Jingle Jingle Jingle Bell Sweat

Christmas, oh Christmas, jingle, jingle, jingle bell sweat.  You are probably wondering what that means, well in fitness speak that means, workout even on Christmas. Yes I know shocking right? But really get in a bit of a workout on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, too you may not think that you need to do that but try it and see how great you feel. You don’t have to do anything difficult with machines, bands or weights. It’s Christmas so you are busy enough, with family and going from here to there already but there is also a lot of sitting and meals to be had as well. So when we think of that and our Christmas workouts what happens in terms of workouts? During the Christmas holidays, there is a mixture of things cardio, weights, and abs.

With there being so much going on at Christmas, with the motion have you ever thought of your workouts as a jingle? Can the fit flex life be a Jingle and how can it be one? Moving around and adding in turns in every couple steps. Do you think that the fit flex life is a jingle already? Or something like it already? It could be just to make your workouts a little more Christmas oriented.  The fit flex life can be Christmas oriented any time though, how you wonder, well do a little jingle every time you walk by swaying your hips or squat as you are walking around for the Christmas holidays. The more you move the more jingle you will have.

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle bell sweat is all about staying in motion over the Christmas holidays, the more you move the better you feel. This happens especially with the eating that goes on during the Christmas holidays. After each Christmas meal, no matter how big or how small, you should try and get up and move a bit. The best way to do this is to just go for a walk or carry a container of food to put away to the counter. Any type of motion you do at Christmas is good motion.

A jingle, Jingle, Jingle bell sweat is a fun little Christmas sweat session. Pick up weights that you have if you have them and do bicep curls, use bricks if that is all you have too or even wrapped Christmas gifts as you hand them out to people around the room. Use anything you have to work up a sweat for Christmas and see what happens in your workout. You can even turn on Christmas music and get your workout in, abs, cardio, weights, anything that you want really just get your body moving even on Christmas and call it a jingle, jingle, jingle, bell sweat and that is what it will be. At least that is what it will be for Christmas. So try it for yourself and see.

When you work up a sweat at Christmas time how do you feel? All sparkly like the twinkly lights, that your Christmas tree has, or like the bells that jingle at Christmas time, for donations or whenever they jingle?  The bells that jingle at Christmas time can make you want to sweat, so why not combine the ringing of the bells with a workout? What that means is move your body in a swaging motion, just like jingle bells and make that a part of your workout. That can be a part of Jingle, Jingle, Jingle bell sweat along with a fit flex life workout.

The more you move around on Christmas the more of a workout you get. So think of that and maybe put together your own Christmas workout do that better yet why not do that by fitting fitness into your life for Christmas and call it Jingle, Jingle, Jingle, bell sweat. The name sounds cool, doesn’t it? With a name like that, for a workout who wouldn’t want to do it? I know that I would want to do it what about you?  What about just moving your body on Christmas eve and Christmas day, doing push-ups, abs or cardio or even just walking and running around with all the things that you have to do on Christmas eve and Christmas day? Think of that as your workout and have fun with it. It is Christmas after so your workouts are meant to be fun.

What exactly is a Jingle, Jingle bell sweat? You are all probably asking yourselves this question,  a jingle, jingle, jingle bell sweat is considering the Christmas holidays and what you do in them a part of your workout with a bit of weights, abs and cardio before the meal. If you move your body before eating a big meal you won’t feel so sluggish, after. At least that is how I feel when I work out before any Christmas meal. So try a workout of any kind preferably a fit flex life-based one before your Christmas meal and let me know how you feel afterwards.  You may be surprised at how you feel.

As you are working out during the Christmas holidays what are you thinking are you thinking about all the good, food you are going to have after your workout?  most of the time yes, so just move your body at Christmas think of jingle bells, as you do it and call it jingle, jingle, jingle, bell sweat. Just work up a sweat on Christmas move your body in a jingle sort of way and there you have it a jingle, jingle, jingle, bell sweat. So remember to think of Christmas workouts on Christmas and do them by fitting fitness into your Christmas. You will then work up a good sweat and fit fitness into your life all at the same time. It is pretty cool to add Christmas and your workout together.

Christmas is a great time for fun workouts, and that is exactly what the jingle, jingle, jingle bell sweat is. Have fun with your workouts during Christmas fit fitness into your life and see what happens. Just move your body at Christmas time, maybe get a bell to ding as you do it if you want. That will make the Jingle, Jingle, Bell sweat a great workout. Just move your body in the winter at Christmas and work up a bit of a sweat and there you have it a workout. A great fun Christmas workout at that.

A jingle, Jingle, Jingle bell sweat is all about looking at your fitness and the Christmas season as one.  When you do that you think of all your movement during the Christmas season as a workout and try to work up a sweat all throughout the Christmas season. Just move your body throughout the Christmas season work up a sweat and call it a jingle jingle bell sweat.

What is it that you think a jingle, jingle, jingle bell sweat is?

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