Oh Oh Fit Flex

When you fit your life and fitness together are you singing all the while or are you in constant motion? Yes you are, especially when you use the month of April and the weather that it has in it if its nice enough to use as part of your workouts.  Now I know it might be cold for some people around the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a great workout.  Yes gyms might be  closed but why not use what is around your house as part of your workout routine, or if you are going out use what you are doing as part of your workout. It might be nice enough to go for a walk or a bike ride or even to be on swings so why not do that as part of your workouts. Make your life and fitness work together whatever the weather and see how much more you get out of both of these things.  April is a time to get outside and  get active so why not take your workout with you and see what happens with it. 

Yes it might be a very trying time for some when it comes to living life or even getting your workout in, but  don’t give up. Keep as active as you can, with everything that is going on and make your fitness work for you. If that  means going to the gym if you can, then do that, or if that means, doing online workouts from your gyms or just doing online workouts then do that. If that means doing fit flex life workouts or even just doing your own workout routines and fitting them into your life then so be it. When you make your fitness and life work together  you are fitting your fitness into your life and  that is how it becomes Oh Oh fit flex type of workout.  Use benches, or chairs or swing sets, even trampolines, bikes or roller blades. Anything that you wouldn’t normally use in workouts are now used throughout their workouts.  When you fit your life and fitness  together  your workouts are always so different, but it makes you want to continue to just move your  body. At least that is how I look at it. 

When you workout doing any type of workout that you want, you are always fitting fitness into your life.  Look at your life and the fitness that you  do in it, and see how much the two of them work together in and out of the gym. Yes I know that, right now might be hard to do your workouts, with what is going on, but that doesn’t mean just stop working out.  Use the internet and do online workouts or if you can’t do that come up with your own workout routines and do that, or even fit your life and fitness routines that you put together yourself and see what happens when you do them.   Use the benches or steps that you have around you for elevated push-ups or step-ups.  The more you use the things that are around you in your workouts the more you will be fitting your fitness into your life without even realizing it. 

Look at your life and the way that you get your fitness routine accomplished and see how much the two of them work together. Yes your life and fitness routines can work together  and those types of workouts might not even feel like workouts at all.  Those are the best types of workouts don’t you think? I think so, so I will use the things around me in my workouts and make each workout that I do a part of my life. When you make your workouts a part of your life at all times so much more gets done in terms of your exercise and your living as well.  So do gardening or go bike riding or push mow your lawn.  Those are all things that can or have to be done in your life but they can also be workouts too.  Doing these things and considering them workouts is great because you are killing two birds with one stone. How awesome. 

Oh Oh fit flex is the type of workout that works for you and the way you are living your life.  This means take your workout with you wherever it is that you are going and see what comes of both your life and workouts together. You may not feel your workouts but get so much more done in life that  you never want to stop fitting your fitness and life together all at the same time. Life and fitness can be one thing if that is what you want it to be, just make your fitness a part of your life, for example, your yard work can be a workout too or even grocery shopping.  Things you have to do daily or weekly are there but they can be a part of a workout routine too. So do the fitness that you enjoy and that works for you, and see where you end up on your fitness journey. You may be surprised because it is always different for each person. 

Fitness is everywhere no matter where you are, if you fit your fitness and life together all the time what happens?  Have you ever thought of that while working out or just living life especially at a time like this?  Think about that, yes you might not be going out much to gyms or shopping but you are cleaning up around your house outside and inside, and you are working up a sweat. When you work up a sweat doing anything you are working out, at least that is the way I look at it, what about you? 

Oh Oh fit flex is the type of fitness routine that keeps you on your toes. This type of fitness routine keeps you on your toes because it is the type of routine that is always changing. With a routine that is always changing and that you fit into your life, so much more can come out of it because of everything that is kept going by you just moving your body and thinking in a fitness mindset. This means, use the things that are around you and see how much more of a fitness journey you can be on when you put your fitness and life together and call it a fit flex life fitness routine. 

 Oh Oh Fit Flex is what for you and too you when it comes to the type of fitness journey you are on?  Does it always change depending on the day and what is going on in it? To some people it might  but to me when it does this it makes my workouts a lot more interesting. So I just use the benches or stools, or tree trunks or even what I am doing in the day as part of my workout and see how much I sweat in it. When I sweat a lot in my workouts I know that I get a lot out of them. 

 Oh Oh Fit Flex is what for you when you are fitting fitness into your life have you ever thought of that? 

Fitness and life work so well together  that is why you   can hardly tell when you are working out or if you are just living life.  So always remember to fit your life and fitness together in everything that you do and so much more will come out of everything, try it out for yourself and you will see. 

Oh Oh  Fit Flex is the type of workout that is always on going and all around you. So look for it when you are looking to change up your workouts and see what comes of your life and fitness when you fit them together especially now, you will be glad that you did. Also the more that you get out of your workouts by fitting your life into them means the more you are going to want to do that don’t you think? 

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