Sunny Summer Flex

When it is summertime and the sun is shining how does that make you feel about your workout? It can make you want to workout and use all that you have around you. Sure you can go to the gym, and use their machines, or even use the machines you have at home or the free weights at the gym or at home. Or you can use whatever you have at home, for your workouts but using machines, for the most part keeps you indoors when it comes to your workouts. Who wants to be kept inside the house with your workouts when you can bring your workouts outside? Nobody that is why if you fit your fitness and life together in the summer and call it a fit  sunny summer flex. 

A nice warm sunny day screams outdoor fitness, doesn’t it? To most people it does whether they go to the gym or do online fitness or even their own workout routines that they come up with. If you fit your fitness into the summer what is that you actually do? You go for walks or bike rides, you jump rope or garden, and do landscaping. You can consider that your workout or even part of it if that is what you want. Use the weather in your workouts and see what happens in them. Go for walks, or swim do anything that keeps you active and keeps your heart rate up. Do anything that makes your workout different in the summer and keeps you on your toes.  The more you are kept on your toes, the more active you are, aren’t you isn’t that how it works? 

In the summer for the most part the weather is sunny so most people want to be out in it. If you want to get in a great workout and be outside what is the best way to do it? Well do whatever type of fitness that works for you in the summer and the place where you want to do it. So if you want to use the gym and the machines there then do so, if you want to take your workout with you wherever you go in or outside using what is around you like benches, skipping ropes, shovels and so on then you can do that too. Do the type of fitness that works for you with whatever it is that you are doing.  The more you exercise in the sunny sun the better you will feel. Use skipping ropes, benches, or even swimming pools, or even ride your bike. Swing on swings if you have access to them. Just get outside and move your body in the sun of summer, the more you do that the more you will flex.  So get outside ad get your heart rate up. The more you workout like this the more you will feel your workouts  which means the more your muscles will scream. 

The more you flex in the summer the more your muscles will scream although the more this happens the more you will feel in your workout which is the point. So get outside in the sun and get as active as you can. Garden. Dig holes, do actual workouts using  benches or chairs, or swimming pools. Do anything outside that  keeps your body in motion and that will keep your heart rate up. You can even just go for a walk and the list can go on and on.  So stay as active as you can and you will see. Lift bricks as weights, use benches for step-ups and elevated push-ups to work your arms and legs so much more. Push full wheel burrows when you are landscaping, and think of that, as a workout. Keep moving your body inside and out you will  feel so much better if you do. So try it for yourself and see. 

Flexing when its sunny makes you feel great doesn’t it? Especially when muscle definition really starts to show in summer clothes. That is why I like to flex anyway. The more you move your body and work up a sweat the better you feel, or so everyone says. Use what you have around you, in your workout routine do your workouts anywhere that you want and put all that you have into them and see where you end up on your fitness journey.


The more you get active in the sun the better you will feel so use the sunny weather when you are getting active in the summer. Make sure that you work up a bit of a sweat and the sunnier your workout will become.  The more you lift, or do abs and cardio in the sun the more the sun will shine, just try your workout outside and you will see. You may even see the sun shine more that way too. That is what it feels like doesn’t it? That is the way I look at it, what about you? How do you look at it? 

When the sun is shining and you are working out how do you feel? You feel great, and your muscles burn so much that you want to keep going and get the results that you are after when it comes to working out and doing the fitness routines that you enjoy. This is why so much fitness happens in the summer. We also call it sunny summer flex because we take our workouts outside and flex in the sun as much as we can. So take your workout with you in the sunny weather of summer and see what comes of it. 

Flex in the sunny summer sun to get the vitamin D and a great fun workout.  Make your workout  work for you in the summer by using what you have around you. See where you end up on your fitness journey in the summer  by doing the fitness that you enjoy outside in the summer sun. 

Sunny summer flex can happen by any type of fitness you want , just keep lifting and moving your body you will feel great. Just keep as active as you can outside in the sun and see what happens to your life and fitness when the two of them combine. 

Sunny summer flex  has been around forever so why don’t we keep it that way and make it work for us. 

Sunny summer flex is what to you and how do you keep it going for yourself?

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