With so much winter can there be so much fitness?

At this point, Christmas is right around the corner, which also means there is probably a lot of snow on the ground or at least it is really cold. If it is really cold and there is snow on the ground what happens with our fitness? They have to be brought inside unless we are shoveling. Or at least that is what some people think. I try to keep my workouts both inside and out in the winter, and usually, I consider shoveling my driveway in the winter a workout. It is pretty much cardio and weights. Some of you are probably reading this saying ewe winter, and no I am not doing my best workout in the winter. Remember though there are so many different ways to do your workouts winter included.

You are probably thinking hold up I don’t like to drive in the winter so how am I going to get my fitness in? Remember in previous posts I have said you don’t always have to go to the gym, well winter is a perfect example of that. The way that it is a perfect example is you can work out from home, using workout DVDs, online workouts, workout apps, or workouts you makeup yourself or even fit flex workouts. All of these types of workouts can be done inside or out even in the winter if you choose. Winter may be a slower time for your workouts yes but that doesn’t mean stop them.  You can still get a great workout in, in the winter.  Do cardio of different forms, shoveling the snow in the winter is cardio. Remember that when there is so much winter when it comes to your fitness and you don’t know how to get in your workout.

Think about your fitness in the winter, can there be so much of it and if so how? You can use the winter to your advantage in terms of your workout. You can do this by lifting cans, bricks, and actual weights, shoveling the snow. Yes, snow shoveling is fitness, have you ever shoveled snow and not broken a sweat? Probably not right, so yes it is fitness. If you just keep moving your body in the winter you are working out a lot which means there is so much of it right? Yes, it does.

Winter can bring with it so much fitness just in a different way. That is why sometimes winter fitness can be so much fun. You can skate, play hockey, or sled that takes a lot of strength and can be a workout too. So never ward out winter when it comes to your workouts. Fitness can be done anywhere, any time of year just remember that. Just keep moving your body in the winter and your fitness will come. Winter fitness is all around just like all other fitness too.

When winter comes it can last a very long time. That means there might be a lot more indoor workouts. This type of fitness has always been around and will always be around for years to come. So what happened with fitness years ago to now? Snowshoeing is out so just a whole lot of other types of cardio happens. Just move your body as much as you can in the winter and that is where so much fitness comes in. in the winter you are doing a lot of cardio, with minimal amounts of lifting. As long as you work up a sweat in the winter you are working out. I like to think of my life that way every season that the year has so why don’t you try it too. See what happens with your fitness.

Think of the question, with so much winter can there be so much fitness? When you think of winter do you think of your fitness or do you think of taking time off? Yes, winter fitness might be challenging but that is what makes it fun. Use all the movement you do in the winter, as fitness and there you go a workout. Shoveling snow, skating, just to name a few. Just stay as active as you can in the winter and you will be working out. Try it out and see.

Winter can bring with it different types of fitness, because of all the different things that you do in the winter. You spend more time inside when it comes to your fitness so you do more abs and weights, versus cardio. Don’t forget about cardio though so in the winter get up and move your body getting your heart rate up, as much as you can. Use the winter to your advantage, in your fitness since there is so much that it offers. See what happens.

Fitness is always changing that is why there is so much of it. With winter being pretty much the same throughout your fitness has to change so that you have more variety.  So do indoor and outdoor workouts in the winter. See how much of it keeps going and if you enjoy it keep it up in the winter. I like taking my fitness anywhere even in the winter for variety. So why don’t you try it and see?

Winter can bring with it so much fitness just move your body in the winter and you will see, lift, do cardio, anything to pick up your heart rate.

Winter has a multitude of fitness things that you can do, just look for them and remember that fitness is everywhere even in the winter. So use everything you do in the winter as part of your fitness and the multitude of fitness that it offers will show up throughout it, walk, shovel, skate the list is endless. So just do those things and you will see it for yourself?

So the question again with so much winter can there be so much fitness?

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