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Is fitting fitness into your life a complete fitness routine? Have you ever asked yourself this question, you probably have a bunch of times, but have you really thought about it?  If you have been on a fit flex life  journey for a while you probably have I know  that I have although when I told people about the fit flex life and then they ask questions I really have to think hard, so that I can explain myself properly. Usually it goes something like this, “Keep your body in motion and think in a fitness mindset”, when you do that you will be doing a complete completely fit flex workout. That is fitting your life and fitness together and not thinking twice about your movements when you lift something heavy, or you do laundry all of these things can be a workout or part of one so always think that way and that is how  your workouts will be complete completely fit flex type ones.

How is a fit flex workout a workout that is complete and done completely? It all has to do with what you do in your workout and the type of workout moves that are done throughout it. So, lifting when you clean your house or do landscaping or gardening or even abs and push-ups using chairs or couches that you have around or even benches that you have in and around your house. All of this can change all the time so that your workouts are never the same from one day to the next. If life were the same from one day to the next it would be very boring the same goes for your fitness that is why it is good to change it up every once in awhile. The title of this post might make you think that changing up your workout might not complete it but if you work up a sweat with any type of workout you do you are on the right track. Thinking in a fitness mindset moving your body anywhere you any way you can makes your fit flex life workout look like a completely complete one. That sounds cool doesn’t it?

Are all fit flex life workouts completed completely? Does that mean something? Yes, it means something and yes, all fit flex life routines are always completed completely the way that this happens is, you are always in motion and sweating by the end of it or carrying something heavy. Doing all of that along with taking your workout with you wherever you go because you put it into your life live life and get in a workout at the same time. Doing this makes your workout complete in a weirdly completely way. Just the title of this post makes you want to fit your fitness into your life and get in the best workout you can for yourself. That is how I look at it what about you? You are probably thinking about it and trying to figure out a routine that can be completed completely. Put your fitness and life together in a workout routine and there you go.

When you completely complete a fit flex life workout routine what happens? You (A) feel accomplished (B) Feel Strong (C) Get in a great workout. A fit flex life workout is always a completely completed workout the reason for this is  you are in constant motion all the time with your workouts because you are in constant motion with your life and when you live life and put your fitness into it then it will happen with both things. This means you are always completing both things that you are doing to the end; in other words, you are always completing them completely. The best way to do that is to fit your fitness into your life and see how well the two things work together. You may be surprised and get so much more out of it. You also feel complete when you completely complete a fit flex life workout or any workout for that matter.

A fit flex life fitness workout is always done completely, this is because there is always so much more involved in them then other workouts. When your life and workouts combine you can do anything and consider that a workout like cleaning can be a workout so you can clean and workout all at once or shop and workout all at once. When you are in control of your workout putting your own fitness routines together and running with it is what happens. That is how you completely complete a fit flex life workout. That is great isn’t it? Yes, it is just trying it for yourself and see what comes of your completely complete fit flex life workout when you add your workout into your life.

A complete completely fit flex life workout consists of cardio done in many ways, swinging on a swing or jumping on a trampoline use benches for step-ups and push-ups just fit your fitness into your life. Use everything that you have around you when you fit your fitness into your life and see where you end up on your fitness journey and in your life as well. When you combine these two things a lot can happen in both your fitness routine and your life so why do not you try it and see for yourself.

A complete completely fit flex life workout can be anything you want just to stay active and you will see.  The more active you are doing anything the better you will feel so why not consider every movement you do part of your workout while you are living your life and you will get so much more done in everything that you are trying to do. That is great isn’t it? Yes, it is because you do not feel your workouts, but you are getting them done which is the best way to get in a workout if I do say so myself.

A complete fit flex life workout can happen completely with any type of workout just keep active and keep your mind free and your body moving. That is how a great fit flex life workout can happen in a complete completely way and you don’t even feel your workout until it is over and the burn that you feel in the end is great.

What can a complete completely fit flex life workout consist of for you? Have you ever tried one if you have not why not do it and then come back and tell me about it?

How much of a fit flex life workout can happen completely? All of them if you put your mind to them and put the work in, at least that is what I notice when I do fit flex life workouts in a complete completely way.

What can a complete completely fit flex workout routine do for you and be for you when you do it whenever it works for you?

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