Do, Do, Fit Flex

So the title of this post sounds like a song doesn’t it? If it does, does that make you want to dance? Or does it make you want to move your body more? To some it might  be, which is great. The title of this post makes you think and even makes you want to workout more doesn’t it? What type of workout would be considered dodo fit flex life workouts do you think? Well ones you enjoy of course. Do workouts that work for you abs, cardio, lifting, hiit. Any type of workout that gets your heart rate up can be a do do fit flex life workout. Use your everyday life in your workouts, dance around or just keep moving your body  making sure you work up a sweat all the while and you will be doing Do Do fit flex life fitness routines. 

At this point in the month you might be able to take your workouts outside a bit more frequently. You might be able to take your workouts outside a bit more frequently at this point because the weather might be nicer, out so getting outside and using the outdoors in your workout will change up your workouts and give you a new outlook on how to get your workouts in.  you may even just want to change your location of your workouts which is why you bring them outside in March if it is nice enough. Do Do Fit flex means keep your body moving in any way that works for you, lfit, weights, bricks, or cans or anything that is heavy if you have heavy things around you. Take your workouts anywhere you go and see how different it is in the end. 

When your life and fitness routines combine there is constant movement in everything that you do so you will be working out all the time. Lift, do cardio, or hitt type of workouts, anything  that gets your heart rate up, because doing anything that gets your heart rate up is a workout which is great and what people who are involved in fit flex life workouts want in life. When you do these types of things daily in your life and consider them  your workouts see how much you get out of your life and workout all at the same time. 

Make your workouts fun and something that you want to do. Come up with your own workout routines, or find workout routines that you want to do online, do workout dvds, if you still have a dvd player, these types of things. That is how I started my workout routine daily. I came up with my own workouts and then I found some workouts on facebook and did those along with my own, ever since then I have been working out that way which is awesome for me. Mix up your own workouts so that you are kept on your toes with the types of workouts that you are doing. Live life and add your fitness into it. You don’t have to do a specific workout, just do workout moves that you enjoy and put  them into a routine for yourself and you will be working out. Just clean-up your house, or clean-up your yard if that needs doing and consider that your workout.  Think in a fitness mindset when you are fitting your life and fitness together and see what happens in life while you are on your fitness journey and living life at the same time. 

As you live your life and put your fitness into it, don’t just stay inside and do it there, get outside and get active. Yes it might be cold but  that makes you want to move faster and more so that you stay warm doesn’t it? It does, and getting outside and doing your workouts there makes your workouts fun and different so that you want to do them more. You will be using the things that you have outside if you take your workouts outside and they will make you want to workout more because you’re in a different location using different things.  This is what do, do fit flex is all about. 

Do Do Fit flex is all about constant motion, it is about getting in the best workout you can in life.  Dancing around, lifting, doing Hiitt in a way that works for you, the list can go on and on. Do any type of fitness that you enjoy working up a sweat all the while, when you do that you will feel great and  will always want to fit your life and fitness together. Use benches, or bricks, for push-ups, step-ups or lifting, dance around and do as much cardio as you can do. Stay in motion as much as you can and you will love your workouts. When you love your workouts you will get so much more out of them so dance around, move your body in any way that works for you and then look at your life and see what happens throughout your life through your workout and how you do it. 

Do do fit flex is what? A dance workout, or just a new way of working out, is it just a saying to make a person want to workout? It could be all of these things depending on who you ask. It can be anything a person wants it to be, they just have to put their own flair into their workouts and make them work for you. That is what fit flex life fitness is all about making your workouts work for yourself which is what makes do  do fit flex great. 

Do do fit flex is everywhere you look, just put your life and fitness routine together, and live. The more you do that the more you will stay as active as you can get so much more out of your life and workout when you do it this way. Do your fitness in your own way and you will be doing a fit flex routine and do, do fit flex routine at that, which is cool don’t you think? I think that it is, what about you? 

Fitting your fitness and life together is something that everyone who wants to change up their workout wants to do. So why not do a flex life routine, put your own workout together and use your everyday life and everything that you do as part of your workout routine.  When you do that your workout will change all the time, and you will be dancing all the while which is what you want to do, at least I do. 

Move so much so in your life and fitness routine so that you don’t even feel your workouts but you know that you are getting them done.  Live your life with a spring  in your step, dance around and call it a do, do fit flex life routine. When you do that let me know how you feel after you do workouts like this.  If you don’t know what these types of workouts are, why not check out learn how to fit your fitness into your life on Udemy, take the course and put what you learn from the course into your workouts and life. 

Do, Do fit flex is what for you and the fitness routines that you do each day for yourself?

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