing feels great too when you do it doesn’t it?

When you work out in the summer what is your go to work out? When you fit fitness into your life is your go to work out the same or does it change? It changes as does anything in the summer because the summer is so busy. We all know what fitting fitness into our lives really means too.  That is also why there is so much flexing in the summer. We are working out constantly in the summer even when we don’t realize it.  That is why oh so flexed summer truly does exist.

Do people really enjoy flexing in the summer what I mean is do people really enjoy lifting in the summer? Some would say yes and some might say no it just depends on the person. I love the endorphins lifting gives me especially in the summer. It makes me feel great what about you? Summer flexing can be so different for each person that is why it is so awesome.

Summer flexing can be done in so many different ways, go shopping, lift heavy bags , groceries, bricks the list can be endless. So if you are looking for a new way to flex in the summer check this post out.

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