Life and Fitness Are One Fit Flex Fitness 

When you think of your life and fitness together they become one thing. What makes life and fitness one thing you wonder? The way your workouts and life work together. Cleaning your house or your yard for example. Think of all the movements in your life as your workout and see what happens. What makes your life and fitness one thing? Is it the way  we move our bodies when we are living life one in the same when it comes to working out? Yes it is, use everything and anything, in your life as part of your workouts. When you do that you will be doing life and fitness together and that is what makes it one thing cleaning, shopping, and so much more. 

Life and fitness can be one thing when you  change your thinking from working out. You have to, do a certain thing  to get the results that you want, to lose weight and I can’t eat that because its a cheat meal. Instead of that, think about it like this,  “ I am craving it and eating it because I want it now, so eating one or two won’t hurt.   When you think of it that way and all the movement you do in your day as part of your workout your workouts don’t feel like they are workouts.  So living life changes your mindset to  think as though all the movement you do in your day is part of your workout. The clean-up of your house, or outside that you are doing, you are doing two things at once but it looks like you are doing one thing. How cool is that, pretty cool if you ask me, what do you think about it?

Use what you do in your everyday life in your fitness routine. If you are grocery shopping for example, the walking and the  lifting of things into your cart and then pushing your cart, is all a workout or part of one. So use your everyday life in your workouts and see what happens to them and in them. When your life and fitness combine  that is not what you are saying you are saying my workouts and life are one and I can’t feel  which one is which I just know that I am doing them to do them. So when your life and fitness are one you feel one thing not both at once and if you feel both at once  they look like one thing. Cleaning is cardio, lifting and abs for example. 

Fit flex life  fitness means life and fitness are one thing. The way that these things can be one thing is putting your everyday life into your fitness routine. Everyday vacuuming  or any type of movement that gets your heart rate up can be a workout. Which means any movement  that you do that makes you sweat  a little bit is a workout. As you live life and work a sweat you are working out with whatever you are doing in life. This is how your life and fitness become one thing and that is why we call it fit flex life fitness. 

Life is constantly moving and we have to move our bodies all along with it. When we do that, we are combining life and fitness which is what moving our bodies while living life is all about. Use your life and fitness routine together, this how the two things become one.  This is also how you can’t do those two things separately. That is the way I look at it. What about you? 

Life and fitness are one when you put the two together. So put everyday things into your workouts. When you do that so much more comes out of both your workouts and fitness. You get so much more done when the two of them are done together which is great, at least I think that it is.  So use everything you do in your day in your workout and see how much more you get out of both of them when  they are put together.  If you are working in an office and you have to file things, carry the files to the filing cabinet and put them away instead of using something with wheels, fold laundry and carry a full hamper to where it needs to go just to name a few.  Use everything in your life in your workouts and see what happens. 

When you think in a fitness mindset all the time, your life and fitness work together. Get outside and get active, or go shopping. Clean your house, do anything to get your heart  rate up. Life and fitness are one thing especially in the warmer months because you are in constant motion during those months which is great. The more you are in motion during the warmer months the more you get out of your workouts and life, outside which means the more you get vitamin D. 

Life and fitness are one especially with  how busy everyone  is with their lives. We are always doing something in life, in the form of fitness because we are always moving our bodies and doing things  in life. Sometimes workouts don’t happen or at least they don’t happen the way you want them too. If you put your life and fitness together though that makes the  two of them one thing. 

Fit flex fitness is what? Is it something specific or is it a number of different things? If you are living life and putting your fitness into it, yes you are doing a number of different things. The more you do that the more you get out of both your life and fitness and the more you enjoy both of these things together more. 

Fit flex life fitness and fitness are one. They are one thing because you can’t tell the difference between the two of  them when you do it for a while.  This is how our life and fitness  become one and stay that way.  why not check out this great course on Udemy to see how well it works.

How do you see that life and fitness are one with fit flex life fitness?

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