Hot Hot Summer Flex

When it is a really hot summer day does that mean something for your workouts? Does that change your workouts or workout time in any way? Think of the amount of sweat you will have when you do a workout outside when it is really hot. Or do you opt for indoor air conditioned workouts when it is really hot out? If you are doing a fit flex life workout anything is possible, but it really depends on the workout the person is doing. Sometimes if it is too hot outside you don’t do too much cardio, you may just clean up your yard and that is it. What type of workouts are good for hot, hot days when it comes to the fit flex life, are short cardio, abs, weights or just walking. If you go slow in any of your workout when it is really hot out they should work. Also try to do your workouts as early in the day as possible if it is really hot out or supposed to be and you are planning on taking your workout outside.

When you take your workout outside on a really hot day, you automatically sweat, so you enjoy your workout that much more or do you? If you enjoy the heat, then you probably do because the more you sweat the more calories you burn so it’s a win, win when you are working out and it is really hot.  That is if you take your workouts outside of course. A fit flex life workout is much more enjoyable when it is really hot outside. The way that it is more enjoyable is you are making your muscles scream, and enjoying the hot sun on your face promising yourself rewards all the while sweating throughout it because it is so hot but that just makes your workout that much better. When you do a fit flex life workout in the hot hot weather, you work so hard to sweat and burn double the amount of calories so that you feel more accomplished in your workout. Lifting bricks, landscaping, gardening, cleaning up your yard, or even taking your workout materials outside. You are probably thinking but it is too hot, but have you ever tired it? I have and I feel so much more productive, that way in terms of how much I sweat. The more sweat I have in a workout the more accomplished I feel. What about you?

When you flex in the hot summer sun, does something different happen to your workouts? Or are they always the same? A hot hot summer flex workout is a fit flex workout just outside in the heat so it is always changing. A summer workout for most is mostly a cardio workout isn’t it or just using what you have outside as part of it. It is usually a cardio workout or using what you have outside because it is faster than having to bring things outside with you or even go to the gym. Some people don’t like cardio or using what they have outside for their workouts but they hate it even more when it’s really hot out. What about you? I love cardio and taking my workouts outside when it is really hot out.  The faster the workout the better, or the less equipment you have to hop to the better in the summer when it’s really hot out that is why fit flex life workouts are great for hot weather.

When you flex and it’s really hot out you are sweating instantly which makes you want to work out more doesn’t it? The more you sweat the more you want to work out or do you? I know that when I see sweat on me it makes me want to push harder, in whatever type of workout I am doing. What about you, if you want to know more about sweating check out my sweat flex post. Hot Hot summer flex is all about using the summer and the heat to better your workouts so take your workouts outside and change them up and they will be better and different if that is what you want. If you do the fitness you enjoy in the heat and flex along the way you will be well on your way to a hot hot summer flex workout.

When you think of hot hot summer flex what type of workouts do you think of? Lifting and cardio, workouts that make you work up a sweat, or something else entirely something with bands and weights or something like that? Or do you think of planned workouts that fit flex workouts. Most summer heat workouts are fit flex life one even if you don’t realize it because you still want to stay active outside but you don’t want it to be too strenuous. Think of the movement you do when it’s really hot out you try not to move too much but when you want to get a workout in it’s a quick one. These are fit flex life workouts. That should make you feel better, how do you feel when you think of them like that? Think about it fit flex life workouts are meant to make you feel good and give you a good sweat even when it’s hot, just remember that  they are short and to the point if you want them to be you are the one making them up most of the time so the timing of them is up to you. Unless you try out some of my videos of course. They are meant to make you feel good, you may even fall in love with them and want to do workouts like this all the time in the heat.

Hot Hot summer flex makes you think about a summer workout doesn’t it? It does and it makes you think of how you can make them work for you to make them fit better into your summer schedule. Fit flex workouts whatever it is hot or not fit good into schedules, you just have to be flexible and make them work which most people doing fit flex life workouts are. They do this when it is really hot out using bricks as weights or actual weights which is where the flexing comes in along with the sweating.

Why bring a workout outside if it’s really hot out in the summer? Is it to flex differently or a change in scenery? Yes it is usually the change in scenery with the heat that makes your workouts change. That is what a fit flex workout is for especially on the hot, hot days of summer when we feel like flexing so much to look good in dresses, shorts, capris t-shirts and tank tops. Try it for yourself and see.

Do workouts that you enjoy and make the heat a part of them and see what comes of them. Fit flex workouts work well in the heat, so try them for yourself, do what you feel will work for you in terms of your fitness, in the heat. Then see what happens to your fitness and the type that you do in terms of a fit flex workout.

Use the heat to your advantage while doing a hot hot summer flex workout sweating and burning calories, walk run, lift those types of things. Use what you have around to your advantage so that it helps you sweat, when it comes to your workouts whatever workout that may be. Fit flex workouts are easiest in the heat remember that. That is what I do and I really do enjoy them. Do what it is easiest for you though.

Workout until you sweat, and can’t move anymore that is what hot hot summer flex is.  Do things that get your heart rate up and you will feel amazing but you have to try it and see for yourself.

Flex flex and flex in the heat, and have fun with it. What do you think of doing workouts in the heat? Have you ever done fit flex life workouts in the heat or any workout in the heat for that matter? What do you think of fit flex life workouts in the heat or any workout in the heat, I love them but what about you?

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