Sunny Fit

A sunny fit workout is what?  Is a sunny fit workout just a workout that is done in the summer? Or is it the type of workout that is done outside when it’s really sunny out no matter the season? It could be sunny or cloudy and not raining but it is so much better to workout outside when it’s sunny. What type of workout can be done outside when it’s sunny to help you stay fit and active? Well you can do things, like swim or go for a walk, bike ride, garden or landscape.  There can be a lot of lifting and cardio involved when you garden or landscape or even just clean -up your yard. So use the sun in your workout, make it work for you and just keep your body in motion no matter what. 

Any workout that you take outside and do in the sun can be called what?  It can be called a sunny fit workout of course. A sunny fit workout is taking your workout outside and making it work for you, go for a walk, lift different things, bricks, cans or weights, anything heavy really can be used as weights outside, just remember to lift and use the sun in your workouts, so garden or landscape. Do all the outdoor things that you normally do in the sun think in a fitness mindset and that is how you will fit your life into a sunny fit workout.  So use the outside as much as you can in your workout the more you do this the more your workout won’t even feel like a workout and that is great for summer because you can do so much more during it  with your workout if your workout doesn’t feel like one. The more your workouts don’t feel like workouts in the summer the more you want to do them. A sunny fit flex life workout is that type of workout. So  do lifting, abs and cardio in the sun while you are living life while out in the sun and see how much your workouts don’t even feel like workouts but they actually are workouts. 

Any movement that you do when it is sunny out can be a part of your workout. How can sunny weather be a part of a fit flex life workout? You can be out in the sun and  doing things to keep you active, like swinging or swimming or even biking, do fitness in the sun in the summer that has its own flare to it. Come up with your own fitness routines in the summer  with lifting, abs cardio and whatever else you want. Do any type of fitness outside in the sun  and you will feel amazing. Make your life and fitness one thing in the sun and you will get so much more out of it. Stay as active as you can in the sun, think in a fitness mindset and that is how sunny fit workouts can happen. 

Stay outside in the sun with your workouts when it is summer time. You can do anything outside in the summer that gets your heart rate up and consider that your workout or even part of your workout. Use outside benches, for push-ups and step-ups too or lift bricks, or brooms, or even lay bricks if you have that type of landscaping to do. Sure it might be house type work but  that is what fit flex life workouts are all about.  Anything that makes you work up a sweat outside can be a workout so remember that when you are outside just moving your body to get active. You can clean-up your yard and push full wheel burrows of things and that can be a workout too. The more active you are outside in the summer the more of a workout you are going to get  even if you don’t think that you are working out when you are outside in the summer you actually are. 

When it is sunny out and you are out in it, how much more of a workout do you get done? Or do you do workouts outside more when it is sunny? Yes you do for the most part because you take your workouts with you wherever you go especially when you are outside. Hiking or swimming, biking, or rollerblading, yes these things might be fun but they can be workouts too. So why not do something fun in the sun and consider it a workout? That is the entire point of fitting your fitness and life together in the summer,  your workouts are fun and you do them more when they are this way. 

Sunny fit is all about using the sun to your advantage, so use the sun when  it is warm out and you are outside moving around. Sunny fit is all about the movement that you do in the sun. It can be walking, running, swimming, biking, just getting outside and doing something active in the sun. Do anything outside in the sun and get your heart rate up that is a workout or can be part of one in the summer.  So anything you do out in the sun can be part of a workout included, so in the summer just remember to get outside in the sun and keep your body moving. That is how sunny fit workouts happen. 

Get outside and move your body in any way that works for you. When you put your life and fitness together when it is sunny see how much more living and how much more of a workout you get while you do it. You probably won’t notice your workout if you are in constant motion in the sun at least i don’t and that is when I get the best workouts in especially if I am moving constantly so why not try it out for yourself. 

Sunny fit is what for you and the type of fitness that you do? It is you  getting outside in the heat and making your workout and life one thing, by using the sun in your workout and seeing what comes of it. That is the way I look at workouts like this anyway. If you are like me and like to take your workouts outside in the sun why not  try looking at your workouts this way and seeing how much more you can get out of your life and workout in the sun. 

The more you workout in the sun the more activity you will do just by living life because it’s warm out. With it being warm out and you doing so much activity just because you want to be out in the sun the more of a workout you will be getting even if you really don’t think that you are. Change your mindset to think a fitness and life combining way and so much more will happen with your life and fitness together. 

Use the sun and living life outside in it to your advantage.  When you do that you will see that fitness is everywhere it doesn’t have to be something specific and you have been doing it all along.  That is cool isn’t it? It would be if you are trying to stay as active as you can in the summer at least. 

Sunny fit is what for you and your fitness routine?

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