Do People In Fitness Have A Specific Look To Them?

Fitness when you hear about it what do you think? When you see people anywhere can you tell they are involved in fitness just by looking at them? When you hear the word fitness do you think “ oh the people involved must look great all the time, they have perfect bodies no fat just abs.”  That is what we see in the media but if you are just beginning to workout you are going to have to work to get to that point. How people look in the media isn’t all true or how they really look. If people who are working out are comfortable in their own skin and they are just working out for themselves then that is good and they don’t care about how the media portrays people because they want to look fit not skinny like the people in magazines. Everyone who works out does it for reasons they only know about which is how we should all do our workouts. Sure people might comment on how we look before a workout routine or while we are doing it but we know what we are going after and that is all that matters.

When a person starts working out do we see results right away? No everything takes time in terms of seeing results in things. So yes people who are involved in fitness might have a specific look to them because they will be working on certain parts of their bodies in terms of there workouts. An example of this might be weightlifting so the results they will see is more muscles in their arms and legs or working on your abs so your stomach is defined.  If they focus on these parts and only these parts of a certain period of time they are looking to get a certain look when they look in the mirror. Or when people see them on the street.

Is that all a person does to get the look that they want? No, when a person wants a specific look from there workouts there are a few things that they need to do. The first thing they need to do is be consistent in the workouts that they do and there healthy eating or eating in general.  When people are involved in fitness do they eat differently than others if they want a certain look or if they look a certain way? Sometimes yes and sometimes no it depends on what they want out of there fitness routine. Which also means it could change all the time.

The question on everyone’s mind is what is fitness meant to do for a persons looks if anything and do people look different if they are involved in fitness?  Fitness and being involved in it is supposed to give the person doing it more confidence, make them feel stronger, look leaner and smile a lot more.  That is what people in fitness usually do because they feel good on the inside and out. When this happens it overflows to the people around them and the people around them begin to ask what they are doing.  Once people who are working out tell the others who asked that they are fitting fitness into their lives they ask how. Once they are told they try to do what the others are doing and it just keeps going that way. It might not, however, work as fast for some as it does for others but keep at it and you will get there. Patience and faith in yourself and persistence are key in the way a person feels and look in terms of there fitness journey.

When I first started my fitness journey I never noticed any changes in my look until a couple of months after. I didn’t see drastic changes in terms of look though but that is because I just wanted to tone up and not much else. Check out my working out to tone up post to read more. I looked great before I started my workouts I was skinny but not toned so that is what I did and once I hit the mark I wanted I became a lot happier and smiled a lot more. So when people see my smiling a lot more and they ask why I tell them it is because of my workouts.

So do people who workout have a specific look to them? The answer to this question is yes they do because they are usually a lot more smiles. They also have muscle definition in places that they are working towards to define. The more a person works out and the more others see them the more the other people will notice things in the person in terms of there workouts. It depends on the what the person working out is trying to do with their workouts in terms of a specific look that others see when they look at them. The only way a person who works out has a different look to them is if they notice themselves or if people around them all the time do.

What a person who works out looks like is a better version of themselves. We have all seen the workout selfie pictures of a person who works out gains or inches lost or fat loss. These are things that are posted in pictures but what if you see a person outside of the picture or if it’s yourself. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see a strong confident person who knows what they want out of life and their fitness journey? That is what I see which is what makes me so happy and why I have a smile on my face almost all the time. I am strong and confident and try to show that in everything that I do throughout my daily life.

If a person works out all the time or a lot how do they look? Do they look any different? They might feel or look stronger in terms of having more muscles or ab definition, but sometimes people can’t see that though and other times they can. Depending on the person and their workout schedule, and what they are working on depends on the look they have. Which means don’t compare your look to someone else’s when it comes to fitness. You probably different goals then other people doing the works you are doing so that is why you look different. Also, everyone’s body type is different. Refer to my body type post to read more on that.

When a person is involved in fitness depending on what it is,  depends on if it is noticeable or not. Or at least how noticeable it is. People who workout wouldn’t notice if they had a specific look to them or if they looked different unless they took pictures. Most do take pictures but what about the people who don’t? is there a way for them to see their progress? I never took photos but I did see progress in my muscles and definition in my abs when I wore certain things or looked in the mirror. My wakefulness during the day was another sign as well. I don’t know how I lived so long without it. I looked great in body but I was tired all the time and slept more than I was awake.  That is another reason why I started working out and now I feel great. I smile a lot more because of my workouts.

When you fit fitness into your life you are walking around doing your everyday things to live your life. Do you have a specific look when you are walking around doing that, for example going to the mall with your friends or by yourself do you have a specific look walking around it or the grocery store or outside?  People might not notice, but when you see people with fitness in there lives and they are walking they have a bounce in their steps. When you workout you are always smiling no matter how difficult the workout is because you love the feeling of it. You love the way you look in the mirror and in photos. If you are really into fitness and you love it or really like it you always have a smile on your face.

How do you think you look when you are involved in a fitness routine or even when you think of it.  You look strong and happy? When you can move without feeling out of breath or move and feel like you can keep pace with others around you. That makes you feel strong and happy.  You feel good getting moving in your day instead of just feeling sluggish and you are smiling. That smile doesn’t just last for your workout it lasts for everything that you do. Which gives you a glow and that glow draws people to you. Then they, in turn, ask you why you are glowing and you tell them “ I am fitting fitness into my life you should try it too.” So when they do they take your advice and try it. That is why people in fitness have a specific look to them because that specific look is a glow.

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