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What makes fitness so much doable, in the sun in terms of lifting and getting in a great workout? Use the sun and the outdoors for your workouts, you will get so much more out of your workouts when you do them in the sun especially when you lift in the sun all the while. Use benches, and bricks, or cans, lift boxes, or brooms. Do all of this outside and you will feel great about it.  When you are doing things like gardening or landscaping, sure it regular house maintenance but a great workout too. Now i know a lot of people might not consider gardening and landscaping a workout but think of it this way, does it make your muscles scream? Doing  gardening and landscaping can make your muscles scream which means that it can be considered a workout. So keep as active in the sun doing anything that makes your muscles scream think of that as a workout and  it will be a workout. 

In the summer when it comes to our workouts what happens with the sun and our exercise? Well we do more of it because we can do it differently. We can do lifting, abs, and cardio differently.   When you fit your lifting into the sun of summer what happens if you are in complete motion? You get so much more done, if its sunny and you are out in it. If you are doing any outside work in your backyard think of it as your workout or part of it. The more you get out in the sun the better you are going to feel. Live your life outside in the sun and add some lifting into it and see what happens. A great workout can come of it, try it and see. 

When you get outside in the sun your workout just happens for the most part. Any little movement that you do outside can be a part of a workout. Sure it might not be a planned one but, those are sometimes the best workouts aren’t they? Yes they are because they are constantly changing so you get so much more out of it. The lifting looks so different  and like something you would want to try. When you are landscaping something you may not think its a workout but your muscles will tell you otherwise. The screaming of them that is. 

If it is sunny what happens to your workouts? So  you stay inside or do you go outside and use the sun to your advantage? If its warm you definitely go outside with your workout. Go for a walk or swing on a swing, even skip or use benches for workout props, you can even use bricks, too. Use anything that is around you in your workout when it is sunny you will be glad that you did. You are getting two things done at once, when you do a workout like this. That is great especially in the summer. Just keep moving your body lifting all the while and you will be glad you did. 

Summer and the sunniness of it means get outside and use it. Which in turn means what? Get active of course in any way that works for you. Put your workout into the summer and run with it. See how much more of a summer you get along with  how much more of a workout that you can get. The things that you do in  the summer can be all about living life and getting in a great workout. So put your life and fitness together and see what happens. 

Activity in the summer whatever it is can always be a workout. Try to fit your life into your life in the summer and you will see what I mean. So just keep moving your body in the summer and see how much more of a workout you get done without it actually feeling like a workout. You will love it, just try it for yourself and see. 

Fit sun, lift sun means do anything and everything outside think in a fitness mindset. When you do this you will be working out. If you do this all the time you will be doing it non-stop and you will get whatever you want out of your workout. 

The more exercise you do outside in the summer the better you feel. So remember that and run with it. 

Summer means fitness so make the summer and your workouts work for you. The more you do that the more you will get out of them  and the more of a workout you will get when you let it happen. 

Sunny workouts mean what to you when you bring them  outside and use them to your advantage?  It means that you can get so much done doing outdoor clean-up or  even just using everything around you for your workout routines, to make them your own. You  can also do this when you make your workouts work for you. 

Fit sun lift, sun is what you when it comes to your life and fitness routine combing?

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