Vacation Workouts Should They Exist?

Vacations near and far are a great idea right? So you are in the habit of working out daily. Then the time of year for your vacation pops up. What do you do then? Do you just forget about your workouts for the time that you are away? What if you are at an all- inclusive resort, where you can eat and drink whenever you want? Does your workout go out the window or do you still keep it up? Right now I am in Cuba at an all- inclusive resort, where I can eat and drink whenever I want and just lay by the pool or at the beach all day long. Some people might do that without doing their workouts. And it is tempting.

I, however, am not doing that. I am still doing my workouts while on vacation, but not always in my hotel room. Sometimes I am in the pool or in the ocean swimming. I consider that to be a great workout. Wouldn’t you? If you are into working out, why would you want to stop just because you are on vacation? If you do that, then when you come home it is going to be hard to get back into a routine. You should stick to your normal routine even while on vacation because it is easier to continue it when you come home. Routines are key for people in fitness, and for people who want their lives to run smoothly. So don’t give up on your routine even on vacation. Sure you can change it up a bit but don’t give up on it completely.

Think about it. If you are really into fitness, and you go on vacation for a week or two would you stop doing your workouts just because you are relaxing? Or would you keep it up? You want to feel- good on vacation, don’t you? So keep up your fitness routine that you are doing at home. If it makes you feel good at home, then it will make you feel good on vacation too. And who doesn’t like that? I love feeling good and that is why I am keeping up my fitness regime on vacation. I am doing different fitness activities everyday just to do something different so I don’t get bored, like stretching, swimming. Fitness is meant to make you feel good so don’t stop just because you are on vacation.

Italy vacation workout Sicily swimming and Leaning tower of Pisa walking

I went swimming with dolphins, on vacation and since I couldn’t touch the bottom, I had to do surface support (tread water) I did the same when I went in the ocean the last time I went on vacation. Because I have been, working out for the last little while, I was able to do great surface support when we were with the dolphins in the water. I haven’t swum much in a long time as I did while I was on vacation and I realized, that because I am so limber it was easier for me to do surface support for long periods of time. I did panic once while I was swimming but the next day I worked out before I went into the pool and it was easier for me to swim then. I swam in the ocean a lot on my last vacation.

The question for everyone is should workouts on vacation exist? My answer to this question is yes because you will be happier if you keep up your workouts on vacation, and you will be more limber during your vacation which is great. And you can do more things rather than just sitting around not doing anything. Working out on vacation will keep you livelier and you will want to stay awake and be out doing things longer. Who doesn’t want that on vacation?

Being active on vacation can be challenging with all the food you eat. But if you stay active daily you shouldn’t feel it as much. At least that is what I did and I didn’t feel it so much, and it was great. Swimming is great exercise. That is what I did most of the time while I was away. So if you go away to some place hot like Cuba or Italy (Italy in the summer) don’t rule out swimming as part of your exercise regime. Do that for the most part and you will feel great like I did.

Exercise on vacation isn’t hard to do, you just have to do things that keep you active, not just sit on the beach and get a sun tan, although that is tempting sometimes. It was for me when I was in Cuba but I also knew that if I didn’t do some swimming I would feel weird for the rest of the day. Being on vacation is meant for indulgence but if you don’t want to feel completely gross when you come home, do something active like swimming or walking the beach each day in order to keep your body active. The big question is though should vacation workouts exist? If you want to feel kind of good coming home from vacation why not try adding in a vacation workout even if it is just once while you are away. Even one workout, while you are away, will change your life.

If you want to keep up with your workout routine while on vacation look at what your vacation offers and treat what you are doing as a workout. It might not be what your normal workout is but at least it, is something active and it will pay off in the end. Every workout big or small does pay off, so if you can only do something small on vacation then just do it. You are fitting it into your life while doing it on vacation anyway, by doing vacationing things and treating them as a workout. For example, walking the town, or going on a hike depending on where you are going on vacation could be considered a workout. Those are the fun adventures that don’t even feel like workouts but they really are.

The next time you are on vacation and don’t know what workout to do, why not take a swim or a walk and treat that as a workout while you are sightseeing or enjoying the pool or ocean.

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