How do we stop the concept of being active from being new or can we ever stop it from being that way?

The activity of the fit flex life always seems to have a new concept to it all the time. What that means is, we are always active. Which in turn means that our workouts are always new or is that what it means?  well this all depends on the person you ask about there ever changing and new workout doesn’t it? That is how I look at it. That also means that our workouts and life are one and we are always active in them. So, if you are just new to a fitness routine do you want to stop the concept of a fitness routine being new? No, you don’t you want that newness so that you start something fun and out there and make it something that you enjoy doing daily so that after a while it isn’t new anymore. Yes, we want our fitness routine to stay new, we just want it to be some sort of a routine that we keep up with. With the fit flex life, the fitness that we do is always new. The concept of being active is all around us  especially with the fit flex life because if you are always in motion your workouts are always new because you are never doing the same thing as you have done before when it comes to your workouts. Take what you lift for example, one minute you could be lifting weights or bricks and the next you could be lifting cases of pop or water when you are shopping at the store or wherever it is you are shopping.

The more you fit your workouts into your life the more you stop the newness of it. Use what you have around you as part of your workout, bricks or benches or you can sweep. So just keep moving your body the more you do that the more your workout stops being new.  When you fit your fitness into your life you are living life so that is one of the ways the concept of your workout is new. So, every time you move your body you are being active and working out.  We just must remember that every time we move our bodies.

When you are doing any fitness routine for the first time sure it is new. The more you continue with the same routine however the more not new it becomes. So that is why fitting fitness into our lives more often and doing new things throughout it on our fitness journey’s because they are always changing is how we can make our fitness new all the time and get so much more out of it. Although the more we do the same fitness routine over and over the more not new it becomes but with the fit flex life that isn’t usually the case, because every time we workout in our day we are doing something different even though the more we active on our fitness journey the more it becomes the norm, although they are always a bit new because the fit flex life is never the same it is always changing and you are always doing something different in your workouts when you fit your fitness into your life.

You are probably wondering how workouts we do daily can always have something new in them aren’t you?  Well sure our workouts can always have something new in them because, if you take shopping for example you don’t always shop at the same time every week or even on the same day, and you don’t buy the same things every day either, so that can make your workout different even though we can stop the concept of it by doing it continuously. These types of workouts are always new, and they are always changing all the time which keeps the people who are doing them on there toes. Which is awesome to keep you moving isn’t it?  It is especially for me, what do you think about it? You may want to make your workout concept new and make it work for you too why do not you give it a try.

The longer we spend fitting fitness into our lives and thinking it as life instead of just a workout the more these types of workouts stop being new.  The more often you do something the less new it becomes and the same goes for your fit flex life workouts.   With the constant change in your workouts you get so much more out of them which is great for your life and fitness because you can do more without having to think of getting in a workout daily. The more you do your workout differently the newer it will be so just keep moving your body when it comes to fitting it into your life and make your workout new for yourself. Have fun along the way and see what happens to your fitness routines.

Being active has never been a new concept especially if you are a fitness guru or really into fitness that is. Even if you fit fitness into your life being active isn’t new because you probably have been doing it for awhile. You may not notice that your workouts are new  until now but they have been for awhile and you probably have been doing fit flex life workouts for awhile even if you don’t notice that you are doing them either.  Even when you do new things in anything that is how you make it way; you just do them so much that they aren’t new anymore and they become your normal thing.  So do different things in your workouts and that is how you make it new, so the more you do different things in your workouts the newer they are. The more we fit fitness into our lives the more not new our workouts become and the more normal they become in the end.

Yes, we can stop the concept of fitness being new by doing it more, this means use what we do daily as part of our workouts cleaning, or laundry or landscaping, raking or sweeping, skipping or swinging even. Just keep active on your fit flex life journey and that is how the concept can be new all the time. Just remember to think in a fitness mindset when you are doing new fitness things.

Being active is something that we always do, no matter if we are doing cardio or abs or what. Just constant body movement anywhere can be new all the time. Just do new fitness things in your fitness routine and that is how the concept can change. Although the concept of doing fitness is always the same it is more the style of the workout that changes.

The more we are active the more the concept is not new just the style and type of workout maybe new.  So, if you don’t want your fitness journey concept to be new just keep active and change it up.  You will get so much more out of it that way. So why not give it a try, you will be glad you did.

We can always stop things from new we just have to constantly do it, so constantly fit fitness into your life from the moment start and soon it will be a part of your everyday life and not new anymore.

Do you think the concept of feeling active is new and can never be stopped? I think it can if you are always changing up your workouts no matter what.

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