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Activity in the form of fitness should be booming right now. As it is still the beginning of the new year, or at least it feels that way. When it still feels like it is the beginning of January or you are just getting your groove back with your fitness routines now. A click clack fitness routine comes to mind. What does that do for your fitness routines? A click clack fitness routine is using everything that happens in your life as part of your workout. All the lifting, walking, and pushing of things that you do daily can be a part of a workout. Click clack fitness is all about keeping your fitness going, in any routine that works for you. Keep that routine no matter what happens in your life. Did the title of this post make you laugh I hope so because we all need a bit of that right now. 

What exactly is click clack fitness and how can it be done and what does it mean? It is constant motion in your day no matter what it is that you are doing in it. This type of workout is a fun one, because you are considering all of the movement you do in your day a part of it, sure you can lift, or do abs and cardio as an actual workout or even use a spin bike if you like to do that, but what about all the other lifting and vacuuming or going for a walk or shopping that you do? can those be workouts too, yes they can, even shoveling the snow can be a workout. This is the way that any fit flex life workout can be fun. This is also how you fit your life and fitness together and notice that everything you do in your life can be a part of a workout routine if that is what you want.  Any movement that you do, that you enjoy for example skating or going for a walk can be a workout too which is cool because they do not feel like workouts. You can even make up your own fitness routines and make them fun for yourself by what you do in them and the music that you use.  Do and use anything that gets your body moving.  Abs, cardio and lifting and great pieces that can be found in click clack fitness routines. 

Look at your life and the fitness that you do and see how active you are throughout your life. Click clack fitness is a way to keep your body moving no matter the weather, you can do workouts inside or out and they can still be click clack fitness types.  Does click clack fitness have a sound even in the winter? Yes, it does when you shovel the driveway and, in the winter, you hear the scrapping of the shovel that can sound like click clack, click clack if you listen hard enough. You can also feel your muscles burning and screaming with the amount of pushing and lifting that you are doing.  When you fit your fitness into your life you are doing the fitness that works for you shovelling, skating, lifting, cardio the list can go on and on. Fitness is always constant especially when it is clicking and clacking.  It can click and clack all the time when you fit your fitness and life together. Use what you do in your life as part of your workout and you will see this happen. 

Click clack fitness means use what is in your life as part of your workout.  So, any movement you do in life no matter what it is can be related to your workout and part of it. Many of these things you can do from home and get in a rather good sweat session too how great is that? It is great, yes, I know that gyms might be open right now but it might also be a bit difficult to get to them. Click clack fitness is a cool way of saying fit your fitness into your life.  Use all that is around you or wherever you go in your day, as part of your workout. Grocery Shopping, cleaning your house, getting outside to get fresh air just to name a few. The more you move your body in a different way in your day the more of a click clack fitness routine you will do. 

Every movement that you do in a day that can be a fitness routine can be click clack one of sorts, which then can be turned into a dance of sorts. The more you keep your body in motion daily lifting weights of many kinds’ actual weights, or bricks, can feel like a click clacking workout.  Even doing different types of cardio can feel that way too.  The more you move your body the more of a click clacking workout you will get.  Constant  movement in cardio, lifting and abs, can be a click clacking workout all the time, because the more you move the more of a sweat you work up , which is a great side effect of a click clacking workout. Stay as active as you can in any month and a click clacking workout is born. 

If you keep your body in motion as much as you can in your day you will be working out and doing a click clacking workout. So, keep as active as you can daily work up a bit of a sweat and you will be doing and click clacking workout. The more you move your body in anything that you do is there clicking and clacking involved? There can be, depending on what workout you are doing. Also, it has everything to do with what you get out of the workout you are doing and how much you feel you have clicked and clacked throughout it. 

Moving your body all the time is another way of saying you are clicking and clacking in your workout. so just keep as active as you can daily think in a fitness mindset and see how much click and clacking comes out in your fitness journey. You may be surprised and have a blast with it too. 

Click clack fitness seems new but is it when you fit your fitness and life together in the workout? it can be if you are new to the fit flex life and are just getting used to it. To the people that have been doing it for awhile it just makes them change up their workouts and have more fun with them so that they can get the results that they want. 

Click clack fitness is what and what does it offer? It offers a new way of getting in the best workout in that you can in a day. 

Click clack fitness means what to you and what do you think it can offer you in terms of your fitness? 

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