Flexible Summer

When you think of summer and your workouts do you think that your workouts are flexible? Summer is a flexible time in almost everything that is done in it. Why do I say that? I say that because the summertime is quite busy, with parties, getting together with family and friends, things like that. So it should be flexible. If you have a flexible summer what happens exactly? Is it all about the parties and friends or does it have something to do with your workout too?  Well you make your life and fitness work together in a way that works for you. Use the time you spend outside as part of your workout. Summer is time for flexibility in everything but especially in your fitness and the routines that you want to do while you are on your fitness journey.  When you fit your fitness and life together your workouts become flexible.  When your workouts become flexible you use what you have around you in your workouts, in terms of props and that is how a flexible summer exists. 

Summer and fitness work so well together because you can do so much in the summer that can be considered fitness.  Playing outdoor games where you run around and work up a sweat, go for walks, bike ride, swing on swings,jump on trampolines, do any type of movement that keeps you outside in the sun. Use benches for step-ups and sit -ups, just keep your body in motion  all throughout the summer, and flex your muscles all the while. That is how a flexible summer happens. A flexible summer is all about making your life and fitness work with what the summer does, and what it offers. Lift, do cardio, step-ups and abs. The more you move your body the more you will just flex without even thinking twice about it. 

The summer time is meant to be flexible because of the nice weather.  With the nice weather in the summer things can change on a dime. For example one minute you can be doing a lifting and ab workout outside and the next minute you could be going for a walk or a bike ride, or even for a swim. Summer workouts are meant to always be changing and sometimes so is the weather. What does that mean for your workout? That means your workouts  will become flexible with your life. The way that it becomes flexible with life is how you put your fitness and life together and make them work together. 

A fit flex life fitness routine is meant to be completely flexible. It is a routine you come up with on your own and make it work with your life. These routines can be anything from cardio or starting out with a cardio routine, and quickly turned into a lifting routine if you are shopping or doing gardening or things like that. Make your life and fitness work together and that is how it becomes flexible. Remember to try and think in a fitness mindset for the most part. When you do that you will see what I mean. 

A flexible summer with your fitness routine does what to your workouts?  They make you not think of the movement you are doing as a workout you are now just thinking of it as movement. Just move your body and consider everything that you do in the summer part of your workout. If you are doing things in the summer and you are working up a sweat you are working out. So lifting, any type of cardio, abs, swimming, swinging on the swing or jumping on an outdoor trampoline. Make whatever you do in the summer to keep you active part of your workout and that is how a fit flex life workout can be flexible. 

A flexible summer is you taking your workout with you wherever you go, most of the time in the summer people take their workouts outside. When you take your workouts outside you could be gardening, biking, rollerblading, swinging on swing sets, going to the park or going for a walk, just to name a few. Make whatever you do in the summer part of your workout and make sure to work up a bit of a sweat. The more you move your body in the summer and work up a sweat the better you will feel. Try fitting fitness into your life  in the summer with it being flexible and see what happens. 

A fit flex flexible summer is great too, so have fun with the heat and use the heat along with  being outdoors to your advantage. When you do this so much more can happen, you can get clean-up outside done along with your workout so you will be killing two birds with one stone which is great for the summer time.  So use the heat and being outside for your workouts  to your advantage and you will be getting in a great workout. Make your fitness in the summer a part of  your life and see just how flexible it can be. 

Look at your summer and see how much you can fit your workout into it. Use what is around you in your workouts. The more you use what is around you in your workouts the more flexible your workout is going to be able to be. 

Flex in the summer make your life and fitness work together and there you go. Just keep as active as you can in the summer and that in turn will mean that you will flex more not only in your workout but in your life as well. 

Remember that a flexible summer is all around us and anything that is around us that can be used for workout props can be used for workout props. So use what you can for workout props and see what comes of your workouts  when you do that while combing it with your life too.

What is a flexible summer to you if anything? 

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