Flex in the sun is what exactly?

Workouts that are done in the sun are great workouts, they make you feel amazing and give you a fresh outlook into your fitness journey.  When you flex in the sun so much can happen. You can get a great tan, along with getting outside work done that you have been wanting to do, like gardening, or landscaping. You can do all of this and be working out at the same time.  When you landscape in your backyard or wherever you are landscaping you can flex all the while which can be a workout. Anything that you are doing outside you can flex with just move your arms in a flexing motion and there you have it. You could even bring your weights, or whatever you use for your workouts outside if you wanted too, just to give yourself a change of scenery. Or if your weights aren’t portable but you want to do your workout outside you can use bricks. Just keep your body in motion in the sun and you will be flexing more than you know.   When you flex in the sun how do you feel? Why not ask yourself that question. 

A workout that is done in the sun can be any form of workout that you want it to be. It can be all cardio, lifting or abs, or a mixture. Use your bike or roller-blades. You can use skipping ropes too. If you have a pool why not go swimming for your workout. That is a great form of exercise yet it is relaxing too. How can these things be forms of flexing in the sun? The motion of your arm movements is what flexing is. So look at the things like swimming and skipping and the motions that your arms make. Most of the motions our arms make when we workout are flexing motions. So take our workouts with us wherever we go in the sun and they will be flexing ones. The more you workout outside the more you will flex in the sun, you can do so much with your fitness routine when you flex in the sun too. 

Any workouts that are done in the summer that are done outside are usually fit flex life type ones. Just get outside and get your body in motion. Lift, differently life, bricks, or weights, or anything really but make sure you do some bicep curls. Do cardio differently for example skip, run, or walk, bike ride those types of things. Also make the sun that shines in the summer a part of your workout. The more you get active in the summer the more you will get out of your summer and workout. Use   things that are around you that are outside as your workout props. When you do that, you get a different feel for your workouts and from them too. Lift different things, rakes, shovels, bricks, fill wheel burrows with bricks or dirt and push them around while you are landscaping or gardening. Yes I know some of you might not think, these types of things are workouts but anything that makes you sweat  can be considered a workout. When you flex in the sun all you want to do is get as active as you can and build as much muscle as you can.

Flex in the sun is exactly that going out in the sun and moving your arms and legs in a flexing motion. Go for a bike ride or go for a walk, lift weights or bricks, roller blade. Do anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you work up a bit of a sweat. Keep moving outside in the sun and use the sun in your workout. When you keep moving in the sun see how much more of a workout you get out of it. Just  keep your body in motion in the sun flexing all the while and that is what a sun flex workout is. 

Flexing in the sun means you are getting a lot of vitamin D along with a lot of exercise. What if you can’t feel your summer workout?  Have you ever not been able to feel a workout? Most people’s answers to this question is no. I have always been able to feel my workouts no matter the type of workout. The more you keep lifting or doing step-ups and different types of abs, the more flexing happens. Get outside in the sun and move your body so you will feel so much better. Why not try it for yourself and see what happens with it. 

Sun means warmth and with warmth comes movement. walking , running, biking, getting active doing anything outside that keeps you as active as it can. Do any fitness that you enjoy outside  in the sun and use anything and everything around you. When you do that so much will come out of your workout and your life that way, fit your life and fitness together. So keep moving and flexing in the sun and see how much you get out of your life and fitness. 

Flexing in the sun is getting as active as you can  in the summer using everything that is around you in your workouts. Put the way that you live your life in the summer into your workouts and see what comes of it especially with all the lifting and cardio that is involved in it which also makes your summer and workouts great.  Just use the summer sun and warmth in your workout and so much more will come of it. 

Flexing in the sun happens all the time in the summer, just get outside and move your body. When you do that you are flexing in the summer, just use the summer in your workouts, the walking, the running,  the swimming. The list can go on and on. Just remember to flex as much as you can in the summer the more you do this the better you will feel. 

Flexing in the sun is great  in the summer don’t you think? Flexing in the  sun keeps you so active that sometimes you don’t want to stop.That is why most summer workouts are always on going. So just keep moving your body in the summer working up a sweat and you will get so much more out of your workout. 

Flexing in the sun can do what  for you and the workout routine you are doing  at the time?

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