Why Keep Active At All

Fitness has been around for such a long time that to people who are involved in it, it has become just something we do.  Working out daily lifting weights, doing abs and cardio is like second nature to us. When we keep active in everything that we do are we working out all the time? Yes we are, there is no question about that, so why fit fitness into our lives and keep active at all, what good does it actually do? It keeps you on your toes, it keeps you healthy and it also keeps your mind fresh and clear. Being active at any time doing anything that keeps your body moving makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Yes it does and being active in any way has its benefits. The benefits include, being limber, not being sick as often, in terms of cold or flu. Your body feels good with all the movement you are doing. So stay active for these reasons and see what happens. 

Fitness routines are done so that you stay mobile and healthy. That is the goal of doing them anyway. Keeping active at all is always a choice that we have and a choice we make in order for us to stay healthy. When we feel good from being active and getting workouts in what happens? Endorphins happen, usually happy ones. You also get so much more accomplished in your day. When you are active all the time. cleaning – up your house for example doesn’t feel like a chore anymore  but it feels like a workout which makes you ant to do it more At least it would make me want to workout more if I was cleaning up my house I would be getting two things done at once which is great. 

Do we keep active so that we always keep busy? Or do we do it to stay as healthy as possible? We do it for both of these reasons and  to feel as good as well. Keeping active keeps your heart, mind and body healthy. Which is why we do it don’t you think?  There are many different ways that we can keep active an example of some of these ways include eating healthy, drinking adequate amounts of water, and exercising any way that works for us, abs, cardio and lifting either from home, online workouts, or going to the gym. Whatever type of workouts work for you. Fit your life and fitness together and see what comes of your life and workouts when they are done together. We  keep active so that our muscles don’t seize up and so that we feel better. Is there any other reason  to keep active in life? 

The reason why we all keep active is what? Ask yourself that, the next time that you workout.  Everyone’s answer to this question is going to be different. Some do it to relieve stress, most do it to stay active and healthy and some do it because it makes them feel good. Being healthy and active comes in many forms. It can be using your body weight or the things that you have around your house as props for your workouts, it can be going to the gym or finding online workouts and doing those. Just do workouts that you enjoy and you will get the results that you want. 

Why stay active at all is that we can stay busy and not become couch potatoes.  Being active is a good thing because the more you do the better you feel. So work your muscles and  you will feel great. The more we stay active daily the better we feel because our bodies feel so much better with all the movement that we are doing. So the more you stay active in life the better you will feel, in mind, body and soul.  Remember that when you are active daily. 

Keeping active and keeping your heart rate up is good for you. So do the fitness you enjoy. When you do the fitness that you enjoy make sure to keep your heart rate up. The more active you are throughout your day the better you will feel. Do fit flex life workouts and see how much more active you can be. The best way to do this is every movement you do think of it as part of your workout and that is how you stay active. 

The more active you are the better you feel isn’t that how it always works? Yes it is at least that is how it works for me what about you? 

The more you move your body any way that you can get done in your day. Stay as active as you can in everything that you do in your day and  you will feel so much better just try it and see. 

To stay healthy we keep active in everything that we do, and in doing that we keep our heart rates up. Try moving any way that works for you, you will be so glad that you did. 

Do any type of fitness to keep your body in motion any time that you move your body  during the day or night. You will always be active, and get so much more accomplished in your life so try it and see what comes of it. 

Why  is staying active every day doing anything that  keeps your heart rate up a good thing? 

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