Jumping June Bug

Now that it is June it is quite warm and all we want to do is spend time outside. What is the best thing to do for a summer workout in June? Is it all about cardio or abs or Hitt? Is it a mixture of all of these things?  Think about the types of workouts that you do in the summer, months, and  what they are normally based off of. Most people in the summer don’t want to workout indoors, they want to take their workouts outside, and use the nice sunny weather in them. There is a lot of different cardio and lifting involved when you take your workouts outside in the summer, isn’t there?  There is in terms of styles and what is done. Now the title of this post makes you think doesn’t it, because what does working out have to do with June bugs? Well nothing, it is just a title to make you want to read the post and get outside in the summer and get active. 

Jumping June bug type of workouts can entail what when you put your life and fitness together you wonder? Cardio of all kinds, lifting, abs, and HIITT. Cardio of all kinds, can be running, riding bikes, rollerblading, skipping, swinging on swing sets, jumping on outdoor trampolines just to name a few. In June it is usually warm enough to get outside and get active so do just that, bring your workouts outside, and get your heart rate up all the while. Use everything that you do outside  either in your backyard or with the people you are with as part of your workout. When you do that so much more comes from your life and your workout too. 

When you put your life into your workout in the summer months what happens to both of them? They become one and the same thing, because the weather is so nice that you want to soak it up, and what better way to do that then to work your body, push your muscles and work up a sweat? Do step-ups or clean-up your yard with shovels or rakes and wheel burrows.  Go swimming, do things outdoors to get your heart rate up in the summer.  Why be outside in the summer when it comes to your workouts? Well you get vitamin D and you will feel so much better doing workouts outside being out in the sun in the summer is good for your health so why not push it even further and workout in it. 

Wait, what about the June bugs that are still around? How do we get away from them when we are working out outside? Well we move fast in the form of cardio or at least I do. The more you move your body the more the June bugs won’t land on you. That is what I found at least. So what exactly do you do to make sure that doesn’t happen or it doesn’t happen often, well you do cardio, lifting or  outdoor clean-up where you are moving constantly. Being in a pool helps a lot with this so go swimming for your workout and that will keep the June bugs away for a bit at least.  Could we use the June bugs as part of our workouts in a way? In the form of getting away from them by doing cardio? Yes we could but that would be a lot of cardio of many forms which is great because it will keep you on your toes all the same. 

What makes June a great time of year to workout? Well summer of course, but the fact that you can put your life and fitness together, in so many different ways and take it outside with you and take it with you wherever you go. This could entail gardening, or doing things around your house. It could even entail going out with friends, for a walk or to the park. Just do something outdoors to get your heart rate up, whatever that may be for you. When you get your heart rate up in the summer outdoors you will be working out. Now I know most people don’t think doing things outside to clean-up your yard or swimming in your swimming pool is a workout but it is. So just get outside and get as active as you can in the summer you will be glad that you did. 

Any workout done in the warmer months is a great workout because you can take it outside and get so much more done.  Summer workouts have a lot of jumping in  them whether that be with skipping ropes, or jumping on trampolines even jumping into swimming pools. Almost everything in the summer  can feel like a jumping workout. Just keep moving your body as quickly as you can. When you do this you will feel this, and it will be great.  The more active that you stay in June the better you are going to feel. 

Jumping in June is all about loving the summer months and how active you can be.  This means do any workout that you enjoy  during the summer months, and while you are doing other things in your day remember to think in a fitness mindset, when you do that you will always be working out with everything  that you are doing. When you think of your entire life as being a workout so much more can come of it especially in the summer, so remember to do that in the summer months and you will have a blast not only with your workouts but with the summer as well.  

When we use the summer months in our workouts with our everyday lives, what happens? Our workouts don’t feel like workouts, they just feel as though we are living. When we just feel as though we are living but we are working out all at the same time we get so much more done. In today’s day and age, getting multiple things done at once is what we strive for because life is so busy, so why not do the same with living life and our workouts in the warm months. Use the warm months to your advantage and get active you will be so glad that you did. 

When your life and fitness are combined in the summer what is going on with it? You are taking the gym with you wherever you are going essentially. So when you are outside, cleaning up, remember to lift with your legs, and work your abs. When you do that you are working out and getting so much done at the same time, how cool is that? It is pretty cool because you don’t feel as though you are working out but getting other things done at the same time. 

Jumping June Bug is all about getting as active as you can in June and making the warm weather work for you. This could be in a workout that you  come up with yourself or an online workout that you take outside with you, it could also just be the way you live your life and add your workout into it.  So just do any type of fitness that you want in June, make it work for you and you will be doing a jumping june bug workout  the entire time. 

What do you think a Jumping June bug workout is for you and for you on your fitness Journey? Is it something that is all abs and cardio or is there lifting too? What is it for you?  If you are looking for a new and more interesting way to workout check out this great course.


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