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This year as we all know the month of December is different but are our workouts different? Yes, it is different but there is still a lot of lifting involved in it. When you fit your fitness in December, what exactly happens with the type of workouts that you do? Fit December lift fit December is it something? Yes, it is what this type of workout is, is a type of workout that keeps your body moving throughout the entire month of December. Yes, our workouts and where we do them might change because, of the month that we are in but that should not stop us from working out with the busy month that it is? It all depends on you and the type of workouts that you like to do. Sure, going to the gym might be fun right now, to change it up or if its snowing outside go outside and shovel. Keep moving your body and lift any way that you can, when you do that think of it as a workout or part of one.

In December there are a lot of questions when it comes to working out are not there? Questions like how can you have a fit December? How can you have a lift fit December is that such a thing? It is such a thing, and it makes your December feel so much better. The way that it makes you feel so much better is you are shovelling and that requires lifting and cardio which is a great new way of getting in one of the greatest workouts you can do in December. You get so much more done in your workouts in December the more that you move. December is such a busy month that getting more then one thing done at a time. Is the only way to get everything done? A fit December has a lot of lifting especially with all the Christmas stuff that goes on. The set up for dinners, the clean-up before and after and the shopping. We are always so busy in December that we must stay as active as possible so that we don’t get stiff. Yes, I just said we are busy during the Christmas season but that does not mean we are making as much as we would like. So have a fit December but remember to lift.

December is the time of year where some people slow down when it comes to doing their workouts with the Hussle and bustle of the holidays sometimes your every day routine changes. When you fit your fitness into your life, in December you are constantly lifting, squatting and doing so much cardio that your heard might spin. The more you stay active in December the better you will feel. Why will you feel better in December when you move your body because you will be working off the holiday food that you are consuming day in and day out. So fit your fitness into December constantly move and you will feel so much better.

Lift, fit in December keeps you on your toes, and it gives you a clear mind. Being kept on your toes and having a clear mind at Christmas you get more out of the holiday season. There is a lot of things that go on during the Christmas season, and sometimes your workouts are not top priority. If your workouts aren’t top priority and you want them to be, try to make the Christmas season a part of your workout. The prep of Christmas and the daily clean-up from Christmas parties you have.

December is all about making all your fitness work with the time of year. That means use what you do in your day as a part of your workout if you can’t get to the gym, use all the movement you do around your house as part of your workout. remember to fit your workouts into the month of December and lift along the way. You will be glad that you did this in December so keep it up and see what happens in your workouts.

Lift fit December, lift fit December means stay active in December in a way that works for you, do the workouts that you enjoy to keep you as calm and collected as possible, with everything that goes on during the Christmas holidays it can get stressful but your workouts can be a great stress reliever. The more you relieve your stress the more you will get out of your workout especially in December so try and do that as much as you can.  So, lift in December and fit your fitness into your life.

A lift fit December is all about staying on track with your fitness, as much as you can with the busy time of year and you will feel so much better during all your Christmas festivities. So, if you know that you are going to be sitting a lot one day during the Christmas holidays make sure to schedule in a workout before you do all the sitting. You will be thanking me, especially if you fit your workouts into your day before you do all the sitting.

The more you move your body in December the better you will feel, so keep going with your fitness even in December and see where you end up on your fitness journey. The more you keep up with it even during busy times the further you will be at least that is what I notice when I do my workouts during the Christmas season.

December is meant for activity especially fitness so make your activity and the fitness that you do work for you, if that means getting in a short workout before a Christmas dinner make sure to lift, do abs and cardio so that you work up a bit of a sweat. Do this and see what happens when you are on your fitness journey.

A fit flex December makes you want to workout so keep moving your body in December and you will get so much more out of your workouts and December which is great isn’t it? Yes, it is so try it and see.

What does lift fit December mean for you and your fitness journey?

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