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Now this post might only make sense to my Canadian readers at this time at least. My American readers can check it out now and come back again in November when there thanksgiving is. The big question everyone asks themselves on thanksgiving is what or is there more than one question that you should be asking yourself? Think about thanksgiving and your fitness, is there something about them that works together? Or do you take thanksgiving as a rest day or weekend because of all the food and the fact that it is a holiday? Or do you work out even harder because it is a holiday and thanksgiving? All of these questions you can answer yes too, they are easy. The hardest question to answer is what is a fit flex thanksgiving? Is there such a thing? You are probably trying to wrap your head around all of this, yes I know that fitting fitness into your life can make some people go “huh” but it does work. So that means it will work for thanksgiving too.

If fitting fitness into your life will work for thanksgiving, what is it actually called? Or is it called something? Well we all know that all things in fitness have names that is what makes us want to do them. During thanksgiving we all want to work out don’t we? Or we want to work out more. The question is why do we want to work out or workout more during thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter? Is it because we want to eat to our hearts content, and not feel bad about it? That could be one of the reasons or you could just not want to stop your fitness, just because of the holiday so you fit fitness into your life even during thanksgiving and see what happens.

Thanksgiving fitness is all about keeping active even just a little bit, so that you feel good even after eating a lot. So the question is what is thanksgiving fitness and what does it require? In terms of a fitness routine for thanksgiving there isn’t much in terms of equipment if you want to use equipment you can but it isn’t necessary. You can just, use your body right for your workouts too. Always remember to move your body, during any festivities thanksgiving included. You will feel so much better give it a try and see it for yourself.

So yes workout during thanksgiving, if anything workout for the food you will consume at your thanksgiving meal. Another question is what is the best quick workout that you can do for thanksgiving? Cardio and lifting or just cardio. Some people have thanksgiving for their workout. If you do that during thanksgiving you are fitting fitness into your life. We all know that when we fit fitness into our lives we don’t feel our workouts as much which makes us want to do them more. Or at least it does for me.

Thanksgiving is all about, being thankful for things which means fitness included. With being able to take your fitness anywhere if you do fit flex life workouts why wouldn’t you take it with you to your thanksgiving festivities? You would do that and you would feel great about it. You may even do two workouts that day to warrant the extra calories. That is what the fit flex life is for so why not do that for thanksgiving? You don’t have to do something specific you just have to move your body. Work up a bit of a sweat, and there you have it you got you work out on.

A thanksgiving workout is pretty much all about working for food and then working off the food you eat. Does that mean, beating yourself up for the food you have eaten though? No that means give yourself grace when it comes to your workout and eat all the thanksgiving things. If you’re craving the thanksgiving food eat it. If you don’t eat it you will crave it even more and when you finally do eat it you will eat more then you really want too and that is never good. So fit fitness into your life during thanksgiving and treat yourself to a thanksgiving meal.

A question people ask themselves on thanksgiving when it comes to their fitness is, How and why am I thankful for my work out? They usually answer this question, and push so much harder in there workouts. The more we push in a workout the more we push in a workout the better we feel. Thanksgiving workouts are no different in that regard if anything you want to push extra hard with your workouts on thanksgiving. You are working hard for the thanksgiving meal that is why the more you fit fitness into your life on a holiday the easier it gets. Do that for thanksgiving and you will see what I mean.

When you think of a thanksgiving workout do you think of skipping it or doing more than one? You usually think of doing more than one on thanksgiving when you think a fit flex life mindset. It makes you feel better during thanksgiving when you do more than one workout because of all the food you eat for thanksgiving. You are meant to stay active during thanksgiving so come up with you own thanksgiving workout or go for a walk, try the video that accompanies this post. You will be glad you did.

What is the first thing to do when you are thankful for something? You don’t just sit there you get up and do something so why not get up and move your body play an active game, go for a walk get people around you to join you and make it a group thing. That is a fun way to get involved in thanksgiving fitness. That is what I do and I really enjoy it. So why not give it a try.

A thanksgiving workout is just another thing you can look forward too. You can call the workout a work for food workout, a work for turkey workout or a work for pie workout if you wanted too. Anything that gets you in the mood to get your blood pumping on thanksgiving. When you do thanksgiving workouts or just move on thanksgiving you will feel so much better. That is why fit flex life workouts are great for any time of year but especially thanksgiving.

A thanksgiving workout can be done anywhere all day long if you want. Just get your heart rate up during the weekend of thanksgiving and you will see. What do you think a thanksgiving workout is?

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2 thoughts on “The Fit Flex Life Thanksgiving

  1. I joined in right away and had a lot of fun – in the middle of the office 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you had fun sorry for getting back to you so late I hope your keeping your office fit flex life workouts up 🙂


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