How Does One Stay Motivated To Workout

When people begin their workout routine they always start off with good intentions, working out daily at the gym. Or so that is what people believe some continue that but often times things get in the way of your workout and going to the gym, becomes something of the past unless you are really motivated to go.   The big question is how does one stay motivated to do their workout routine when they are really busy or other things come up?  Or how does one stay motivated to work out in general? Things happen in everyone’s lives that sometimes makes you either miss a workout or just do the workout later than you originally planned.  If you want to stay motivated to work out what should you do?   Give yourself a reward for finishing your workout, do it for a specific event, do it to better yourself?  That sort of thing.

The motivation to work out and to keep it up stems from the way you feel once your workout is finished and/ or the way you look after a few months of doing your workout routine.  If you are looking for motivation to do your workouts try looking at a before photo of yourself, when you weren’t working out and then look at a photo of yourself, taken after you started working out. If you go to a gym most of the time the other people in the gym will be your motivation, especially if you are working out with a friend. Always remember how you feel after your workout though, always remember what you want as the end result of your workout.  Some people stay motivated to work out because of the treat that they promise themselves at the end of it.   Remember why you started working out in the first place.

For some people it might be their family that motivates them, it can be anything someone wants. If it works to get the workout in why not right?  The big question though is what motivates the flex life?  Is it the feeling you get after a workout? Is it the three meals a day that you get because of your workout? Is it how good the three meals a day tastes because of it as well?  How much of a rush or a high do you get after your workout?  For each person, it is different that is why the fit flex life is different because we are not doing all of the same things we are doing what fits into our lives when it fits and how.

That is why people who work out stay motivated to do it all their own way.  We are all different so our motivation to workout is going to be different but we all get it done.  Some people their motivation could be going to the gym and seeing others working out around them it just depends on the person and what they feel motivates them for their own workout and their own results.

For the fit flex life, there is more than one thing that motivates the workouts.  Which is why I will never stop working out and why you shouldn’t either if you are following the fit flex life. Always remember how you feel and take photos of yourself, along with the way just to see your progress.  If you have photos of your progress that is a good motivator in itself as well. I feel great now that I am working out and I don’t want to ever feel bad again that is why I will never stop doing what I am doing.  The biggest thing that motivates the fit flex life is the fact that you can turn anything that you do, into a workout and in turn, it doesn’t even feel like a workout which makes it a lot easier and more fun.  You can work out whenever and wherever you want and who wouldn’t want to do that especially when the workout doesn’t feel or look like one but it actually is, nobody will know that you are working out when you are out doing things.

In order to stay motivated to do workouts in terms of the fit  flex life, is the great feeling of accomplishment when you are doing your workout, you are breaking into a sweat  or you feel your muscles straining in a good way without you even realizing that you are putting the work into getting a workout in.  The good endorphins and happiness you feel after your workout is what keeps people motivated to do it. I am always motivated to do my workouts because they are always different and I can do them anywhere, since that is what the fit flex life is all about,  fitting fitness into your life do something fitness related every time you go out and do something and you will be doing a workout without even having to go to the gym. That is the fun part about it, at least it is to me.

The motivation to workout comes from what you see on the internet, and what your friends who are in fitness post doesn’t it?  Although my motivation to workout is so that I will eat more and be more awake during the day.  It has worked so far, and I know that it will continue to work. The reason why it will continue to work is that I will continue to remind myself why I started working out in the first place, which is what everyone should do.  If they want to stay motivated with their workouts and get them done to the best of their ability.

When people work out, their motivation comes from how they feel, and what they see going on around them in terms of the other people working out with them.  Some people are motivated by what they see on the television when they watch exercise programs or what they see on the internet by what they like to follow or who they follow in terms of fitness coaches.  People stay motivated to workout by what they see and doing what they want to feel good in their own skin, that is how I like to look at it.

The way a person stays motivated to work out when they are working out is by the people they are around and how much they love the workout they are doing, also by the results that they want to get.  Don’t you think that is the way, someone who works out stays motivated?  I think that is the way it works, but I am one of the unconventional fitness buffs. I stay motivated by the way I feel after the workout in order to workout the next day.



How Do You Really Become Fit?

Becoming fit, and being fit are two different things.  For each person it is different though, some people eat really, healthy, some people don’t eat at all, and some people workout either with eating or not eating. However when you don’t eat and are working out that isn’t good either, because you are not burning the fat that you get from food when you do actually eat you are burning muscle instead. Which is never good because building muscle takes time and nobody wants to lose that.  There are a number of different ways, you can become fit, and it is not just by doing one thing.  First of all, keep moving, get up and move at least once every hour. To keep your blood flowing, also if you work out regularly and eat properly then you will stay fit and become fit.   Some people are naturally skinny as I have said in previous posts but that doesn’t mean that they are fit.    Being fit is a frame of mind.

Being fit is being toned and feeling good. It is more about feeling good than being toned though because the better you feel the more you want to get up and do things to keep your blood pumping.  Keep moving, start doing workouts and eating healthy, if it’s painful to stop doing your workouts.  Most of all have fun, get support, and don’t go crazy.  I have always said take a day off a week, and for me, that seems to work, your body needs to rest if you want to keep moving it.  Always remember to ease into your workouts, don’t start a workout fast-paced because if you do that you are not warming up and when you don’t warm up there is bound to be strained muscles which cause injury and will stop your workouts.

Try doing the talk test, if you are too winded to sing but can talk to your workout buddy if you have a workout buddy then you are doing a fine workout.  Which also means do cardio, at least every time you work out in order to get your blood pumping.  Today in my workout I did abs but I was out of breath while doing them because I was doing a lot of ab work.   Whatever you do for your workout, make sure that you are doing it properly, if you can talk to people but are too winded to sing then you are doing a good job, I have noticed that when I am working out I am too winded to sing but I can talk. I just never knew that was a good thing when it came to your workout.

Back to the question how does one stay fit, start working out slowly and eating properly? You don’t have to eat entirely healthy, but it should be at least an 80%/20% scale, 80% being healthy foods and 20% being not so healthy food.  You stay fit by eating right and working out, if you stop doing any of these things then you will notice a change in your body where you are not as fit as you once were. Which is why continuing to eat right and the workout is good. You will stay healthier the more you move and the less you sit around and the better foods you eat the less you will feel sluggish.

You have to make sure after you are finished your workout you don’t just walk away from it, you cool down. In a sense, a cool down is putting your muscles into relaxation mode which is better because then your muscles won’t get strained as easy.  Always remember to mix up your workouts so that you are working out all of your body parts and not just a select few.  Get your friends involved if you and your friends are working out together and staying fit you are each other’s motivators. Having your own motivator makes you want to do your workout to the best of your ability.

Always remember to have fun, laugh, change up your routine have fun up beat music on.  The music and laughter in my book are key for your workouts because, if your workout is fun you will look forward to doing and want to do it, rather than wanting to skip it all the time which is never good.  You become fit by having a good mind set, think that you can do the workout even if you don’t know that you can, just try your best. Everything in your workout can be modified or changed depending on what you want to do at the time. Never forget that.   Also remember you become fit by working at it and never giving up do your workouts push you to your limits and have fun never give up even  when the going gets tough and the pain sets in, if you are sore then  that means that your workout is working just remember to try and not strain your muscles. Always make sure you get enough sleep so that your body is ready for your next day’s work out, if your body is not awake enough for your workout, it will feel forced and then it won’t be as effective.

Everyone wants and effective workout, that is why your workouts are meant to be fun because if the moves aren’t fun then you won’t want to do them and they won’t be effective.  Always remember these four things when wanting to become fit. Eat right, exercise and have fun and get the right amount of sleep.  There are much more reasons but these are the four most important ones in my opinion.

If you really want to become fit,  you have to live the 80/20 rule,  its 80 percent food  20 percent exercise.  Think about it, it’s the food that you eat that makes your workouts work the way they are supposed to, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to treat yourself, every once in a while. A treat isn’t going to screw up your exercise progress we are human we deserve treats.

You become fit by doing the workouts that work for you and eating the way that works for you. Do what your body tells you. Nobody has the same body as someone else, so maybe someone can eat more sweets then someone else, and still workout and look good but that just means there metabolism is different. So workout the amount you want, and eat healthy eighty percent of the time, you will feel amazing and your workouts will be on a point which is what you want anyway right?


When Is The Best Time OF Day To Workout?

First of all, working out can be done whenever correct?  Or at least when the gym is open or if you have a home gym whenever, you want to do your workout, but is there a better time of day to do it vs another time?  Have you ever thought about that? Are you the type of person, that when it fits into your schedule you do it?     Most people probably haven’t thought about it, because why would you need too, if you are just working out when it fits into your schedule right?   If you think about the best time of day to workout you are thinking about your schedule and what works for you.  That is how most people would think about it.

I have thought about this a lot recently, as I have done my workouts at three different times of day trying to figure out what works for me.  Why do you ask?  Well, I am trying to stay awake for the entire day versus taking a nap in the afternoon. Sure napping is great and when I do nap now, I am only sleeping for an hour versus the three I was before but I really do want to eliminate a nap altogether. So I am switching up the time of day that I do my workouts and see what that does to my system.   Sure having a little cat nap will rejuvenate your system but I am getting the feeling that after a while they don’t help and make you more tired than you were before.

The question is when the best time of day to work out?  Are you the type of person who is better at getting things done in the morning, afternoon or evening?  I have worked out in the early morning, late morning afternoon and evening and today I came to a decision.  I really like working out in the morning at about eight thirty in the morning. I have tried earlier but that didn’t work out too well because I wasn’t awake, enough to function.

Everyone knows that for your workouts you have to be functioning in order to get the most out of them. I have tried eating before my workouts and you would think having breakfast would be better before your workout than having it after, but it depends on the person doesn’t it?  Some people have a better workout after breakfast, or in the afternoon or evening.  It all depends on the person.    So each one of these answers is going to be different for each person.

Everyone’s lives are busy and if they work out they make it fit their schedule,  that’s the meaning of thee fit flex life, right, but I have another question for you, when do you get the most out of your workout.   For example, I just did my first early morning workout today and I feel as though I got more out it today then I have when I do my workouts later on in the morning. It just gets my blood pumping and gives me the boost I need to get through my day, all before coffee.  Coffee keeps me going but it isn’t my wake up the regime, any more or at least I hope not.  I am going to try and keep up the early morning workouts before coffee and see what that does for me in the future.

The best time of day to workout is whatever time of day you are most awake and feel like you can get the most out of it.   As I said before everyone is different some might like early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening or late evening workouts, it just depends on the person.  My question to you is when do you like to do your workout and what do you do it?

If you figure out the best time of day to do your workout or even go to the gym, you will feel great when it’s over. For me doing it right in the morning before breakfast and coffee keep my mind clearer and for me, that is the best feeling so that I can get other things done in my day, without feeling sluggish and tired.  Nobody likes feeling sluggish or tired so why not test out the best time of day to do your workout and change it up if necessary it might surprise you and you will feel great later. The fit flex life is fitting fitness into your lifestyle,   at the times that work for you so why not think about it figure it out and see what changes in your life when you do your workouts at different times of the day. After you figure out what time of day works best for your workouts you will feel better about yourself and about doing them in general and that is what everyone wants don’t they?

As I said I did my first early morning workout today before breakfast and coffee and feel awesome, it is almost four pm and I haven’t napped yet which is an accomplishment. Since I usually nap at around 2 pm I am trying not to nap and see what that does to my nightly sleeping habits. I hope good things if I can keep up these early morning workouts. Why don’t you give it a try?



Although the best time for people to workout is when it works for them. Sometimes I do two workouts a day just because I feel like it, and man do I feel amazing after.   If your workout fits into your morning and you like doing it then, then do it then if you like afternoon or evening workouts then do that.  It is whatever fits into your life, and however, you like doing them is when it is best for you. So if you are thinking of starting to work out and don’t know what time of day to do, it then why not test it out try a morning workout see how you feel, try an afternoon workout  and see how you feel and then try an evening workout and see how you feel, and whichever one you feel best after then that is the time of day you should do it.

However, if you are trying to fit fitness into your life it is whenever it works for you which could be any time of day, with you fitting it into your life you can switch it around to fit your schedule so there could be multiple good times for you to workout.

The Reality Of Being A Size Zero

Does size matter?  That is the question when you hear that question your automatic response is no, but in reality it really does but nobody wants to admit it to themselves.  If you don’t look a certain way, people don’t talk to you or people are just jealous of you because you are so small.  This all depends on the person.  People are always saying you’re so tiny, why don’t you eat more or how do you stay so tiny?  Or just you’re so tiny!

When you tell someone that you want to work out when you are a size zero which they consider to be so tiny, there response is why you don’t need to work out your tiny. I can attest to this, for example, this week when I was talking to some family they asked what I was up to so I told them about my fitness blog and working out for said blog.  Their response was why you are tiny you don’t need to work out.

I am not working out because I want to lose weight. I am doing it because I want to stay fit and healthy.  That was my response yes I am tiny if you were to look at my pant size depending on the style of pant it ranges from size zero to three. All the jeans I wear are size zero, now Lululemon clothing which I have is a completely different story and will be talked about in a different post.

But back to the reality of being a size zero. It is very difficult to find clothes. Yes, you read that right it is very difficult to find clothes.  Why is it difficult to find clothes when you are a size zero?  That isn’t even the real question the real question is, is size zero really a size? Yes, zero is a number so it is a size.  However, it is a very difficult size to find when shopping.  Being a size zero you should be able to find clothes right or at least that is the perception.  Take it from someone who knows you cannot always find clothes that fit.  With being a size zero it is the shape of the clothing that most would have an issue with. Or you can’t find clothes because not every clothing company will make size zero.


Sure being a size zero means you can fit into a size small when looking for clothes but again one company might make their size small bigger then another company would it just depends and vice versa.  When you tell people well I am a size zero, they think it’s great you can wear anything because you are tiny. The reality is finding clothes that fit is the test, or finding your size in a store. Sometimes, you can’t find smalls, extra smalls or even zeros because they have been picked over. Or that specific store doesn’t carry that size in which case you are out of luck.  Which happens a lot.

Sometimes you can’t even find clothes that are grown up enough to the size that you are looking for. Or even though they are a size small or size zero that type of clothing or item is made bigger so it doesn’t fit you properly and that is most of the time what it comes down too, which is annoying at times. You have been through it you know what I mean.  If you find something that you like it might not fit properly because it is made differently because of how small you are that specific piece or pieces might not fit.

So no you can’t always find clothes even if you are a size zero. So when people say oh you can always find clothes it is the same for everyone. Don’t always believe what you hear.  Also when people tell you, you don’t need to work out you are a size zero, which is not the case.  Just because you are a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out or stay healthy and fit. Sure you can eat whatever you want, but in order to keep that size zero figure, you have to eat healthy, as well and eat things in moderation.  I am not saying you can’t have sweets or anything like that you can, but in moderation and in order to keep your figure you always have to keep moving.  Never stop moving that is the goal of being a size zero, that is how I have done it and I will continue to do it.  You always have to work at the things you want in order for them to continue the way that they are going for you at a specific time in your life.   Being a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out if you want to stay fit you have to exercise no matter what.

Are you a size zero is it hard for you to find clothes? If so I am going to give you a list of stores that carry the sizes that you are looking for and for me, the sizes fit perfectly. SO they might fit perfectly for you as well.  An example of a store that carries size zero jeans, American eagle, these are the jeans that I wear.  Shorts you can find at American eagle or Blue notes.  Shirts you can find almost anywhere, depending on what style you want and your preference.  If you are looking for dressy clothes, the store dynamite is the place to go. When you are a size zero you have to know where to go and when you are looking for new clothes you always return to the same stores since you know that they fit verses going to a store where you have to try on different pieces just to see what they look like.  When you are a size zero finding clothes is hard enough why would you want to search really hard for something when you already know where it is, at a certain store.

Remember though being a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out you still have to work out if you want to stay that size,  there is not so much focus on losing weight though as there is to stay healthy and active when you are that size, however.  If you are a size zero and you want to workout it is because you want to build muscle and flexibility along with staying healthy.  You can eat whatever you want when you are a size zero but if you want to feel good you will work out. That is what I do anyway and that is why I love working out so much because it makes me feel good.

You still need to be active and eat somewhat properly to stay a size zero, if you want to stay a size zero you need to stay active.  That is the key, so always stay active if you want to be a size zero, and eat healthily or just eat in general that is a given.  If believe that you being a size zero is what you want then go get it never give up if you want something to go get it.





















Why Do People Workout When They Are Skinny?

Being involved in fitness is all the rage.  You see everything either online or on television telling you to need to be skinny, or even if you already are skinny you need to work out in order to stay that way. Or at least that is what the picture shows and that is what goes through our minds, doesn’t it?   Being skinny and having abs is what everyone wants isn’t it?  What if you are skinny but don’t have abs?  Nobody’s body is perfect though everyone’s body is different. With that, however, there is always something everyone wants to change about themselves and that is why they get involved in fitness, isn’t it?  Although people who are skinny and are working out might not want to change something about their body they might just want to stay in shape.   There are many different people who work out and there are many different reasons people workout.  Some reasons people workout might not seem right for someone else but that does matter it is what seems right for the person working out for the specific reason that they say there are doing there workouts.  It doesn’t matter what size a person is if they want to work out then they are going to do it for themselves it is not for anyone else that a person works out.

Everyone who works out has a reason for it, that reason is what keeps them going on there fitness journey. I was asked one day when I was talking to someone about my fitness blog why I was working out, they said: “you are skinny you don’t need to work out”. I said I was working out because I wanted to eat more and stay in shape. If you are skinny and want to work out it’s because you want to stay in shape and gain muscle if you don’t have it already, the muscle that is. People who work out and are skinny do so that they stay active and keep their metabolism going.

People who work out when they are skinny do so for the energy factor that working out gives them, they do it for the endorphins that they get as well.   People who work out when they are skinny do it so that they lower their risk of disease and viruses exercise boosts your immune system that is why a lot of people go to the gym and a lot of people are beginning to work out now, especially when they are skinny.  Always remember being skinny doesn’t always mean you are healthy, so if you want to stay healthy start doing a workout plan even once a week and that will help you stay healthy in the long run.  Working out builds endurance and strength. If you work out you are less fatigued.  Working out also lowers your risk of anxiety and depression. It also can keep potential weight gain from occurring.

People who are skinny and workout do so for the endorphin high that they get.  Seeing results in there abs and muscle also give them a high. You can be skinny but if you can’t see your abs or muscles you might get discouraged from trying a workout routine but don’t get discouraged it takes time for your muscles and abs to show just keep going.  The toned look will come eventually and that is what people want.  The feeling people get after working out is a great feeling it’s like a rush and that is why most people like working out, it helps clear your mind, but we will go into that in another post.  People who work out when they are skinny like to do so to get there heart, rate up they like the burn the exercise gives them when they do it.

If you are skinny and are working out you want to stay healthy or healthier then you were.  For example, I was skinny before I worked out you can read my reality of being a size zero post for more, but I wasn’t healthy, and the reason why I say that is because I wasn’t eating three meals a day I was maybe eating two and that isn’t good for your system you should eat three square meals a day to keep your metabolism going and your body functioning.

You want to keep your body moving when you’re skinny so that you don’t fall into the funk of not wanting to do anything. That is why people workout when they are skinny, to keep themselves going.  That is another reason why I got into fitness and am doing this fitness blog anyway.  Yes, I am skinny and yes I work out because I want to feel good about myself, I don’t want to feel sluggish like I was before.  If you begin to feel sluggish and tired all the time, and you are skinny why not try getting some exercise in or start working out whether it’s at home workout or getting a gym membership.  Doing either of these things will make you feel a lot more alert and awake for the better part of your day, which will make you more productive.  Being productive is a good thing, isn’t it?  Even if you are skinny start a small workout plan, even if it’s just twenty minutes or fifteen minutes a day to just get up and move and do something different. You will feel more alert and you will get more done. Believe me, I have done it and I feel great.

Always remember being skinny will not stick around forever metabolisms change but if you want to work at staying fit and skinny do a small workout, or any type of activity that gets you moving once a day, if you do that you are bound to stay skinny and fit but remember you have to work for it, if you want it. Never give up. The point to working out when you’re skinny is to stay skinny.   The more you work out the younger you will feel, so if you want to feel young for an extended period of time workout it will do the trick even if you are skinny.

Different Types Of Workouts For A specific Person

Working out can mean a number of different things.  Many people workout for different reasons.  Which is why they all workout at their own pace and they do different things, sure people can be at the gym together but they may not be focused on the same workout.  Each person might be focused on working out a different body part, or just a different style of workout, this depends on what each person wants from there workouts.  Not everyone wants the same thing from there workouts.    You might be focused on cardio over weight training or vice versa.  It just depends on what you want to focus on at the time and that is the type of workout that you are doing.   One workout you might be doing leg day or arm day, or chest and back, or cardio or abs.  It just depends on what you want to focus on, you might be a cardio person all the way, you might be a weight person it just depends on the person and what they want to do for their workout.  This is why there are so many different workouts because there are so many different people with different goals.

If you are into a specific type of fitness and you know that it is going to work for you.  You are going to look for specific workouts relating to that one fitness thing that you enjoy and you are going to do them.  An example of this might be, fifteen-minute cardio workouts or fifteen-minute ab workouts. Something specific to target a specific spot that you want to work with.  You might be the type of person who likes the ab workouts versus lifting weights to tone your body or vice versa you might like lifting weights instead of doing ab work.  Someone might like doing strength training over cardio.  It just depends on what that person is working for.

There are all different types of workouts for each body part, you just have to find the workout that you want to do on a specific day and do it focus on one specific thing and do that in order to see results in a specific area.  You can have an arm day, a leg day, a chest and back day, and a shoulder day just to name a few, I know I have listed a few of these things before, but it is true if you want to focus on something specific then do it. In the fit flex life we focus on each of these parts and yes there are different workouts for each body part and the more we do these workouts the better our entire body feels.

One thing though, do not do the same workouts every day. If you want to do abs, there are a number of different ab exercises that you can do to target different sections of your abs. It is good to change your ab exercises up along with all your other exercises so that you can get to all the sections that you want to work with and you won’t strain your muscles.

I have done a number of different home based ab workouts, chest workouts, cardio workout and so on. There is a lot to choose from so I won’t get bored and not want to do my workout.  The workouts that I do aren’t that long either twenty minutes to a half hour depending on what I want to do that day, but it changes.   For example, today I did abs and cardio because I wanted to get my blood pumping, and that is what cardio does.


Each person has a different goal and each person likes different things when they work out, some don’t like cardio but they like strength training better or vice versa. I try to do a little bit of both because I find that I enjoy it all.  I like the fact that when I do my workouts I can do different ones to target the same areas instead of always doing the same thing.  Each type of workout that you find, or that you want to do usually has more than one workout that can be done.  So if you think that there is only one workout for the ab workout that you are doing think again, ask around or look online and see what you can find, you will be surprised.

For each workout, there are always options you just have to look for them.   Working out is supposed to be fun and exciting, and when you know that you can change up your workout and do things that you either haven’t done yet or you haven’t done in a while just to give yourself, something new doesn’t that make you happy and make you want to push through your workout without dreading it.  You should never dread a workout or force yourself, to do one.  Although I am not saying that I haven’t dreaded a workout or haven’t forced myself, to do one because I have but once I realize that I have options for my workout I look at the workout differently than if I only had one option to get it done.  Workout with friends, workout by yourself, go to the gym do what works for you, but don’t get bored of what you are doing.

If you enjoy doing a specific workout don’t stop doing it, just change it up so you can get a bit of flavor, for example, I love doing ab workouts but I don’t just do one specific one. I do about three or four different ab workouts in order to target different sections of abs, to get the results I want. So if you are the type of person who loves ab workouts or cardio workouts but are sick of doing the same thing over and over again, why not do some research, follow a fitness coach or just search online for different workouts pertaining to what you want and try those.

You will find that if you change up your workouts every once in a while you won’t dread them and they will be a lot more fulfilling once you get through them. when  I target the areas I want in my workout in different ways I find that I am happier at the end of it because I have changed it up to give myself what I like to call flavor for my workouts and I am targeting different body parts, when I do abs or chest. I am targeting obliques and my abs and the feeling of the burn is the best once the workout is done.

So if you are looking for a change in your workouts look at different things on the internet or if you have a trainer or coach, tell them what you are looking for and see what they come up with. Nobody is the same so find a workout that works for you. You will be glad you did.

Workouts For Different Body Parts

When people think of working out, do they think of a specific area or do they focus on a specific body part daily? When people first being to work out, they are going to a workout plan either by what they find on the internet or they have a trainer and that trainer gives them a plan to do.   Most of the time a workout plan is listed in what to do each day, for example, one day would be arms, the other legs, one day would be abs, and another would be chest and so on.   Which means there are workouts to target different parts of the body instead of doing one workout for the entire body all the time.

Most trainers and workouts focus on different parts of the body every day so that you get the full effect of working out your entire body by the time the week is over.   In the fit flex life, you are fitting fitness into your life, so some days you might be working two different body parts and other days you might be working more it just depends on what you are doing that day. For example, when I am working out some days I am working out my abs and chest in one day, and then the next is more arms and legs in a cardio blast to get my blood pumping.  I am not doing the same workout all the time for the same body parts because, if I do that,  then the part of the body that is getting more attention than the rest of the body will be the only thing that will look different and that won’t look right.    That is why when you go to a trainer or do workouts on DVDs they target different body parts, even online workouts target different body parts because you can’t work out one area without doing the other. For example, you can’t work out one arm and not the other, you can’t work out your chest and not your back. It just won’t look right.

When you work different body parts you are focusing on a specific area, like abs, chest or back or arms or legs.  Examples of workouts for different body parts include bodybuilding workouts since you are trying to bulk up a specific part of your body which means your isolating your workout to that part of the body in order to see results, for example, arms or shoulders.  Body builder’s workout different body parts more than people who are in fitness to stay healthy because they are trying to bulk up as I said.  People who are working out to stay healthy are just working out their different body parts to see a change in certain areas.

Examples of workouts for different body parts besides chest and back is triceps, biceps, and forearms just to name a few more examples, of different body parts that you can work out daily or you can set up specific days for each workout. As I mentioned before.  You can use videos,   that are specific to the body part you are working on and you can use the internet as well.

When you work out different body parts, or at least when I work out different body parts I feel more refreshed after my workout because I am doing something new when it comes to my workout and giving other body parts a rest.  Giving other body parts a rest is something that you should do each time you work out because you don’t want to strain certain parts of your body to the point where you can’t use them.  When you work out different body parts, you’re making all your muscles work, and that is the point of working out isn’t it?

I have given you a number examples of workouts that you can do for each body part so that you have variety. That is another huge factor in working out different body parts, a variety so you don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.  The more you work out a different body part daily the better you are going to feel as a whole, because you are not focusing on one thing specifically your focusing on everything as a hole and not straining your muscles by working the same ones too much.

When you work out different body parts, after a while of doing it your entire body begins to feel looser and you are able to move more because the more you work out a different body part, each time you work out the more flexible you become.  Working out different body parts is good for your health, as well as it improves flexibility. Working out, in general, is good for your health and improves flexibility but when you focus on something different each time you work out you are keeping your muscles more active.  That is why it is good to switch up your workouts for different body parts each time you work out.

Working out different body parts is working with different muscles, which is a good thing when it comes to fitness. It is a good thing because have you ever heard the expression if you don’t use it you lose it?  Well, that expression is the same for muscles, if you don’t work all your muscles, then you are going to lose the muscle tone that you worked so hard for in the first place.  When you work out different body parts those body parts that you are working out aren’t the only things get stronger you get stronger as person because you feel as though you can do more with the new found strength that you have from working out the body parts you are working out that haven’t been worked with in a while don’t you agree?

Each body part has muscle in it, which means there is always going to be a different workout for it.  For example, when you want to workout your chest and back, you aren’t going to be doing abs, you are going to be doing chest presses and chest fly’s which you can do with anything heavy actually although I wouldn’t do it in a store because people might look at you funny but you can do it at home with cans or weights, whatever you have handy.

But each body part works for the body differently so there is always going to be different exercises to do in order to strengthen them and keep them healthy.



Cerebral Palsy And Fitness Go Hand and Hand ( How Does Fitness Help With Cerebral Palsy)

In previous posts, we have talked about how fitness helps with stress and many other things.   But what about if you have cerebral palsy, should you be involved in fitness, either at a gym or at your house where you make a home-based gym?   First of all, what is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral Palsy is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis and/or other disabilities typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth, in easier terms to understand low oxygen to the brain before or at birth, is what causes cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture, and balance. It can also impact gross motor skills and fine motor skills as well as oral motor functioning.  It affects each person differently.  Although since it is damage to the brain and can’t currently be fixed, there are ways to treat it with therapy.

If you have cerebral palsy you will live with it there is no cure for it but with therapy and treatment, you can learn to live with it and function normally. It is in a sense a handicap, depending on the state of the cerebral palsy that you have, however that doesn’t mean you can’t live with it and do things that others can.   The different types of cerebral palsy include, Quadriplegia – a form of bilateral cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs, Diplegia- effecting both legs, the arms may be affected to a lesser extent.   Hemiplegia a form of unilateral cerebral palsy, one side of the body one arm and one leg are affected.

So now that we know what cerebral palsy is and the different types, the question still remains how does fitness help with it?  Sure in order to improve motor function and fine motor skills you need to do stretching and things that involve your hands to improve your functioning.  But this is not all you can do. It does, however, depend on the type of cerebral palsy that you have, some people with cerebral palsy will not be able to workout at a gym, because of the type of cerebral palsy they have, but others will.  It just depends on the severity of it.

To improve motor function and flexibility in your muscles whether it be your arms or your legs when it comes to cerebral palsy you are told to do stretches to improve flexibility. However, the list of stretches is so long that I am not going to list them.    I will, however, tell you the stretches that I had to do, because yes I have cerebral palsy, I had to do something called long leg sitting, which is sitting against the wall with your legs out in front of you and I had to touch my toes, in order to stretch my hamstrings.  I also had to have people stretch my legs until I was about eleven or twelve when I could do my own stretches without having other people lift my legs in order to get the range that I was missing.  As it is mentioned above cerebral palsy is incurable which means I will have to do stretches for the rest of my life in order to keep myself mobile and to improve my flexibility. However, since I can do them on my own I don’t need someone to do them like I did when I was younger which is a plus.

If you don’t need to have someone in your house helping you with your stretches, and you can do them on your own like me, why not get involved in fitness either at a gym or at your house. Even if you need assistance with it. Why not give it a shot it’s a great way to keep you flexible and mobile for longer. In the sense of cerebral palsy and what it can do to you in the future as you get older if you don’t keep up with your exercising.

So if even if you stretch every day, but you still want to better your flexibility why not get into working out?    I don’t do stretches anymore, with someone I have to do them on my own, which I haven’t done until recently. I realized before I started this fitness journey that there was something missing from my life I was tighter and it was harder to get going, during the day. After I started working out daily, however, I feel more limber and am a lot healthier which is the goal isn’t it.  So if have cerebral palsy but can get involved at a gym or do some sort of workouts at home,  why not give them a try, it will benefit you in the future, and you will be more mobile which is the goal and what doing fitness while having cerebral palsy does for you anyway.

The more active you are, with cerebral palsy by doing extra stretching and workouts just to keep you mobile, the more you will be able to move in the future.  Just because you have cerebral palsy and have to do stretches that the physio gives you doesn’t mean you can’t workout at the gym or at home, you can do that too in order to stay more flexible and what I do now since I don’t  go to physio anymore but know that I have to work on improving my range of motion and walking. Since cerebral palsy is for life, you are always going to have to do exercise in order to keep yourself flexible, so that you can walk on your own. At least that is what I have to do.

Even if you have cerebral palsy but you want to do something like go to the gym.  Then just go to the gym and work out, it will help with your flexibility and coordination. If you want to work out at home with your own fitness regime and still do the stretches you need to in order to stay flexible, then do that too. Every little bit of exercise no matter if you were prescribed it because of you’re cerebral palsy or not will help you live a better life in the future.

I have cerebral palsy and can now do my stretches on my own and I add my workouts into that too, working my core and doing other things in order to improve my balance. Including doing my stretches for my cerebral palsy has helped my walking ability considerably.  It also helps with flexibility which is great, so if you have cerebral palsy and want to still do more then go for it, you will feel so much better in the end.  Cerebral Palsy lasts for life but there is no reason you can’t get into fitness like having a gym membership or doing your own fitness routine with it, you just have to fit it into your life just like you have to fit your stretches into your life, so why not combine them?

How Many Workouts Should You Do A Day?

Working out happens for most people once a day. Sometimes it happens once a week.  If you are really dedicated to your workouts, however, they will happen daily. If you want to make working out a habit you will do it every day at the same time, each day in order to commit it to memory that you need to do your workout daily. Sometimes, however, people will do more than one workout in a day not because they want to be fitter than they already are but some things might have happened in their day that makes them want to blow off steam.

There is no such thing as too many workouts or is there? I don’t think that there is because the workouts that you do give off endorphins to make you feel happier, calmer and ready to take on the day or to finish off your day.  Working out is not designated to a time of day either, I have an entire post about working out during different times of the day that you can refer to if you want to know more.  Depending on what you want to focus on during your workouts, depends on you and how many workouts you want to do I guess. For example, if you really want to work on your abs or your lifting,  you can spend hours doing it or you can do more than one workout a day in order to get where you want to be faster.

Some people workout when they are stressed because working out is a great stress reliever. I know that I workout when I am stressed and sometimes I end up doing two workouts just because of how stressful my day has been. Working out for most people clears their head, and that is why they do it.  Most people who workout do it when it fits into their schedule, and for the most part that is once a day.  But have you ever tried doing more than one workout in a day? I have done more than one workout in a day, and that is because of my stress levels.  When I am really stressed about something even if I have already done my workout for the day, which for the most part I do in the morning so it would be done, I will still do another workout just to clear my head.

Working out is for exercise and to make you feel better, isn’t it? So even if you have done your workout already but your day turns out to be a bad one why wouldn’t you do it again.  Some people do their workouts in the morning to help them get going instead of using coffee as a starter for their day, and others do their workouts just to keep them going which is a great way to do them as well.  It depends on the person and what they do in their day, that depends on a number of workouts that they do.





Workouts and a number of workouts a person does in a day depending on what their goals are.  Each person is different and their goals are different.  Each person also has their own life to live and that is why fitting fitness into a person’s life should work for them, and if they want to do two workouts a day to better themselves fitness wise then they should do it. I know that I do it, not really to better myself fitness wise when I do two of them in a day but to get rid of stress because it is better to do that then it is to do something else that will not benefit your future.

Working out and how many workouts a person should do in a day should depend on the person and what they want out of their workouts.   In my opinion, do workouts that fit into your life,  more so than what you see on a schedule at a gym. So do at home workouts when they work for you.    According to  google when you put in the exact words how many workouts should you do a day,  the definition that comes up to achieve general fitness there is no need to separate body parts on any given day you can train your body parts, 3-4 times a week performing 2 to 3 exercises per body part with 12-15 repetitions per set.   So I guess if you want to do more than one workout a day it shouldn’t hurt. If you want to workout seven days a week it shouldn’t hurt either but you should have a rest day or two in there, I have a post all about rests day that you can refer to if you want to know more about it.

So how many workouts should you do a day, it depends on your preference and what you want to train.   Be careful that you don’t strain your muscles so that you can continue your workouts throughout the week. Sometimes I do two workouts a day, it just depends on how my day turned out and how stressed out I am, working out helps with stress so if you need to do more than one a day then do it.  No matter what anyone says, and no matter what the internet says you can do anything you want if it works for you then do it.  Just like fitting fitness into your life do it so that it works for you, and if doing more than one workout a day works for you then why wouldn’t you?

Working out more then once a day never hurt anyone and if you fit fitness into your life like I do then some days you might workout all day, and other days you might work out for an hour or two sometimes less.  Depending on what you decide to do for your workout. Some days I do two workouts a day just because I love the rush of what the workout makes me feel, and somedays I do two workouts because I like getting my workout done in the morning as most of my readers know but if I go grocery shopping, or for a walk or to the mall I consider that another workout. Which in turn means I will be doing two workouts and doing that doesn’t hurt in a sense it makes you stronger and more limber in the end, doesn’t it?

A number of workouts a person should do a day are up to them, if they want to do two workouts or even just one workout then they should be able to do that. My motto is as long as you are fitting fitness into your life at least at some point in the day, then it doesn’t matter how many workouts you do or how long they last.   The amount of workouts you do in a day is up to you, and how you want to feel if you feel good doing two workouts a day if that is what calms you before bed or wakes you up in the morning then do whatever works. I sometimes do two workouts a day because I am stressed and need something other than my stress to focus on and that is when I usually do two workouts a day. I feel amazing after one workout but if I need to do two then I will it just depends on what you feel, it is all about what you can fit into your life in terms of workouts so do what works for you.



Weight Gain Vs Weight Loss Workouts According To The Fit Flex Life

Yes, you heard that right,  weight loss workout vs weight gain workouts.  What do I mean by that, well each person who works out has different goals.  Most people who workout want to workout to lose weight, right?  That is how exercise is always talked about.  Have you ever heard someone say I am working out so that I can eat more and gain weight?  I am betting if you have heard that, it hasn’t been often.   Are there really workouts for weight gain?  Is that such a thing?  Well, it is but it’s not called weight gain its called toning which in turn brings out the muscles that you have already that are hidden by fat.  Check out my toning up post for more about toning.  Now back to weight loss workouts vs weight gain workouts if that is really such a thing.

When it comes to workouts it depends on what you are trying to do are you trying to lose weight, because if you are trying to lose weight you do more portion control versus just eating to eat but for the most part you do the same workouts to tone your body. The more toned your body is the leaner you look so it looks as though you are smaller than you actually are.  To lose weight it’s not all about the workouts it’s about portion control and eating healthy foods.   Now I am not saying that that isn’t the same thing when it comes to weight gain,  but when you are trying to gain weight like I am you don’t have to pay too close attention to the food, consumption as long as It’s healthy for the most part.   You are allowed to have a cheat meal as I like to call it others may call it a flex meal where you eat the junk food that or somewhat healthy food that isn’t too healthy as that meal once a week.

In order to lose weight or even gain weight you need to eat right, and that is why I talked about food in the previous paragraph.  Have you ever heard losing weight begins in the kitchen?   That is true you need to eat healthily and workout, vegetables, meats, healthy fats that sort of thing.  Even drinking some sort of vitamin shake as well could help but I am not going to talk about shakes so much in this post.

When you work out to lose weight you are burning the fat, and the best way to do that is to do cardio.  The fast-paced of the workout burns fat because the more you sweat the more fat you burn. That is why most people when they want to lose weight they go into cardio.  If you want to gain weight however you can do cardio but not so much of it, when you want to gain weight while working out you lift weights and tone up your body. That is how you will stay fit.  If you want to lose weight by doing a workout it is best that you do cardio and interval training.

If you want to gain weight while working out it is best that you compound workout, lift heavy weights, do up a right row, and push ups to keep your core tight.  Do lunges with the weights, do a chest press as well. However, I will do another post about chest and back workouts.   So lifting weights will help you gain weight and muscle which in turn doesn’t make you look like you are gaining weight even though you are.

These are just a few of the weight gain and weight loss things to do in your workout according to the fit flex life.  So always remember if you want to lose weight do cardio and eat properly if you want to gain weight lift weights but still eat properly.   In my opinion, you can splurge a bit more when you are trying to gain weight in the food department but not too much.  But always remember to eat whether you are trying to lose or gain weight in order to keep your muscle.


If you are trying to gain muscle instead of losing weight lift weights as part of your workout regime at some point during the week. Always make sure you are lifting weights. If you are trying to lose weight, do cardio workouts they are fast and burn a lot of calories without feeling like they are hard workouts they are also quite fun and who doesn’t want fun for their workouts?  Remember though workouts are not the only thing that you need to do if you want to gain or lose weight. Portion control when eating for both is key. Also eating the proper foods like healthy fats, instead of things like white sugar is key when you are trying to lose weight or even gain it.  If you want to gain weight in terms of workouts gain muscle, because muscle gains more than weight ever does and you will be losing but you will feel a lot more fit.

Losing weight and gaining weight, doesn’t just happen by doing workouts. It always begins in the kitchen, everyone has heard the term losing weight begins in the kitchen, that is true and the same goes for gaining weight if that is what you are looking to do.  They both begin in the kitchen because they both start with food, one is eating less food and one is eating more food but fitness always revolves around food.

Your workout results always depend on the amount of food you are eating and the way you do that is to decide what you want out of your workouts eat and do your workouts accordingly. When you do that then you will get the results that you are looking for.  If you want to lose weight do cardio and small lifting if you want to gain weight do more lifting and work on tightening your core doing that will help you gain muscle at least that is what I did and I find that that is what helped me.

I love cardio and cardio can be done anywhere, which great for weight gain and weight loss workouts depending on what you are looking for. You can lift weights while shopping, shopping bags or a case of water. Those types of things or walking fast to burn fat.   There are so many workouts for both gaining or losing weight, you just have to find what you are looking for and go after it in terms of your fitness goals.  Which means fit into your life in a way that works for you and you will see results.


Is Changing Up Your Workout A Good Thing ?

When you think about your workouts, you don’t always do the same thing every day.  Each day you work out you are working out different body parts, for example, one day would be arms, one day would be legs,  the next might be back and chest and the next might be something entirely different.  Changing up your workouts by doing different body part workouts is not the only thing you can do to change it up.  You can do different things in place of your regular workout routine.  You don’t always have to do the same workout routine daily, sometimes you just can’t do it because of other things that come up in your life. That is why changing up to fit your lifestyle is good too.    So I guess the answer to is changing up your workout routine a good thing is a huge yes!

Workout routines are routine sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them up a bit to fit your needs or the needs of others.  Yes, I said, you can change up your workout routine to fit your needs and the needs of others, hey things come up and people might ask you to go out on a whim. You’re not going to say no if someone asks you to go out on a whim are you?  I am betting the answer is probably no.  If someone asks you to go out on a whim and you do have the time you are going to say yes.  Well, what if you have to do your workout?  Are you just going to forget about it because you go out with a friend, No that just means you are either A) going to do it later B) do it before or C) change it up and doing it while you are out with your friend just in a different way.


Changing up your workout routine is not just changing up the workouts and times that you do them it’s changing it entirely and doing something you’re not used to as a workout for the day.  But everyone has to remember that everyone’s idea of workouts and what to do for them is different.  Sure you might have a home workout routine where you do ab exercises, jumping jacks and stretches, or lifting weights but there are always other workouts that don’t even feel like workouts.  Most people probably don’t think like that, but why not try it the next time you are asked to go out, make it a workout versus just going out.  You will kill two birds with one stone and change up your workout without even having to tell anyone because nobody will notice.

If you are too busy to workout at home or to go to the gym one day, but you are running around all over town, why not change up your workout?  I bet you never thought of that, but the next time you just can’t fit your workout in because you are too busy, don’t fret about it just do something else that resembles a workout in place of what you would normally do.   When you change up your workout routine because other things get in the way of it,  you are still keeping up with it maybe not in the way that you are used to but changing it up is a good thing because then you don’t get bored of doing the same thing all the time.

Always remember if you have to change up your workout routine whether it is the time of day, you do it or what you do for your workout that day. It doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something resembling fitness.  Changing up your workout routine is also good because then you won’t get bored of it which means you will keep up with it longer than someone who does the same thing all time.  Doing the same thing all the time gets old and boring after a while that is why changing up your workout routine is a good thing. Everyone likes variety in their lives and your workout is no exception.  Your workout needs variety to be kept interesting and to keep you in the mood to do it daily.

The people who don’t variety in their workouts are the ones who start and then stop for a while, with the intention of getting involved again. But then they never do.   The people who change up there workouts are the ones that continue with them more so then the ones that don’t change them up because they are the ones with variety and there is no way that they can get bored.   So if you are in a slump over your workouts and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with them why not change up your workout.  Changing up your workout not only gives you a variety of things to do and try, it keeps you on your toes.  We as people need variety to keep us interested in things for an extended period of time, workouts are no different in the variety aspect of keeping your workouts going.

The fit flex life is all about fitting fitness into people’s lives and if that means changing up a workout to make it fit better, then why not, just because it’s not something you are used too doesn’t mean it’s not a workout. So the next time, you don’t think you can fit a workout into your day, think about what you did in your day that might have been able to classify as a workout.  Everything can be classified as a workout depending on what you do, and much you do.  That is why I said changing up your workout is a good thing because then you can do more than a specific workout regime to get your workout in without it feeling like a workout. That is what most people want anyway, isn’t it?