Do Fit Flex As The Fit Flex Life Does

Does the title of this post make you think, or does it make you shake your head? What exactly does do fitness as the fit flex life does mean? It means look at your life and your fitness as one thing and see how they can work together.  When you fit fitness into your life are you doing fitness as the fit flex life does? Yes, you are, and you are getting so much more out of it. When you take your fitness and life and put them together what really happens?  You work up a sweat but do not really realize that you are working out until your muscles start to scream and you start to feel yourself sweat. This is great because it makes for an easier workout.

If you fit your fitness routine into your life and do your fitness as the fit flex life does what do you notice about your fitness? Do you notice that your workouts are always ongoing, when you fit your life and fitness together? Is that how you do fitness as the fit flex life does? Yes, it is and if you have been doing it for awhile you always take it with you wherever you go. Go grocery shopping or to work for example move your body any way that you can and think in a fitness mindset. So, if you are doing things like loading the dishwasher, there is squatting and lifting involved or last-minute outdoor clean-up there is lifting abs and squats when you are out there. How do you feel when you fit your fitness and life together? You feel accomplished because you are living life and getting in a great workout at the same time.

When we do fitness as the fit flex life does how much fitness is really involved? Have we even asked ourselves this question? You are all probably asking yourself this question now I know I am. The answer that I came up with for myself is there is a lot of fitness involved when you fit it into your life and have a fitness mindset. Do fitness as the fit flex life does means use the shopping that you do in a week as part of your workout or as a workout, use cleaning and yard work that way too. Now I know most of you are probably saying these things aren’t really workouts, but aren’t they? Yes, they are if they are things that make you sweat, anything that makes you sweat can be a workout or part of a workout.

The fitness that the fit flex life does, is all about flexing and living life while you do it. So lift bricks when you are doing last minute landscaping or outdoor clean-up or lifting hampers of clean- clothes when you do laundry cardio can be walking outside, using swing sets, or trampolines or skipping ropes even, if the weather permits. If there is already snow to shovel that can be cardio too but I doubt there is, snow this early. Although I do not know where everyone who is reading this life so there might be snow in some areas. When you fit your fitness into your life it changes with the seasons doesn’t it? Yes, it does because that is how your life and fitness fit together. That is also how you do fitness as the fit flex life does.

When we do fitness as the fit flex life does what does it mean? We let our life flow through our fitness and that is how the two things work together. Doing fitness as the fit flex life does is taking your fitness with you wherever you go and using anything that is around you. Now I know that some of you are asking how this can be done, the way that this can be done is when you grocery shop, or do yard work or clean your house even, think of those things as either there own workouts or part of your daily workout depending on when you them. They are things you do in life that have to be done but can be a workout too, that is how you do as the fit flex life does when you do these things.

Fitness as the fit flex life does is using all that is around you in your life, the season you are in, the materials you have around you as well as the month that you are in. You may be wondering how all of these things work you is open your mind to new ways of doing fitness routines. This means that your life and fitness can become one and you can get so much more done out of both. When you fitness and life become one you aren’t just doing one workout in a day, you are doing workouts every time you get up and walk around or lift anything or every time you clean-up your office or your house you are working out. Vacuuming too works. You are doing things in a fit flex life routine that you do in your everyday life that can be a part of your fitness routine for the day too.

Fitness as the fit flex life does is you being in complete control of your workouts, doing the fitness moves that give you the best results when it comes to your workouts.  When you fit your fitness into your life you don’t stress about having to get a workout in you just live your life and make sure you move enough to work up a sweat. This is how you do fitness as the fit flex life does and look at your fitness and life in a different way when you do it. Just make your fitness and life work together and you will see what I mean.

When you fit your fitness into your life your fitness is constant. Every little bit of movement, lifting and bending you do is part of your workout. So, if you think of your workout that no matter what workout you are doing? You are doing a fit flex life workout. You probably do not know that but that is what you are doing which is awesome.

When you do fitness as the fit flex life does so much more can happen in your life. you can go out shopping and you may think that it is just shopping something you would normally do when going out to a store but its a workout. When purchase things and either push them around in a cart or carry shopping bags from the store to your car, or even store to store, depending on where you are.  That is doing fitness as the fit flex life does and you do not even feel like you are working out.

When you do fitness as the fit flex life does what is the first thing that comes to mind? Cleaning up your house or shopping can be a workout or cleaning up your backyard before winter? What is it for you?

Do fitness as the fit flex life does means what to you and the fitness journey that you are on?

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