Hot Fit Flex Flex

With  it finally being summer and the summer temperatures being so warm, does that do something for our workouts? If so, what does it do for our workouts? It makes our workouts so much more fun, the style of them and what they have to offer. With it being so hot outside in the summer we want to spend time out in the heat, because it doesn’t last long.  With us wanting to spend time out in the heat, we want to stay busy. Do you just do certain workouts or do we put our lives and fitness together in the summer to get the most out of the summer and workouts together? Well the heat makes you want to get active while it is there doesn’t it? It does for me, but I am a summer person and would rather be out in the sun than the cold any day. 

Being outside in the summer makes you want to get in a great workout doesn’t it? Have you ever been outside in the summer and just stood there for hours? Probably not, if you are outside you are doing something  you may not be active all the time but you do, do some activity while you are  out there in the heat. Use what you are doing outside in the summer as part of your workout no matter what you are doing in your yard or wherever it is that you are. When you are outside, in the heat, how much of a workout are you doing?  Well you are constantly in motion lifting, doing abs, and cardio of all kinds just to keep you active in the nice weather. The more active you are even when it is hot outside the better you will feel. 

When you use the  hot summer weather in your workouts how do you feel? Do you feel differently because of where you are getting your workouts in and are you doing different things? Or do you feel the same way as you did when you were working out inside during the colder months? Most people would feel differently because they can finally workout without having to bundle up and they can do so many different things, like swimming or biking for example. If you workout  outside in the summer you use the heat in your workouts, whether that be in the things that you do, or the way that you get your heart rate up and work up a sweat. 

Use the hot weather in your workouts and you will feel great, do anything you want in your workouts, just make you sweat, which you will with the hot weather, while you fit your life and fitness together. The more you use your life and fitness together in the summer the more you will get out of it. Does the heat of summer make you want to workout?  It makes me want to workout because there is so much more you can do outside  in terms of working out especially when you put your life and fitness together. 

The hot weather and the fit flex life workout goes hand and hand, the reason for this is because you want to spend so much time outside in the hot weather. The more you spend time outside, in the summer the more motion your body will be in. Most of the time when we are outside in the summer we want to stay in motion to get the most out of our workouts, especially in the summer, because the summer is such a short time of year or at least it feels that way.  So with the summer being so short we always want to fit our lives and fitness together because then we will get so much more out of it. 

Summer is all about fit flex life fitness,  why is that? It is because you want to keep your heart rate up. So you do the fitness that you enjoy lifting, cardio, abs, and so much more put your own spin on your workouts and see what comes out of your life and workout together.  So use the summer in your workouts, have fun with them and see what happens with them. The more you do this the better you will feel especially in the summer, which is the greatest thing to do when you are working out in the summer. At least that is the way I look at things, what about you do you think of these things too? 

The hot weather is all around us in the summer, which means our workouts are always changing. We are doing the type of fitness that we enjoy the more we do fitness that we enjoy in the summer the more we will get out of the summer and the better we will feel. Which is great especially in the summer. This also means use the summer to your advantage and you will feel so great.  Try putting everything into your workouts in the summer and see what comes of them. 

When you are out in the hot weather all you want to do is move, because you have so much more fun that way.  Just get your body moving, live your life, and use everything and anything that you have around you in your workouts. Just keep as active as you can, and you will feel great after it. 

The hot weather means what for your workouts,  it means that you are using the weather in your workouts. Just keep moving, your body and  keep lifting, doing abs and cardio. The more you do that, the better you will feel.  So keep as active as you can, and you will feel great in the hot weather that I am sure of. 

Fit flex life workouts are great for the hot weather because you are always moving.  Put your life and fitness together and you will be so glad that you did. 

How do fit flex life workouts work in the hot weather, for you while you are on the fitness journey? 

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