Oh, Lift Flex

How much lifting can be done in a fit flex life workout? is there just one way to lift and flex when it comes to the fit flex life? No there is not there is usually multiple ways to do it whether you are doing fit flex life fitness routines or not. When you lift anything, you are flexing even if you do not think that you are. You may be wondering how much lifting can happen any time and how much flexing too. Just look at what you are doing in your life and on your fitness journey and see how much lifting and flexing happens in your life. Sure, you can do this at the gym lifting weights or even working out from home using the same thing. With working out from home however you may have different types of weights that you use in terms of styles and heaviness, versus what is at the gym for weights. Instead of a bench you may have free weights, a bench press, bricks or soup cans.

Are you asking yourself how lifting and flexing is so great to do any time of year in any month of the year? I know that I ask myself this question all the time. Every time I am lifting, I am asking myself “can I lift any time of year”?  yes, I can even it might be different sometimes. In the fall the lifting is different because of the different things that you are lifting  especially with all the great things that the fall has to offer when it comes to lifting, you are lifting bricks, brooms, rakes. What about apples or pumpkins? When you go apple picking or pumpkin picking in the fall it can be considered a workout as well. All these things take lifting and that means they can be workouts even if they don’t feel like them even though they are.

Lifting is so great because it makes you feel strong and as though you can do anything. This is great in the fall because there is so much lifting involved when the fall weather finally shows up. Yes, it might be a bit cooler but the more you lift and flex the warmer you will be. So fit lifting and flexing into your life and see what happens to your life and fitness. Do all life events have lifting and flexing involved? Yes, they do and most of the time we don’t notice it we just do it. It requires constant motion and you do not even feel like you are working out even though you are. So, lift anything in life think of it as a workout and it will be.  

Lifting when you fit fitness into your life is how flexing becomes great. It is great because it makes you feel powerful, and strong which everyone loves. It is great because you can do so much with the fall weather and your workouts with what it has to offer. Lifting in the fall is a great way to experience it. What that means is you will get so much out of your workout; this means keep moving your body and always think in a fitness mindset. Also keep your heart rate elevated as much as possible. This can happen when apple or pumpkin picking or raking or even just going for a walk in the nice crisp weather, even if you don’t realize it.  What makes your life Oh Lift Flex?

Oh lift flex makes you think in terms of what your doing in your workout and it makes you want to workout more. At least that is the way I look at my fitness. When you fit your fitness into your life if you do, how much lifting and flexing do you do? Well you are probably constantly lifting and flexing without even thinking twice about it you are just moving and getting in a great sweat session. Lift bricks, or cans or actual weights if you have them and flex the entire time. The more lifting and flexing you do the better you are going to feel. Remember that and work out the way that works for you. Your life and fitness can work together in the fall and make it the best lift and flex workout it can be.

Lifting and flexing happens no matter the month when it comes to any type of fitness that you do. the best way to lift and flex is to do it in a way that does not even look or feel like a workout. Have you ever noticed what happens to your workout when you fit it into your life and how much lifting and flexing is involved? It all depends on the type of fitness moves you are doing or what you are doing in your day in terms of movement or shopping, or even outdoor activities, if you are raking or cleaning up your yard even landscaping. Lifting and flexing always go together which makes for Oh Lift Flex.

Oh, lift flex means what to you? Does it make you think, in terms of what workouts or workout moves will work best for a lifting and flexing workout? the way that it can make you think is just that. So just change up your workout into a lifting and flexing one and it make it work for you. So, keep as active as you can use the weather and lifting and flexing that you do outside as part of it. The more you move your body in any season the better you are going to feel. So, lift and flex especially in the fall and you will get so much more out of it. Just try lifting and flexing in the fall doing fall like things and see where you end up on your fitness journey. That is what lifting and flexing is all about. So live life thinking in a fitness mindset and see where you end up on your fitness journey. Landscaping, swinging, raking jumping on your trampoline, the list is endless. Just keep moving your body in a lifting and flexing motion you will be glad that you did.

The fit flex life means a lot of lifting and flexing is involved in so many ways. For example, shopping for anything  has lifting and flexing in because of the lifting that is involved, so your fall plant shopping can be considered a workout or even grocery shopping has lifting and flexing involved because in order to pick up heavy groceries you have to lift and flex. You do these things so much in the fall that half the time you do not even notice them but that is what the fit flex life is all about. What does oh lift flex mean to you?

Oh, lift flex is like you are saying a chant to keep your body in motion while you are doing your workout routine. Just remember to live life and think in a fitness mindset. If you do that you will be working out the entire time that is great even if you are not thinking of your workout the entire time. That is what the fit flex life is.

Oh, lift flex is something that has always been around, and it is fun to do.  Oh lift flex is the type of workout that you don’t feel much because you are in constant motion, when you don’t feel your workouts that is the best because you are getting so much more done but it is the especially great when it comes to the fit flex life.

Oh, lift flex is what for you and what are you doing on your fitness journey to achieve it?

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