Fitbit Versa According To the Fit Flex Life

Whoever is involved in fitness has a fitness tracker of some kind don’t they? Yes they do most of the time people have an apple watch or a fit bit. Now there are many different styles of apple watches and Fitbits. In this post I am going to talk about the fit bit versa and how it’s great for the fit flex life. Now I am sure you are all thinking, but any fitness tracker is great for any type of fitness. That might be so but the fit bit versa is really high up on that list. There are so many different things that it can do which is awesome if you are into fitness and have one. It tracks so many different things, which is why most people don’t want to take it off. Not only does it track your fitness and is great for the fit flex life but your exercise, calorie burn and sleep too.
This watch is so versatile and that is why it is so great. It is a great thing to wear all the time because, if you are constantly moving or trying to at least, it will track all of your movement. It can track your water, and food intake too as well as the other things I listed but for the water and food you have to log that into the app which you would download onto your phone. That is about as far as I have gotten in my investigation of the Fit Bit Versa but what I do know about it I like. If you fit fitness into your life having a fit bit versa, is great because you can keep it on the workout setting, all day if you want and see how well it tracks your movement and then you can consider that your workout. I have never done that so if you have one and you have done that let me know how much you like it. I have however, tracked the amount of steps it takes for me to clean a house which was pretty cool. Doing it that way is great because, you walk over 10,000 steps and burn over 100 calories first by doing something you have to do every week any way how cool is that? I say that it is pretty cool because you don’t realize how many steps you take and how many calories you burn unless you track it.
If you have a fit bit or a fit bit versa, of any kind do you find you walk more during certain times of year or less? Or do not even notice that you are wearing it? If you have one and you do fit flex life workouts the only time you really notice it is when it buzzes with a text, phone call or to let you know how many steps you have left to reach that hour or if you have reached your step goal for that hour, hourly step goals for 9 hours a day on fit bits are 250 steps an hour. It does also buzz when you hit your 9 hours active goal and when you hit 10,000 steps, any other time you don’t really notice it. It is usually just there as a watch. A great watch I might add because it keeps you on track with your fitness and accountable with it too. How awesome is that, that a watch can do that for you?
Why is the fit bit versa so great when it comes to the fit flex life? It is so great when it comes to the fit flex life because, it tracks all your movement all day long and you can track it all as a workout if you want. How cool would that be not doing something specific but doing everyday things actually tracking how many calories you burn. It is a new type of workout but a workout just the same. Use your watch or step tracking device and see for yourself. It will make you look at your fitness differently, that is what it did for me.

When you can keep track of your steps hourly and your workouts you do that. You do that because, it shows your progress and you feel good the more you move. That means that the fit bit versa, is great for the fit flex life because you are always trying to stay active. When you can see the progress you make when you try to stay active you feel great don’t you? You feel like you get more accomplished in your workout and your day because, you have a watch to see the amount of steps you do in your workout. At least I do, what about you?
The fit bit versa can act like a person in a sense, to keep you accountable. Now I know you are probably thinking how can that be, well if you move your body for 9 hours 250 steps an hour your watch turns green and sparkly as I like to call it, so if you want to see that every day, move your body for 9 hours a day 250 steps an hour from 9 am- 5pm. Then once you hit 10,000 steps on your watch you get fireworks how great is that? It is pretty great because it makes you want to move more to see your watch light up, at least it does for me what about you?
The fit bit versa also has a lot of cool colored bands that you can get with it. Which is great so that you can switch up your band with your mood so that you wear it every day. It is a watch so you try and keep it on all the time or at least I do. If you haven’t tired one and you are thinking about it you defiantly should. If you have a watch, that tracks your steps and your workouts you are can fit fitness into your life a lot easier and get a lot more accomplished in your day. If you have one use it all day and you will see what I mean.
If you have a watch or something that tracks your steps, everyday do you feel as though you move more? Does it give you something else to work for in terms of your fitness? It does for me and that is why I love it, so much. If you want to love your fitness, more fit it into your life, and get more out of it get a fitness tracker of some kind and you will definitely get more out of your fitness if you do that and use it. So try it.
The fit bit versa is great for the fit flex life because you don’t even notice you have it on but you are getting your fitness in anyway. Wearing it gives you more motivation to get your workout in and everything else you need to do in your day too don’t you think? That is what the fit bit versa helps with according to the fit flex life at least that is what I notice.
So if you are looking for a watch to get to track your steps check out the fit bit versa you won’t be disappointed.
The more you use things to help with your fitness the more fitness you get accomplished. That is how I look at it with the fit flex life and my fit bit versa. What do you think?
* I am not a spokesperson for the fit bit versa it is just something I use and I wanted to write a post about how it works with the fit flex life.

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