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When you hold a move in a workout of any kind what happens? You are making your muscles scream, what type of fitness moves make your muscles scream? Now with most workouts fit flex or not, there isn’t much holding of moves involved. Yet there is a lot of holding of moves and things at the same time. Warrior poses, weights, things like that. Aksi when your life and fitness combine holding a move while you lift makes your muscles  scream.  The more your muscles scream the more you will work up a sweat and the better you will feel. 

When you are in constant motion like you are  when you put your life and fitness together, how much holding do you do, in the way of  the fitness moves you are doing. Well you are lifting a lot if you are shopping or cleaning up your yard or your house. The more you hold in your workout the more you push your muscles. If you are constantly moving which you do when you fit your life and fitness together. Just keep your body in motion, think in a fitness mindset and you will be doing a hold, lift, move type of workout. 

Hold, move lift, type of workouts are workouts that are everywhere, and you can’t really see them as workouts. If you are doing anything in life that makes you work up a sweat you are working out. So shopping is considered a workout no matter the type of shopping? Yes it is if you leave your house and go into stores that is. If you are lifting things you sometimes hold the position and push your muscles to stay that way for a while. At least I do, what about you? Have you ever held your movements in your workouts and if so how does it make you feel? 

Hold move lift hold fit flex fitness is all around you with anything that you do shopping, getting outside and just moving your body, walking, cleaning up for spring just to name a few.  Just keep your body in motion the more you do that, the more you will be lifting, doing abs and cardio without even noticing you are doing it. Use your everyday life in these types of workouts lifting, cardio and abs, there is so much holding involved in these types of workouts try them out for yourself and you will see. Add them into the way you live your life and you will see this  ten times more that I guarantee. 

Any fitness routines that we do have a lot of holding involved, what I mean by that is when we lift things we have to hold it before we put it somewhere else, so that means our muscles are working. When this happens we are active and the more we do that the better that we feel, we  can lift things  like actual weights, bricks, cases of water if that is what we have around just to name a few. Put your life and fitness together while you are lifting and so much more will come out of your life and fitness routine, and you will have great tone and muscles in the process. 

Hold move lift hold is all about the way you move and how much you push in your workout. Put the way that you live your life, into your workout and see how much your workouts and your life changes. Moving your body makes your muscles scream, doing everyday things. When you do this you are working out whether it feels like a workout or not.  So do this daily and see how much your life and fitness combine, then see how much more you get out of your life and fitness when the two things are together like this. 

Hold move lift hold, is pushing your muscles through movement  and being in a stationary position. How can you workout in a stationary position? Or can you? You can when you do bicep curls and nothing else, or even just lunges. So just keep your body in motion while holding your movements in a way that works for you and you will be pushing your muscles so much more when you do it that way. When you feel your muscles scream you know that you are getting in a great workout, at least that is the way I look at it. 

Hold move lift  hold is all about putting your mind into your workouts, and pushing your body to make it scream. The more you move the better you will feel because you will work up more of a sweat. The more you sweat in your workouts the more you hold your workout moves to make your muscles scream and you get so much more out of them. This I guarantee. 

Hold move lift flex hold  means what? Constant motion then holding moves to push your muscles so that they feel as though they are almost breaking even though they aren’t. 

Hold move lift hold flex is everywhere just look around and you will see it. Keep yourself active and you will be doing these types of workouts all the time.  Which means  you will be running with these types of workouts which is great.  Try these workouts out and you will be so glad that you did.  Learn how to fit fitness into your life is a great place to start with workout like this.

Hold move lift hold flex means what to you while you are on your fitness journey? 


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