Oh So Spring Flex

Does  this title put a smile on your face and make you think of  great new spring workouts? Or does it make you just want to move your body in the season? Spring is usually a bright time of year. Which makes more people want to move their bodies outdoors. In the month of May spring is usually here and it is a bit warmer. We all know the warmer it is the more likely it is that we will feel like working out at least I am like this. When spring arrives i want to flex as much as possible. If you want to flex as much as possible in the spring you are hoping the weather is nice. Most of the time it is nice in the spring so you do bring your workouts outside and fit them into your life. A spring fit flex workout can consist of lifting different things like shovels for gardening, bricks for landscaping or bricks for weights. 

Have you ever tried a spring flex workout do you know what  that is? Well a oh so spring flex workouts can consist of swinging, jumping on trampolines, because they have springs in them. Yes I know that a trampoline doesn’t have the season of spring attached to it but it made you think doesn’t it? When things fitness related make you think do they also make you want to try it? Spring  flex sounds cool  doesn’t it? Most people reading this are saying yes and the cooler a workout sounds the more you want to do it.  Look at all the things that  spring offers for fitness and use it in your workout routines. If you do that your workouts will be new and different all the time how great is that? 

A oh so spring flex workout is all about what exactly? Using the fresh air in your workout and clearing your mind. Getting outside in the spring for your workout is really good for the mind.  So get outside in the spring  and move your body in any way. Getting your heart rate up in the spring is great yes but even just going for a walk and flexing your muscles and not getting in a sweat. Fit your life and fitness together in the spring and see what happens. Garden sing, on swings just use the outside as a workout location and stay as active as you can. So do any flexing motion in the spring call it oh so spring flex and see where you end up on your fitness journey. 

Oh so spring flex means what? It means that fitness is all around you especially in the warmer months. The warmer months before it gets really warm is what we call spring. Use what is outside for your workouts and make your muscles scream. Use the things outside in a change in your workouts, benches for step-ups and push-ups or skipping ropes to change up your cardio if you aren’t jumping on trampolines or swing on a swing. Use the spring warm weather as part of your workout and see what happens. You may be surprised and may just want to continue being active outside for the foreseeable future. Try a spring flex workout  by fitting your fitness and life together and see what happens. 

Spring flex workouts have fit flex fitness all over them. This is because the spring weather makes you want to go outside and get active. If the weather is nice in the spring get outside and get active. The more active you are in the spring the more flexing you will do.  So use the bring in your workouts and see how much more flexing you do in the spring months. 

Oh so spring flex makes you want to workout doesn’t it? What type of workouts do you normally do in the spring? Things that take you outside and give you some sunshine at least that is what I do. Go outside and move your body any way that works for you so that keep as active as you can in the warm spring weather. The more you move in the warm spring weather the more you get out of your workouts and the weather together. 

Keep so active in the spring that your workouts don’t feel like workouts at all. The best way to that is to change your mindset and instead think of the things you do outside while you are moving around as working out. Also think of that as living life too and you will get so much more out of your life and fitness when you combine them. 

Spring flexing can happen with anything that you do outdoors, workout or not. You can even do it indoors if you want too. Keep your heart rate up during the spring months and also keep your arms and legs moving throughout it all. You will be flexing all the while which is great so why not try a workout like this?

Spring flex is working out outside with the weather that is all around you just keep as active as you can throughout it. You will be so glad that you did. 

Any movement that you do in the spring can be a part of a spring flex workout when it comes to fitting your fitness and life together. So do cardio and whatever else you  want outside in the spring and so much will come out of your life and fitness together. 

What does oh so spring flex mean to you and what can it entail for you with the fitness journey you are on? 


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