Leaf Fit Flex Is What?

With it now really being fall what does that mean for your fitness and the types of routines that you do?  That means there is a lot of  raking to be had, to clean up all the leaves that have fallen. Yes that means you are outside a lot  more but why not get as much outside time as you can before the snow comes? That is what I would do. I know a lot of people don’t like the snow or the cold so they soak up the fall weather while they can. Fall means a new way of working out with all the raking, jumping in the leaves and packing them up to be put at the road. Lifting also happens in the fall because of all the leaf clean-up and winter prep so that it is easy to shovel the snow. 

Stay as active as you can inside and outside during the month of october so that you can get as much clean up outside and in as possible.  The more you use the fall-like weather though the better you will feel. The title of this post is all about using the leaves of the fall to your advantage in a way of working out. When you clean up the leaves in October and consider that part of your workout you will get a lot more done in terms of cleaning up and working out all at the same time. Use the fall weather in your workouts and have fun with it, then see what happens to it. Put your life and fitness together with everything that goes on in the fall and see how much more you get out of it when it comes to your workout and life. 

Leaf flex is using the raking that you are doing daily to get rid of the leaves or clean them up as part of your workout. When  you use raking as part of your workout you are killing two birds with one stone. Cleaning up outside and working out too. So make the leaves a part of your workout and you may enjoy raking them more if you do that. Leaf fit flex sounds like leave fit flex but don’t  leave the leaves rake them and jump in them or collect the for yard waste. You will feel so much better if you do that before winter comes, believe me. 

Leaf fit flex is raking the leaves and using it as your workout. The lifting and walking is lifting and a bit of cardio which is great because you are doing three things at once. Do things around your house and live life all the while, when you do this consider everything that you do part of your workout. With doing indoor and outdoor things during the fall and considering all other movement parts of your workout you will get so much more out of life and your workout routine all at once. That is great when you are putting your life and fitness together in the fall because you don’t even feel your workouts even though you are doing them. 

Leaf fit flex is most popular in the fall months when the leaves from the trees are on the ground. When the leaves are on the ground they can be used in a cardio workout or a lifting workout, whichever you choose. Although I use them more for cardio workouts. Have you ever used raking of the leaves in the fall as part of your workout or have you ever even thought of it? If you have never even thought of it, why not think of it now and give it a try.  The more you do things outside in the fall the better you will feel because with winter being right around the corner we spend a lot more time inside and who likes that when they workout? Not me do you?

Leaf fit flex is always going to be around; it will never go anywhere. So make raking leaves part of your fall workouts all the time. When you make raking leaves part of your fall workouts throughout the fall months you will see how much more you get out of your fitness and life during the fall months and you can give it a cool name like leaf flex.  So why not do that? 

Leaf fit flex is what? Raking and jumping in the leaves to make a big mess after you just cleaned up said big mess. It is fun though and makes you want to clean up the leaves over and over again doesn’t it. So why not put raking the leaves in the fall into your workout with the lifting, step-ups , abs and walking that you do and see what comes of your fitness throughout the fall months going into winter. 

Leaf raking and the title of this post makes you want to be outside in the fall doesn’t it? The title of this post is leaf flex after all, that title makes me want to be outside in the leaves raking them and jumping in them. At least that is what I would do and I will use the fall weather to my advantage in terms of raking leaves  for cardio, lifting and abs. 

Leaf fit flex is all about staying outside for as long as we can soaking up the cooler temps that you don’t need winter gear for. The fall is great to get involved in fit flex life fitness because you can use everything around you and clean up all the same time. That is great because you can get so much more accomplished which is the point of fit flex life fitness routines. 

Leaf fit flex is all about using the leaves as part of your workout in terms of cardio and lifting. Just stay as active as you can in the fall, use your life and fall together with the leaves and you will feel so much more active and get so much more done. That is what leaf flex is all about.  Use the leaves that are around you in your fitness routine you will get so much more out of your workout why not fit your fitness and life together by checking out learn how to fit fitness into your life and so much more will happen in your workouts. Why not check it out for yourself and see what comes of it.

What is leaf fit flex to you? Is it using the fall weather in your workouts and getting as much as you can out of them? It is to me what about you? 


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