Oh, the movement

So how is your workout routine going so far, or do you know? Are you still working out daily or are you just working out on occasion? Has the novelty of it worn off or has life just gotten to busy that your fitness has to be put on the back burner? Or are you still really into your fitness, and are doing it daily? All these things, become huge factors or hurdles even as the months of the year progress? Yes, we tell ourselves we have to keep active as the years or the days even progress further, but how many of us do that?  I know for many of us me included sometimes by the third week of February I am not moving so much even though I know I should be.

The more we move our bodies during the day the better we are going to feel. So, no matter, how much we sit during the day every few hours get up and move, your body. It not only helps with your stiff muscles but also with cognitive function as well. By the second month of the year you are raring to get moving in any way that you can. If that means just cleaning -up a little, then you are still getting some movement in.  Sure with it still being cold and snowy if it is snowy you may not want to move your body much but you still should even if you do a workout inside with cans as weights or use the couches and ground for cardio and elevated push-ups.  You will feel better in your day and get more accomplished if you do that. If you can’t think of a workout to do, then just move your body and make up the workout as you go along sometimes those are the best workouts.

The fit flex life is all about the movement which means it can be any workout you want to do at the time. So work up a sweat any way you can and think in a fitness mindset. That could by doing yard work, going to the park and playing in the equipment or using the equipment for push-ups or step-ups anything really that keeps you body in motion. Shovel the snow, if there is snow you can use that are cardio and lifting if there is snow on the ground to shovel. Use anything that you have for assisted push-ups or weightlifting. Movement is everywhere remember that so think of all the movement that you do in your day as part of your workout. That is the fit flex life and where oh the movement comes from.  We all move our bodies throughout the day so does that mean we all workout? It could if that is what we want we just must believe in it.

When you start a workout regime or even just start a workout by moving your body you aren’t just standing around. In order to work up a sweat you must have some body movement. You can go to the gym and use machines or the free weights or take classes, so you are moving your body, right? Yes. What happens when you do fit flex life workouts how much more are you moving then? You are moving constantly because you aren’t doing a specific workout like cardio or abs. you are considering all the time you have to walk or clean-up anything or go shopping in a day a part of your workout. So that is oh the movement when it comes to the fit flex life. This means when you do any fit flex life workout or any workout really you are doing oh the movement type workouts.

Oh the movement is supposed to make you think and feel good, what it is supposed to make you think about is, moving your body and fitting your fitness into your everyday life, instead of trying to get to the gym not that going to the gym is a bad thing because its not but if you can’t get there don’t beat yourself up. Just move your body and call that your workout. Flex your muscles how do you feel when you do that? Rejuvenated, at peace, stretched out? Worked out? For the most part yes, which is so many people get involved in the fit flex life call it oh the movement too along with the fit flex life. Since all the moves are always changing constantly oh the movement is sometimes very fitting. It also makes people think which is good for your fitness too.

When you move your body thinking of it as something fitness related is easy because the more you move the more your heart rate goes up. Which means the more calories you will burn. So just keep moving in your day and you will be working out. Oh, the movement is living life and doing your fitness at the same time. If you do that you feel and be more productive. So, try living life and adding your fitness movement into it on the daily and see what happens to your life and fitness along the way.

When you move your body in a workout you feel as though you can do anything, what if you fit fitness into your life? You are always moving and for the most part people don’t know that you are working out. With all the movement changing in the fit flex life all the time you are always getting in great workouts. Oh, the movement of the fit flex life essentially means make it work for you in terms of schedule and what you want out of it. Remember movement is always part of fitness so do the fitness you enjoy, and your heart rate will go up so that you get in the best workout you can.

Oh, the movement is for any type of fitness and fitness level. Just do the fitness you enjoy and keep active. The more you do that the more you will get out of your workout and life in the end. Why your life too you wonder, well because when your life and fitness combine, they become one and work together.

Use anything you have around for your workouts and that is where, the movement happens. It is an unconventional way of working out, but it works especially when you are moving all the time in the end. You are moving all the time and not focusing on one specific thing which means you are learning and doing so many new awesome new fitness things that relate to fitting fitness into your life.

Any type of fitness is movement just work up a sweat and you will see. If you work up a sweat doing anything you are doing movement and getting so much more accomplished. That is what the fit flex life and movement that goes along with it is all about.

What do you think oh the movement is when it comes to the fit flex life?

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