So Very Fit Flex

With it getting colder outside and life just getting a bit faster with it being a month before Christmas how much fitting of fitness into your life and flexing happens especially with everything that happens in a day?  A lot  if you really think about it the way that it is a lot is, you are so busy with your every day life, living it and looking at your workouts are the last thins on your mind. At least they are to most people. What if you fit your fitness and life together though? If you fit your fitness and life together then you will be very fit flexed. The way that being very fit flexed works is with all the busyness that you have in your life whatever it is you are considering that a workout. So, Christmas shopping if you are going into stores, and starting now, or grocery shopping, cleaning up your property for the winter if there is still time, that can all be different fit flex workouts. The more you move your body the more you are working out.

When you are working out and living life how much of each are you doing? Have you ever thought of that? If you are in constant motion in life and always think of everything you are doing a part of a workout you get so much more out of it. You can do any type of fitness that you want and live your life the way that you want all at once. How cool is that? That is great because you do not feel your workout which is great. When you are fitting fitness into your life your first thought is what? “I am going to be so fit by the end of this because of all the activity I am doing?” to some people yes that is there first thought but to some it may not be. It may just be, all this activity can be a part of my workout, if I have a fitness mindset throughout my workout and my day too.

When you have been fitting fitness into your life for a while you do not need to think of your fit flex life workouts much anymore. They are just second nature to you and come easy even though they can change quickly. When you have been fitting fitness into your life for a while so very fit is just part of your life and that is why you do it. That is why you fit it into your life and see where it goes. So very fit flex is your life and fitness always being one thing. With it being fall or winter in some cases there is always fitness to be done. Haven’t you noticed? All this means is stay active and see where you end up on your fitness journey when you keep up with your activity.

A fit flex fitness routine is a quite different way of looking at any workout that you want to do. So, so very fit flex is any person doing these workouts is always doing fitness that is out of the ordinary for them whatever that might be for them. So very fit flex is a way of saying keep your body motion even if it is cold outside.  We all know that the colder it is outside the more people do not want to get their workouts in, that is what goes through my head at least when it comes to my workouts in the cold weather.   So very fit flex is all about the combination of your workout and life which means always keep active in anything you do in life no matter what is going on. You will feel great if you do this.

The term very fit flex makes you want to get up and move your body. So, if you get up and get active what might be the first thing that you will do? clean-up your house or yard, vacuum maybe even do laundry. So very fit flex is all about getting active anywhere even outside so if you haven’t finished cleaning up your yard for the winter get outside and do that, now. Stay as active as you can because you may be stuck inside before you know doing the same fitness over and over, which may get boring so make sure to change it up  as much as you can when being inside. So very fit flex is doing fitness you enjoy where you enjoy doing it the most, that could be the gym or your  house, shopping whatever is the most enjoyable workout for you, make sure to do that in the winter.

Fitness is everywhere no matter what you are doing in life or even the stage of life you are in.  Every fit flex fitness routine can be for anyone in any stage of life you are in. Very fit flex fitness routines can be for anyone in any stage of life these workouts can be done anytime anywhere, so very fit flex is all about thinking in a fitness mindset all the time and getting so much more out of your life and fitness routine at the same time. Use what you do in your everyday life, and you will see this. So very fit flex means when you are in constant motion you are always working out. You might be thinking how I can be working out all the time, well all the movement you do in your day is your workout so always remember that.

 What can so very fit flex mean? That is the question isn’t it? Yes, it is, and you are all probably reading this and shaking your heads. So very fit flex can mean use everything and anything that you can find that can help you get in the best workout for your body and mind. A very fit flex workout has to do with mind and body so in order to do this workout you have to have a great mindset when it comes to the fit flex life. Having a great mindset in a very fit flex workout means letting your stress go and just letting your life and workout work together at there own pace. If that means all your workouts are done at the gym then great or if they are all done at home with things that you have there for props and they are routines that you make up or find online then great. If it is just shopping and cleaning up your house or your backyard then that is great too. Just do your everyday things and think in a fitness mindset. That is what a so very fit flex workout can mean. 

So very fit flex is like taking a deep breath and letting your body move. That seems easy enough doesn’t it? Yes, it does so why not just do something like this, for your workout in any month but November for the most part. It is all about letting go and letting your fitness and life become one when you do that see where you end up on your fitness journey throughout the rest of the year.

Stay active no matter where you are and that is so very fit flex. Fit your fitness into your life and see where your life and fitness go from there. So very fit flex is for anyone remember that and make whatever fitness you are doing your own in a way that makes you want to do the workouts you are doing.

So very fit flex is doing all the fitness you enjoy or all the fitness that works for your schedule and see where you end up on your fitness journey. So, what do you think a very fit flex workout is?

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