Bright Flex

When you think of the term bright flex what do you think of? The sun you are working out in or the sweat that is dripping off of you? Or both? I would say both especially when you are working out in the sun and it is bright. Do you flex more when the sun is shining down on you outside? Or does it depend on the workout you are doing entirely? I think that it is a little bit of both. There also can be different meanings when you are talking about bright flex. Some of the meanings of bright flex can include, working out until your face shines with sweat, to the point where you sparkle almost. Or until you have a huge smile on your face that you can’t get rid of. Bright flex happens the most in the summer doesn’t it?

Bright flex is more of a summer workout but, what type of summer workout is it exactly and does it fit into the fit flex life? Think about that when you are outside and it is bright and sunny while you are living life. When you are doing a workout in the sun, what are you doing? Are you doing a complete cardio workout or weights, abs and cardio in different forms? Try taking your workout outside and see what happens with it. A bright flex workout is not only for your body but for your mind as well. How can a bright flex workout be for your mind and body? It can be for your mind and body, because it changes the way you look at your workouts do your workouts and think about your workouts. A bright flex workout, is usually done when it is really sunny and warm outside. These types of workouts are fit flex life workouts, the way that they are fit flex life workouts, is they can be done anywhere that is bright inside or out. Most of the time they are done outside in the summer. This is because it is usually bright out during that time of the year.

A bright flex workout is you trying to keep the summer alive, for as long as you can. When you work out in the bright summer weather how do you feel? You feel great and so much more uplifted it has something to do with the sun or could it be your workouts or both? I would say both when it is bright and you are outside working out. Do your workouts sort of change when it is bright out or do you do the same type of summer workout? Or do you do something different? Usually you change up your workouts a bit because you don’t want to be squinting too much in the sun and doing the same things all the time. You never stop moving when you do a bright flex workout, because you like how the brightness makes you feel and look. That is why I always bring my fit flex life workouts outside when it is bright. That is also why it’s called bright flex.

Do outdoor workouts moves when it is bright outside to (A) get a workout in and (B) to soak up some vitamin D. So you are getting two things done at once and when you do that in the summer you feel so much better. You also get a lot more done in your workouts and a lot more out of them when you do them outside in the sun which means they can be complete fit flex life workouts how cool is that? That is pretty cool if I do say so myself. It is cool because, you get a new perspective when it comes to your workouts which is great because of how different the summer is or could be. So try doing a workout outside and calling it bright flex.

All workouts can be done anywhere especially in the summer. Bright flex workouts are one of the best workouts to do in the summer, because you can do so many outdoor things and call them workouts. That means you are doing double the amount of workout without even realizing it even though you are probably feeling it a bit. Or you don’t feel it as much at least. Bright flex workouts make you think of the brightness of the sun, over your workout when you are doing outside. Which in turn doesn’t make your workout feel like work. Which is why so many more people are joining on the fit flex life band wagon. Try going outside and using what you have outside as workout material use the bright sun too. Then call your workout bright flex and there you have it a bright flex workout is born.

When you flex in the sun do you feel as though your world is bright or do you feel different in any way? It all depends on the type of flexing that you do. What is bright flexing and when does it happen the most that is the question. Bright flexing is flexing we do in the summer, while we are sweating. That means it happens most in the summer mostly in the months of July and August. Bright flex is a summer workout where you sparkle in the end how cool is that? Pretty cool I would imagine and everyone loves a good sweat in the bright sun.

In terms of the fit flex life what is bright flex? Is it doing a bunch of cardio abs and weights and sweating so much in the sun that you sparkle? Yes it is, the best way to get in a bright flex workout is in the sun doing fit flex life workouts of any kind. So try it for yourself and see or make up your own bright flex workouts and see what you come up with.

Use the sun as part of your workout, have you ever thought of what using the sun will do to your workout? Have you ever tried it? If you have tried a fit flex life workout you probably have if not you should and see what you think about it.

Flex in the sun and enjoy the nice weather, with your workout. That is bright flex and if you take your workout outside you are fit flexing and bright flexing all at once. Awesome right, do that in your next workout and see just how awesome it is.

Bright flex is any workout you want, what do you actually think a bright flex workout is? It is using the sun to your advantage in your workout. It is done best in hot weather and in the hot summer months, so try it then and you will get the results that you want I am sure.

Bright flex is just staying active in the sun, and enjoying life that is what summer workouts are for aren’t they?

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