Flex summer what is that?

A summer that is always in motion is what and what is it called? Is it really something? Yes, it is, and it is usually called flex summer. A remarkably busy summer can be called flex summer too because you are always busy doing something that keeps your heart rate up.  Not thinking about your workouts just moving your body working up a sweat. Can you do that now with the world the way it is? Yes, you can because you can find things that can keep you active and busy. You do not have to leave your house or your backyard for your fitness as you all know but isn’t leaving your house for summer fitness great? It is but staying home to do your summer fitness is great too. You can either do online or workout DVDs or make up your own fitness routines or fit your fitness into your life. when you change up your summer just to give yourself variety what is that? Well flexed summer of course. So be in control of your workout change it up and there you go a flexed summer workout.

Summer months are always busy with activities even if they are in your own backyard. This also means you are always working out. The way that you are always working out is you are always outside lifting or squatting or doing cardio like things. Which means you are always moving your body in such a way that you are working up a sweat. Flexed summer means your workouts can change at any time with what is going on during it whatever that may be. If you fit fitness into your life it is easier for this to happen. That is why flexed summer and the fit flex life work so well together.

Summer is meant for activity in the workout variety. So why not put your own workouts together this summer and see what happens. You may get so much more out of your summer fitness that way, but you never know until you try so why not try it? Keep flexing your muscles in the summer and that is how a flexed summer workout is born. Make your flexing and summer one thing and see how much you get out of both.

A summer workout is the type of workout that is always flexed. It is the type of workout that is never the same twice. Flex summer is something that has always been around since it has always been around how does it work? Well you just combine your life and the summer into one thing and call it a workout and that is how summer flex is just flex your muscles throughout it and there you go. Most summer workouts you do not even feel because you are always in motion and you are not thinking about them. That is why they are so cool.

Flexed summer is to keep active no matter what the world is doing. That means don’t let the world stop you from staying active and on your fitness journey if you have to change up your fitness journey and fit it into your life by using what you have around the house then so be it, as long as you are still getting in a good sweat session you are getting in a great workout. Summer is a time for movement so just move your body you will be glad you did especially at a time like this.

Flexed summer means your workouts never stop because your life never stops does it no it does not so that means your workouts never stop either. So, take your workouts outside with you and change them up, use benches or bricks, or even shovels or brooms, go for a walk as part of your workout. Use rakes or wheel burrows use skipping ropes for cardio. Just keep moving in the summer the more you do that the more flexed of a summer you will have. Remember that.

Summer means fun movement which in turn means flexing. That means when you are outside doing your workout make your flexing that you are doing fun, and then call it a flexed summer workout. that sounds cool doesn’t it? Yes, it does and when it sounds that cool you want to do more workouts like that don’t you? If you are here reading this then yes it does, and you have probably already done it. So, this is just to keep you in the groove of summer workouts. That means get outside in your backyards and move your bodies you will be glad that you did.

Flexed summer is all about making your summer and fitness work together, that could just be going for a walk or taking your workout outside, just get active in the summer no matter what. When you do workouts like this you will feel so much better because you will get something different out of it since it is a different workout then you are used too.

Flexing happens a lot especially in the summer take swimming, landscaping or swinging for example all these things require flexing. You may not feel like you are flexing while you are doing these things, but you are more so then not. When you are doing these things, you are always moving your body in a flexing motion and you do this so much more in the summer, so yes flexed summer does exist. The way to make it work for you is to think a fitness mindset and every time you flex in the summer think of it as a flexed summer workout, especially this year.

A flexed summer workout is a fun one so make it that way, for yourself. The more you flex in the summer the more of a great workout you will get so push yourself to flex in the summer in whatever workout you are doing and you will feel so great about it, and you will get more out of it. I am sure of that so try flexing in your workouts in the summer and you will see.

What do you think a flexed summer workout is?

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