Is Fitness More Prominent Now Then It Was In The Past What Does The Future Hold For Fitness?

We all know that fitness has been around since the dark ages, As the years change though fitness changes doesn’t it? Yes, it does think back to about five or ten years ago were we talking about fitness, were we involved in it? We were involved in it sure, but we weren’t really talking about it openly it was just something we did. Why is that though we were nervous about what people might think? No, it was just something we did for ourselves so why tell anyone it has been around since the dark ages, so it’s only natural that we have all done it in our lives.  Were we involved in it years ago yes, but we have only just begun talking about it now regarding what we see on the internet and t.v? Has anyone noticed that?  Sure in years prior to now anyone but cavemen were around, all they did was walk, hunt and gather. Years passed, and things changed, cars, office jobs televisions.

With cars, televisions and office jobs In today’s day and age, there is a lot less fitness happening. Which means there is a lot more sitting happening in employment and daily life. We aren’t as mobile as we once were, what does that mean for fitness or does that mean anything? It was more prominent in the past until at least the last ten years, or so now, however, it is becoming more prominent again. How has that happened? Is it because of all the things we see on social media regarding fitness is it because the gym is so widespread or online fitness or coaching or workouts in general? I think that it is more prominent now because of all the fast food chains we have we go to these fast food chains and feel gross after because it’s not real food.  When we eat real food and fit fitness into our lives, we feel so much better, or when we go to the gym since there are so many out there, or we do online workouts since everywhere, we look there is some sort of fitness coach to follow.

Is the fitness you find online the fitness people look for now? With people’s lives being as busy as they are, now do people think of doing fitness routines? They usually do, and they look for the quickest and easiest way to get their workout in.  More and more people are getting into fitness, and that is making it more and more popular.  The future of fitness into today’s day is making it fit into your life not just sitting around get up and move. Do online workouts, find DVDs, go to the gym. Workouts are everywhere.

With workout DVDs and workouts being able to be found almost anywhere now what does that mean for fitness in the future? That means that is becoming more and more home-based. Sure there are people in gyms, but still, the numbers are low. Which means what they either don’t do workouts at all, or they have home-based workouts that they do? With gyms being everywhere and so accessible you would think people would. When life gets in the way, however, fitness gets pushed to the other side most times but it shouldn’t.  If you fit fitness into your life that is the future of fitness. The future of fitness is fitness having an online presence, being an online fitness coach, finding workouts online and doing them or fitting them into your life like vacuuming, and calling that a workout.

The question is, is fitness more prominent now then it was in the past? Look around at all the gyms one town has or the online fitness coaches you see. I think it is more prominent now because of all these things then it was in the past. Years ago I wasn’t involved in fitness other than stretching because of cerebral palsy and skipping to keep me active. However, there are so many new foods, fads, and allergies out there that fitness is something that people turn too. They see it all over the television and online, and if you see it enough you will sign up for something, try it for a bit but does it stick? For some yes and for others not so much because either they aren’t really into keeping it up for themselves or they talk themselves out of it.  I think that it is more prominent now and it will stay that way because there is so much out there regarding it that it is easy to anywhere if you have an internet connection or something to help you move. It will stay that way for a long time because a lot of people are getting into fitness, so that is why.

In the future when it comes to fitness more and more people will be working out from home. Sure they will go to the gym occasionally, but their workouts will be a lot more home-based. Since there are so many home based workouts now why wouldn’t there be some in the future? In years prior there wasn’t, but everywhere a person turns now people are starting at home workouts. It just works better for there lives, and that is why they are available. People are getting the exact same results from at home workouts if not better then if they would be going to the gym. That also means more and more people are working out at home because they are finding at home workouts that work for them. Instead of trying to fit in going to the gym.

Fitness is more prominent now then it was in the past because of all the workout that can be found online. That is the future of fitness, and why it is more known about now.  It has always been around, but it is still evolving, there are always new things coming out in the fitness sector to make doing workouts easier from home, so you don’t have to leave your house. It might make people feel as though they are more of a homebody fitness person but look at it from a busy perspective if you fit it into your life from home and get it accomplished more will get done in your life. That is the way I look at it, and that is the way everyone should look at it.

The future of fitness is all about working out at home or fitting fitness into a person’s life and getting it done anywhere you can. Sure going to the gym may work sometimes but it is getting harder and harder to do that. People’s lives just seem to get busier and busier as years go on, some can get to the gym and others have good intentions it just doesn’t fit into there schedule. If you really want to make your life and fitness regime you have set for yourself work for yourself, you have to make it fit into your life where you have the time to do it no matter what happens in your life. This is what the future holds for fitness, and why it is more prominent now, then it was in the past. There are so many different things that fitness offers regarding classes or online support which is what most people are opting for because it fits into there schedule. Do your own workouts like me and make them a part of life too.

Fitness from home is everywhere now because it is so easy to attain. It is more prominent now because of that which why when a person talks about there fitness routines they are usually talking about an at home workout or two different routines. The next time you are trying to figure out a gym schedule, and you can’t figure it out try some at home workouts when you can’t get to the gym. See how much that works for you. Are you the type of person who goes to the gym to workout or do you do it from home. What do you think is fitness more prominent now what does the future hold for it? Try to get more people involved in fitting fitness into there lives so that they can live life and workout all at once.

More and more people are working out at home in today’s society as it is more convenient for them.  Which means fitness is more popular in the home setting then it was before, but so is going to the gym. It all depends on the person, but fitness itself is more popular now than it ever was before.  The future of fitness is a mixture of at home and workouts and going to the gym. If it were me, I would choose an at home workout any day. I started out at home when I was little then going to after school activities like skipping which kept me active and was fun. If fitness is fun why not do it. That is what the future hold for fitness fun and that is why more and more people are doing it.

If people have workout things at home, they will usually start an at-home workout. If you make an at home workout fun for yourself or even going to the gym fun for yourself, you will get more out of so think of any workout as something fun. Something to give you an adrenaline rush of some kind, that is why fitness is more prominent now then it was in the past because people are looking at it as an adrenaline rush or something fun to do.  Which is why it will continue on this way and get better and better in the future.


What different things does fitness offer now opposed to years ago?

Fitness and fitting it into a person’s life has not always been something people do? When you think of fitness now do we look at what it offers, or do we just do what we know? There are so many different things in today’s fitness world that was not here years ago. Years ago when fitness first started, it had everything to do with outdoors like hunting, gathering, hiking. As years passed that has all changed now, there are gyms, different classes at the gym, online workouts that type of thing. Also, fitting fitness into your life is how different things that fitness offers today opposed to years prior. Fitness is always changing, so there is still different things that it provides.


The different things that fitness offers now opposed to years ago are variety. There is so much more workout variety now then there was years ago. Sure there was yoga, pilates and cardio there still is all that but the array is so different. Doing workouts online years ago and I am talking way before the 21st century that didn’t exist since the internet didn’t exist. Before the internet how did people find new and different workouts to do? They looked at magazines, or before that even they just walked outside doing yard work or something like that. Years ago magazine workouts were the favorite thing to do at the gym or at home. Online exercises were unheard of during that time.

Years ago you went to the gym and worked out on the machines, they had there. Whether you knew how to use them or not you worked out with them. Or you read fitness magazines and tried to be just like the people in them. That is not possible though. The reason why is the people in the magazine’s workout routines are a way to intensive for an average person. However years ago people would try to do it.  Today in the fitness world there is so much more than it offers. From many different online workouts to coaches, to workout videos or DVDs. Which means if people don’t want to go to the gym or they don’t have time there are many different ways to get a workout in. Years ago going to the gym was the only way to get a workout in and half the time people didn’t know how to work the machines or what exactly they wanted to do. So they would go to the gym and stand there trying to figure out what to do or what tool to use.

Now however regarding fitness people find things that work for them and in there life. How do they go about doing that? At home workouts or workouts they find online of course. Years ago people wouldn’t think of doing that. Years ago they might have used magazines, but today there is so much more. Is that why more and more people have hoped on the workout bandwagon and fit fitness into there life? Yes since it is easier to fit fitness into a person’s life when it offers so many different things. Doing housework considering that fitness, lifting heavy things and considering that weights. Using weights and the things that you have at home.  At home, workouts are workouts that people are looking to do now that is why there are so many of them out there today.

Fitness has been around forever and when things are around as long as fhitness has been there is bound to be changed. So yes fitness changes people use the gym, and at home workouts, those are the different things that fitness offers now opposed to years ago when you only had one option. Fitness today is something that a lot of people use as a stress reliever or something to help you change your mindset. It offers different things to different people it’s not all about losing weight, or toning up like it was before.

In today’s day fitness is looked at a lot differently the reason for that is people’s lives are so busy with work, family, extra stuff not really fitness. Years ago people would be so busy they would just skip there workout if it didn’t fit into there busy life. Now people don’t need to do that if they don’t want too. They can workout from home if they want. There are things like workout DVDs. Online exercises that people use to make their activities work for there lives. Or if you so desire you can go to the gym and meet with a trainer.  There are many different options in today’s day when it comes to working out. You can do it yourself have a trainer, find things online, go to the gym. Just to name a few but that is a lot of variety. Fitting fitness into your life is a big one though.

Now there are a lot more home-based workouts. Fitness offers so many more things regarding doing fitness work for there lives. Years ago fitness was around but looked at just something to do. Now it is viewed as part of life. Since it is so easy to fit fitness into your life by just moving while you live life. That is the different things that fitness offers now then they didn’t before. If you want to get new fitness things in your life, look at your life and how you can fit fitness into it. Use the stuff you have at home for your workouts and make at home workouts a thing. Those are the different things it offers now if you just look.

Fitness will always change because if you put it in your life, it will change when your life changes.  The things that fitness offers now opposed to years ago is more of a sense of accomplishment especially when you do things around your house.  Things have changed now, more and more people are doing their own type of workout, or they watch workout DVDs or find things online. I started out skipping years ago and now am doing abs, weights, and so much more. It all relates to fitness if you change up your fitness routine or change the way you are doing it. It can offer different things and then you can reminisce about the past when it comes to fitness.

Years ago fitness was all done usually done in a particular area. Now however you can see fitness being done anywhere, it can be offered in so many different ways. Weights, abs, yoga just walking, grocery shopping. There are so many different things that fitness can do. It can offer peace and relaxation. Also focusing on yourself and what you want out of life is vital. That is what fitness focuses on and gives people when they begin there fitness journey. That is the new things that fitness provided now not just years ago.  That is why more and more people are working out from home. Although they don’t call housework workouts, but they should think of them that way.

Years ago all fitness was, was done at the gym. As lives get busier, workouts change. People want to to do things from home. The reason why is because they don’t like being out of there houses so much because they are out of them all day, at work or doing errands. So why would they want to leave again to go to the gym, that is why there are so many online workouts everywhere if you look. Especially when you fit it into our lives, it can offer you new things like new strength and perspective that it couldn’t offer years ago.

Fitness evolves with the world, so it offers new things all the time. It provides so much more freedom you can workout anytime anywhere, with the stuff you want regarding fitness. Using the materials, you feel comfortable with, doing the exercises you enjoy. Doing activities that fit into your life. That is the different things that fitness offers now opposed to years ago. This is what we need to remember when we fit fitness into our lives. It provides so much peace of mind when it changes to adapt to what experience and aptitude do together that is what it gives now. It never used to, but we have to change our mindset to make use focus more on our lives and fitness.

The Best Clothing To Workout In

When you work out what do you wear? Do you wear clothing that you can move in or do you wear something tight and unbreathable or unmovable? When you think of clothing for workouts what do you believe you can wear when you are working out? Nylon clothing that is stretchy and breathable. Also, somewhat sweat resistant. What type of clothing has that? Lululemon clothing, tuff athletic clothing from Costco, and Nike just to name a few.  The clothing that a person works out in has to be able to move with you. Everywhere you look when you shop you see workout wear they are in almost every clothing store. Or there are so many different types of them that they can be found anywhere.  It is sometimes called activewear, so look for that sign when you are shopping in department stores like Walmart and see what you find.

What happens when you fit fitness into your life? What do you wear is there something better than the other?  Everyone knows that the best workout clothing is stretchy clothing. It can be tight too but have a little bit of stretch so that people can move while wearing it. Some clothing people might think is reasonable to workout in, but it might not be depending on what it is. Sometimes people might wear jeans to work out in because that is all they have but is it the best clothing regarding work out clothing?  No, it isn’t because it is too constricting and when a person works out they shouldn’t be too constricted regarding apparel. So the garment can be tight, but it still has to be able to move with your body and its movements instead of staying in one place.

When you work out, you wear clothing that is formfitting but still moves with you. If you wear something like jeans to workout in you can’t move much and how much of a workout are you getting if you can’t move much? You aren’t getting a good workout if you can’t move much. For most of my workouts, I wear pajamas. They are so easy to use especially if you exercise from home and do it right when you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed at night. When you exercise from home, you don’t have to wear specific garments in the workout garment sector you can wear whatever you want.  Sometimes when you workout at home you want to wear athletic clothing and that is fine, I do that if I am in the mood. When you wear athletic clothing, it all has some sort of sweat resistance things in it regarding fibers. If, you wear clothes without a sweat resister in them of some kind they will be soaked for hours and that is sometimes never good if you wear them for longer then just your workout, because you feel wet and gross which you might not like. So wear clothes that stay dry throughout your workout if you do that you might be able to get more wear out of your workout clothes instead of having to change right after your workout because they are soaked.  What if you fit fitness into your life what do wear when you do that?


When a person fits fitness into there life most of the time they don’t wear workout clothes like Lululemon or tuff athletic, they usually just wear jeans or whatever they want. Have you ever tried doing a workout in jeans? If you have how does it feel? Working out in jeans is quite tricky since jeans are usually very tight around your waist and in your legs. Which makes it hard to do workout moves in them. Some people do try though, but it still is hard. So what do you wear when you workout? That is the question on everyone’s mind right now.

What a person wears when they workout is entirely up to them. It is what they feel most comfortable in. Each person who works out has there own version of the best clothes to use for workouts. If you do some fit flex life workouts or even just fit fitness into your life what do you wear? If you are going out, most people are in jeans and a top not thinking of working out, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working out in that though. It might not be the most fabulous workout clothes, but they can still work out. Especially when it comes to fitting fitness into a person’s life. Wear whatever you want and keep moving that is fitting fitness into your life.

The best clothing to wear for your workouts is the sweat-resistant clothing or the dri- fit clothing it dries fast, and you don’t feel soaked in sweat while wearing it. If you have to wear to wear it all day you can,  that is why most workout wear is dri- fit of some kind. Lululemon especially. Tuff athletic from Costco works too. These are just a few of the best types of clothing for workouts regarding sweat guard clothing. When you exercise what do you wear do you wear clothing that works for you? Since there are so many different types, there is always a lot of selection.  You the person wearing the clothes to workout in have to feel comfortable in them. If you don’t feel comfortable in your workout clothes what will happen? You won’t get the best workout and that doesn’t help you on your fitness journey does it? No, it doesn’t so wear the clothes that move with you and that are comfortable for you. These are the best workout clothes, so remember that which also means they can be anything a person wants.

When a person fits fitness into there life the clothing that they choose for there, workouts might change throughout the day depending on what they are doing. Sometimes people can exercise in skirts or jeans. Although that isn’t the best clothing. I enjoy pajamas, jogging pants, t-shirts tank tops, shorts or leggings or capris.  However, when I am working out in public, I wear my usual workout clothes leggings, capris, jogging pants or shorts and top. Jeans sometimes too yes I said jeans they work for light cardio or any cardio when you are out shopping. Refer to the shop and sweat post to see the clothing and shoes worn to workout doing something like that.

There are so many types of clothing to wear, and they are sold almost everywhere clothing is sold. You just have to figure out what workout clothing works for you some clothes just don’t work for people and other clothing does. Or do you wear jeans and whatever top you want to workout in and not worry about a specific exercise outfit? It depends on the activity since they are not all the same in intensity or type. They can be done anywhere if you want them too. Anything that you do that makes you sweat is a workout as we all know so any type of clothing can be worn. With any outfit being able to be worn as workout clothes there are better workout clothes over another to be worn. As people know, they also know they can do a workout anywhere if a person wants too and if a person thinks that way in any clothes they want. I like sweat resistant clothing when I exercise but others might not. Each of my workout videos has different types of workout clothes that I even wear daily as my regular everyday clothing. Regarding a comfort factor.

Activewear is so comfy that sometimes people don’t want to change after there workout so they pick the stretchiest most comfortable clothing and wear that to exercise in so they can stay in for long periods of time. When you can move freely without any constructiveness in your clothing while living life how does it make you feel? It makes you feel good, and you are usually wearing one of your favourite pieces of active wear while you do it. So the best clothing for exercising is whatever a person likes best for exercising in and how the person feels wearing it. Which makes it the best for them.

The best clothing to workout in is clothing that is sweat resistant and movable. The reason for this is because when a person exercises they are moving there bodies in so many different ways. So they shouldn’t be constricted by clothing fabric while doing it. That is why you wear clothing that moves with you, for example, cotton fabrics or lulus, that are tight and don’t flow too much.  Those are always the best types of clothing to wear when it comes to workouts don’t you think? What do you think you should wear when you exercise?

Clothing is clothing isn’t it which means anything can be used as workout wear if a person wants it too. The best workout clothing is the clothing you feel confident to workout in and make you the best person you can be. That is why apparel that is tight but movable is the best clothing to wear when working out. You feel great in clothing that moves with you when doing workout moves, don’t you? That is why fitting fitness into your life requires the best workout clothes in your eyes, and nobody else always remembers that.


Do People In Fitness Have A Specific Look To Them?

Fitness when you hear about it what do you think? When you see people anywhere can you tell they are involved in fitness just by looking at them? When you hear the word fitness do you think “ oh the people involved must look great all the time, they have perfect bodies no fat just abs.”  That is what we see in the media but if you are just beginning to workout you are going to have to work to get to that point. How people look in the media isn’t all true or how they really look. If people who are working out are comfortable in their own skin and they are just working out for themselves then that is good and they don’t care about how the media portrays people because they want to look fit not skinny like the people in magazines. Everyone who works out does it for reasons they only know about which is how we should all do our workouts. Sure people might comment on how we look before a workout routine or while we are doing it but we know what we are going after and that is all that matters.

When a person starts working out do we see results right away? No everything takes time in terms of seeing results in things. So yes people who are involved in fitness might have a specific look to them because they will be working on certain parts of their bodies in terms of there workouts. An example of this might be weightlifting so the results they will see is more muscles in their arms and legs or working on your abs so your stomach is defined.  If they focus on these parts and only these parts of a certain period of time they are looking to get a certain look when they look in the mirror. Or when people see them on the street.

Is that all a person does to get the look that they want? No, when a person wants a specific look from there workouts there are a few things that they need to do. The first thing they need to do is be consistent in the workouts that they do and there healthy eating or eating in general.  When people are involved in fitness do they eat differently than others if they want a certain look or if they look a certain way? Sometimes yes and sometimes no it depends on what they want out of there fitness routine. Which also means it could change all the time.

The question on everyone’s mind is what is fitness meant to do for a persons looks if anything and do people look different if they are involved in fitness?  Fitness and being involved in it is supposed to give the person doing it more confidence, make them feel stronger, look leaner and smile a lot more.  That is what people in fitness usually do because they feel good on the inside and out. When this happens it overflows to the people around them and the people around them begin to ask what they are doing.  Once people who are working out tell the others who asked that they are fitting fitness into their lives they ask how. Once they are told they try to do what the others are doing and it just keeps going that way. It might not, however, work as fast for some as it does for others but keep at it and you will get there. Patience and faith in yourself and persistence are key in the way a person feels and look in terms of there fitness journey.

When I first started my fitness journey I never noticed any changes in my look until a couple of months after. I didn’t see drastic changes in terms of look though but that is because I just wanted to tone up and not much else. Check out my working out to tone up post to read more. I looked great before I started my workouts I was skinny but not toned so that is what I did and once I hit the mark I wanted I became a lot happier and smiled a lot more. So when people see my smiling a lot more and they ask why I tell them it is because of my workouts.

So do people who workout have a specific look to them? The answer to this question is yes they do because they are usually a lot more smiles. They also have muscle definition in places that they are working towards to define. The more a person works out and the more others see them the more the other people will notice things in the person in terms of there workouts. It depends on the what the person working out is trying to do with their workouts in terms of a specific look that others see when they look at them. The only way a person who works out has a different look to them is if they notice themselves or if people around them all the time do.

What a person who works out looks like is a better version of themselves. We have all seen the workout selfie pictures of a person who works out gains or inches lost or fat loss. These are things that are posted in pictures but what if you see a person outside of the picture or if it’s yourself. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see a strong confident person who knows what they want out of life and their fitness journey? That is what I see which is what makes me so happy and why I have a smile on my face almost all the time. I am strong and confident and try to show that in everything that I do throughout my daily life.

If a person works out all the time or a lot how do they look? Do they look any different? They might feel or look stronger in terms of having more muscles or ab definition, but sometimes people can’t see that though and other times they can. Depending on the person and their workout schedule, and what they are working on depends on the look they have. Which means don’t compare your look to someone else’s when it comes to fitness. You probably different goals then other people doing the works you are doing so that is why you look different. Also, everyone’s body type is different. Refer to my body type post to read more on that.

When a person is involved in fitness depending on what it is,  depends on if it is noticeable or not. Or at least how noticeable it is. People who workout wouldn’t notice if they had a specific look to them or if they looked different unless they took pictures. Most do take pictures but what about the people who don’t? is there a way for them to see their progress? I never took photos but I did see progress in my muscles and definition in my abs when I wore certain things or looked in the mirror. My wakefulness during the day was another sign as well. I don’t know how I lived so long without it. I looked great in body but I was tired all the time and slept more than I was awake.  That is another reason why I started working out and now I feel great. I smile a lot more because of my workouts.

When you fit fitness into your life you are walking around doing your everyday things to live your life. Do you have a specific look when you are walking around doing that, for example going to the mall with your friends or by yourself do you have a specific look walking around it or the grocery store or outside?  People might not notice, but when you see people with fitness in there lives and they are walking they have a bounce in their steps. When you workout you are always smiling no matter how difficult the workout is because you love the feeling of it. You love the way you look in the mirror and in photos. If you are really into fitness and you love it or really like it you always have a smile on your face.

How do you think you look when you are involved in a fitness routine or even when you think of it.  You look strong and happy? When you can move without feeling out of breath or move and feel like you can keep pace with others around you. That makes you feel strong and happy.  You feel good getting moving in your day instead of just feeling sluggish and you are smiling. That smile doesn’t just last for your workout it lasts for everything that you do. Which gives you a glow and that glow draws people to you. Then they, in turn, ask you why you are glowing and you tell them “ I am fitting fitness into my life you should try it too.” So when they do they take your advice and try it. That is why people in fitness have a specific look to them because that specific look is a glow.


Are Workout Plans Just For The Gym Or Can They Be Used ElseWhere Too

Workout Plans can be found anywhere online if you do workout videos, or do you just have a plan when you go to the gym? What happens when you workout from home do you have a plan or something you follow for your workouts? Most people who workout if they want specific results they plan there workouts so that things get accomplished in the time they have allotted themselves to workout. Workouts work best for people when they plan them. No matter where they are doing the workout.  When you fit fitness into your life you plan your workouts. You do this by picking days to do specific body parts in your workouts, one day arms, and legs, next day abs, the next day a cardio plan.  You get more out of your workout when you plan it.

Do you just use workout plans when you workout in the gym? Or do you use them outside of the gym as well if so why? Is it that you can’t get to the gym and know that you need to workout and having a plan if you aren’t at the gym the best way? I think that if you have a workout plan for yourself even if you aren’t at the gym and working out somewhere else is better so that you know what you are doing instead of just doing random things. Workout plans are either for at home workouts or gym workouts if you are going to use them that is. When you don’t know what you are going to use, what type of workout are you doing? You usually don’t know that either, and that means you aren’t doing a workout because you haven’t thought of what to do yet so your standing around. That is what happens when you don’t have a plan and the reason why you should have a plan.

If you write out a workout plan and try to follow it while you are at the gym you feel great because you are doing something really specific when it comes too your workouts. Which is what people who go to the gym are usually looking to do since the gym has different equipment for specific workouts.  When you workout at home and have a workout plan it is different because you don’t have the same equipment you would at the gym. So would you not have a workout plan for one and one for the other?  Why is that and would you get the same results for that?  You probably wouldn’t because each workout plan would be different since there is differnet equipment in both places. Sure you could do the same workout but it might not give you the same effect because you aren’t using the same equipment at home as you are at the gym. Even if you follow a workout plan at the gym and at home don’t you feel more accomplished in terms of your workout if you have something to look at? I do and I am sure people who workout at home or the gym do too.

Having a workout plan is meant to help you stay on track with your workout which is great for the gym and at home workouts.  This is because it is what makes a workout worth it because you can look at it and see or read what move is next and how many reps for the move is next too, instead of trying to remember it.  That is why workout plans are good for both so why wouldn’t you follow them?  You would follow them because it is easier to see what move is next rather then to remember it without something to reference.  Visuals in terms of workouts are great to use because they show you the proper way to do certain workout moves.  You can do this both at home or at the gym because you are the one in control of them.

So the question is are workout plans just for the gym or are they for at home too? No, they are not just for the gym. If you don’t have a plan for your at home workouts will you do them?  Most people will say they won’t do them most of the time because they don’t know what to do. So they just stand around for most of there workout not accomplishing anything which isn’t good because then they kick themselves for not getting in the workout that they wanted that day.  However, if you write things out and read them while doing your workout then you know what moves to do because it is all laid out. So No workout plans aren’t just for the gym they are for anywhere you workout.  They are easier to follow then trying to just come up with random moves while you are standing there.

Workout plans can be found anywhere and everywhere. There are so many different plans you can find for at home or the gym. You just have to be willing to do the workout that you find online,  either for at home or the gym. Or even something you make up yourself you have to willing to do it in either the gym or at home if that is where you are working out.  That is why they can be used anywhere and why they exist isn’t it?

When you fit fitness into your life and you are following a workout plan the workout plan you are following is always chaning.  This is because you aren’t going to the gym all the time when you fit fitness into your life. Which is why workout plans are always different because they can be used in different places. Which makes your workouts so much more interesting.  That is also why there are so many different types of workout plans that can be used in the gym or at home.  That is why there is so many workouts you can find when you look for them online or anywhere. Since there are so many different workouts out there they can be used anywhere and everywhere, which is how the fit flex life works.

So don’t just think you have to have a workout plan just for the gym and nowhere else.  If you put togethetr your own workout plan it can be used everywhere and the workout plans you get from the gym can be too they just might look a little different.  They are good to have for the gym though so you aren’t standing around and you are busy the entire time you are there. If you have the machines you want instead of standing around waiting.  If you do have to wait for machines though always have a back up plan to do something while you wait.  You can have that for any workout plans you have. That is how workout plans can work in the gym and out of it.

If you want to write up your own workout plan and use it for at home but don’t know if it will work for the gym why not use it. If you can do the same workout or some of it at the gym or at home then you can change your workout locations. Changing your workout locations can be fun don’t you think? That is why plans can and always will work for both so never think that a workout plan will only work for a gym workout and not a home workout because it always will if you put the work in. So use them for both and see what happens.

Workout plans can be for anywhere and found that way too. People in fitness know that.  If you do workouts at the gym you are following a workout plan and the same goes for if you are working out at home. Workout plans work for both settings if that is what a person wants. Having a workout plan for both at home or gym workouts keeps a person organized in terms of there workouts. It also gets a persons workout done faster, doesn’t it? So that is why it is better if workout plans are used in both settings we will get more out of our workouts that way.  If we don’t have a plan of any kind when it comes to our workouts our workouts are all over the place and sometimes we don’t accomplish the best workout or the type of workout we want.

Workout plans can be used else where not just the gym and it better if we use them that way.  If they are written out it is better as well, so you know exactly what you are doing. Trainers at the gym use them so why wouldn’t you use them if you were doing an at home workout?  You would so it would be easier for you.  So try doing that and see if they work for you.  You never know until you try it so if you workout at the gym try it and if you workout at home try it and see what happens.

The Yoga Workout

When we think of yoga do we think of it as a workout?  Or do we think of it as something relaxing?  What is yoga?  Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including, breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Is it a workout? It is but it is more of a relaxing one in terms of stretching and loosening up our muscles. So when people do a yoga workout it is to loosen up their muscles at least that is what it sounds like, doesn’t it? Since it is more of a relaxing workout, when do you think people do it? Do they do it as part of their workout routine or as a rest day set of exercise?  It can really be used for both if you push yourself too hard in a workout and your muscles begin to hurt for long periods of time you rest don’t you.  That is what most people do but why don’t they try a yoga workout? Since when we fit fitness into our lives we are always moving and sometimes we need a little bit of breathing and stretching more commonly known as yoga to calm us and give us a change of pace. It is also something that people might use to calm their minds. In terms of how busy life is today yoga is a necessity.

Since we are always moving when fitting fitness into our lives sometimes slowing down and doing a yoga workout is the best medicine. Yoga is not all relaxing though it is a mixture of relaxing, breathing moves and stretching. What happens when we don’t stretch as part of our workouts? When we don’t stretch as part of our workouts we get muscle strains and that can be harmful to our workouts because if your muscles hurt you don’t actually want to workout or do anything.  That, however, is where the yoga comes in, we always need a bit of yoga in our lives, because always going at the same pace or doing fast workouts like cardio or even abs all the time can wear on us.  When we fit fitness into our lives we are working out at a faster pace which is why we need some stretching and breathing exercises to help us relax in mind, body, and soul. So that our minds body and soul don’t go into overdrive and crash not wanting to start again. This is why yoga is so crucial as part of your weekly workout routine.

The question is, is a yoga workout a good type of workout? Yes, a yoga workout is a good workout because it helps with many things including posture, breathing, and relaxation. We always hear about people having bad posture because we slouch in chairs and sometimes don’t stand up straight.  So why not try adding yoga into your workout even if it isn’t planned put some yoga moves at the end of your workout for the day if necessary you can even do them before if you want or better yet have your entire workout dedicated to yoga. If you do that you may find that your weeks flow smoother in the things that you do, and your mind is clearer. You are essentially taking a break from your workouts without stopping movement completely. Which is why it is great to do all your other workouts along with some yoga mixed in.

When you do a complete yoga workout, you are mostly stretching. You are also focusing on your breathing. Which we all need to do in order to help us relax and stretch in terms of exercise.  Yoga is great for our body because it keeps you limber so you can move better. Yoga is a great way to change up your workout and get more out of it. There are so many different workouts in the world today yoga included. So if you want to change up your workout  try a yoga workout.

How do you feel after you do a yoga workout? You feel so much more relaxed and at ease.  Since yoga is so relaxing why wouldn’t you want to do it? Especially when you are in pain or your muscles are tense. A lot of people like to do a yoga workout workout so that you can stretch and controit your body in ways that make you feel zen. That is what yoga is and how it should be. These workouts are the best for when you feel stressed and need something that will help calm you. That is what yoga is and always will be.

Yoga is the type of workout that you don’t really feel is a workout because all it really feels like is stretching. It also has a lot do with your breathing. If you are breathing slowly you get more out of a yoga workout. Since you are more focused on your movements to get the best workout possible. A yoga workout is a great workout for when you are waking up in the morning to, wake you up or before you go to bed to calm your mind so that you will sleep better. If you cant sleep at night try a yoga workout. If you want to get your body moving in the morning try a yoga workout to wake up your muscles, it can work in both situations.  When you are fitting fitness into your life just make sure you stretch.

Yoga can be done anywhere anytime since it mostly stretching and putting yourself in what I like to call a pretezel positions.  It is good to loosen you up so if you have the room at your office or at home try doing some. A yoga workout is the type of workout a person might find a bit akward because of the different postions but is a good stretch which we all need which is why yoga is in the fitness category. Is it also why it can be fit into a person’s life. Yoga is good for a change so always remember to add that into your workout routine.

Yoga is all about relaxed movments, you don’t want to push your muscles to scream when you are doing yoga.  You aren’t focused on that you are focused more on your relaxed breathing. When you do that you get a better stretch. Which is what people want don’t they? Yes, that is what yoga is for so if you want to stretch and relax during your workout do a yoga workout. Some people don’t think of that but they should and add it into there workouts so they can add it into there life.  See what happens when you do that, you will feel more refreshed and free. That is how I feel when I do a yoga workout and why I will continue to fit them into my life.

Workouts in the yoga sector are awesome since they are so much different then all the other workouts out there. Which is why yoga is something everyone has tried or should try at least once in their life.  If you have ever tried yoga before you know what that feels like. It feels great and if you haven’t tried it you should give it a try.   It is different and you might be skeptical but if you never try it then you won’t know if you like it or not. It is a great type of relaxation workout and everyone needs that in there lives.

You can fit yoga into your life all the time if you are always doing stretching moves in your day. Everything from vaccumming, to washing the floor is part of yoga in terms of the lunges involved.  The hand motions can be too if you are careful.  Just try to be very relaxed while you are doing these things, that is what yoga is and how it will always be which means we can fit it into our lives so easy because of how relaxed the motions are.

Yoga is very relaxing but it does stretch you out. Which is what we all need in our lives sometimes. Are you into doing yoga in terms of fitting fitness into your life? Is it something you like? It relaxes me and gives me a new persepective in terms of different workouts to do to keep my body and mind active in different ways. What does it for you? I will always do a yoga workout if I need to relax what will you do to relax?  It is fun with all its interesting moves don’t you think?

Following A Workout Plan Vs Not Following One

Going to the gym or working at home do you just do random moves or do you follow a plan of some kind? Is there a difference in terms of following a workout plan and not following one does it make a difference?  Why do workout plans exist? Workout plans exist so that you don’t feel like a fish out of water in terms of how many reps each workout move is and what workout moves you should do. There is also pictures or videos usually with a workout plan so that it shows you the proper way to do certain moves. Those are the pros of following a workout plan. What about when you don’t follow a workout plan and just do random workout moves is that more about how fitness fits into your life. Does that mean you don’t follow a workout plan though? No that just means your workout plan is just going to be different from a normal workout plan that you would find online or through a trainer.

When you follow a workout plan you know exactly what moves you are supposed to do for exactly how many reps.   There are usually pictures of how the moves are supposed to look or a video that is what you get when you follow a workout plan. It is much easier to follow a workout plan because you know what do versus trying to come up with your own moves which happens more so when you don’t follow a workout plan. When you don’t follow a workout plan you do a lot of standing around trying to figure out what your next move should be. Or you do a lot of the same moves over and over and how is that an interesting workout? It isn’t and that makes people’s workouts boring and not worth doing. However, if you do a lot of different things in your workout and you make it interesting like jump around or something you aren’t following a workout plan. That is what fitting fitness into your life is in a sense. Since your workout can change on a dime with the things you need to do in life.

The question is when you don’t follow a workout plan, what happens? Do you just stand there trying to figure out what to do, do you just skip out a workout plan each day and do that? Or do you just do what you feel in terms of stretching, and, weights or cardio?  All of these questions are things that people do when they don’t follow a workout plan. Which is also why when people don’t follow a workout plan there workout looks choppy And messy which makes it a not put together workout.

Think about what happens when you do a workout that you aren’t familiar with.  Do you look at it in written and picture form or do you just commit it to memory and try to do it that way. Or do you just do what you feel without looking at a workout plan? That means you aren’t following a workout plan and how does that make you feel? If you don’t plan your workout I mean. Do you feel as though, it is a good workout? When a workout is planned it feels seamless and it helps you stay on track. Since you can do a specific workout each day. Instead of just putting things together.

If you randomly decide to do a workout you don’t plan it. When you don’t plan it, you just put, moves together with enough reps so that they don’t look like they don’t belong together. Following a workout plan is easier than doing random workout moves because it is easier to do a routine which is a workout plan you follow to the letter instead of not doing things at all. That is why following a workout routine is amazing because you really don’t have to think of what you do. Which is easier  for you to follow, then for you to do something new and off the cuff. That is fitting fitness into your life a little bit, isn’t it? When you fit fitness into your life you are pretty much doing an unplanned workout.

When we fit fitness into our lives we don’t plan our workouts or at least not all the way through at least. This is because we aren’t thinking we are working out when we fit it into our lives. That is called the unfollowed workout because all your movements aren’t planned.  You are just going through your life sometimes those are the best workouts though. Planning sometimes isn’t fun don’t you want to have a fun workout to try and do that.  You can also do things around your house and be involved in fitness without even really feeling it. When you do an unplanned workout you aren’t following anything you are just going through your life and moving.  That makes it seem like you aren’t working out. So if you want to feel, like you are working out plan your workout if you just need to get things done in a day and don’t have time for something planned just keep going.

When you follow a workout plan you know exactly what you are doing. It also feels like a real workout. If you don’t know a workout plan but you are still moving and lifting things throughout the day, or you just do a workout you think up yourself instead of something that’s laid out you feel like you are getting something good accomplished when you follow a workout plan because you can sometimes mark things off if you have a calendar  labeled with your workouts when you are finished. If you don’t though you can’t do that and how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel unaccomplished and that your workout wasn’t enough? Think about your goals and how you can fit a workout into your life around everything else that you are doing. You are following a workout plan and you are not at the same time but getting the results you want just the same.

Workout plans are meant to give you structure in terms of doing your workout. They are meant to give you a light at the end of the tunnel in a sense, you are getting more of a workout when you follow a plan than when you don’t. Which is why it is better to follow a workout plan then it is to not. However, you can do both when it comes to the fit flex life.  You can make what you do in your daily life part of your workout plan if you want. That is how I usually do it and it works when fitting fitness into your life even if it’s not what someone else would consider a workout then it is too not. You feel off and out of sorts when you don’t follow a workout plan don’t you? I do that is why even if something comes up I try to put into my workout for the day or plan another one. It makes it much easier.




When a person is involved in fitness they plan their workouts but why do they do that? They do this so they aren’t doing the same thing over and over again each day that they workout. If you plan your workouts and switch them up rather then doing them off the cuff, you are targeting different muscles and body parts rather than the same ones all the time. That is why when you are involved in fitness following a workout plan is best. So even when you fit fitness into your life you can still follow a workout plan just write your workout plan down and tweak it when it changes. That is how you can follow a workout plan, but when you are fitting fitness into your life and not following a plan you are all over the place that is the difference. It makes a person feel disheveled, which is why we plan our workouts even if we don’t write them down we think of them enough that they are committed to memory versus not planning them at all.

If you don’t plan your workouts you feel unproductive in it. Standing around trying to come up with things to do instead of doing the same things. Even if you don’t write something out think about it and commit to it to memory so you do the workout you want. If you don’t do that you won’t get the results you want and get mad at yourself so you won’t get the workout you are looking to do. So think of the workout you want to do and you will do much better then if you just try to do things without thinking of them first. That is how not following a workout might not give you the results you want but you will still get something out of it. Not what you fully want but its still something so don’t beat yourself up.

When you follow a workout plan you usually have one focus in terms of what you want to work on. When you don’t you are trying to focus on everything. These two things do work in terms of workouts you just have to keep moving and believe it will work and it will. That is the point of the fit flex life. Remember that.

What is Fitness?

Fitness is movement of all kinds stretching, cardio, strength training. These are just a few of the things people do when they think of getting into a fitness routine or even doing fitness. Its all about getting fit and staying that way. What does that mean? Working up a sweat and getting your body moving.  You stay healthy longer that way. If you continually move during the day by walking or lifting things that is fitness. Going to the gym and doing a workout there is fitness too. Which means there are many different types of it.  It is a feel-good thing in a sense when you are moving and working up a sweat.  So can anything be fitness if you are working up a sweat? Yes, it can the official definition of fitness is the quality of being physically fit and healthy. The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. According to the centers for disease control and prevention. Physical fitness is defined, as the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and respond to emergencies. Is the definition what we think of when we think of what fitness is?  Not normally we think of being active, lifting weights and working on our abs or cardio.

Fitness is everywhere we look if we move our bodies that is. Does that mean going to the gym, six days a week though even though that is what we think it is most of the time?  That is not all it is though it is an activity which everyone does in there lives a little bit of the time at least. People or most of them don’t notice this or think of it that way. We think of following a workout plan that is strict and a nutrition plan that is strict. That is what fitness is. Is that what it really is though?  Think about the fitness you have in your life it is everywhere since everything we do requires movement. Cleaning the house, laundry, doing the workouts with the things we have, in our house weights, bands. That is fitness or what we focus on when we are at the gym. We can do the same at home if we have the equipment. When we are physically fit and healthy do we think of how it happened or how we keep it that way? It is not all about the physical when we realize that our outlook changes.

When it comes to fitness, a lot of things can make it work for people in different ways. Since everyone is different there fitness level is different and what they think of fitness is different. It is not all about looking a certain way or having a certain of abs or muscles it’s all about how you feel. That is fitness and how people should think of it when they put together or do a certain workout routine along with what they eat and drink. Since it’s not all about workouts it’s about workouts and nutrition together.  The way you put fitness into your life is deciding what you want.  How do you want to feel for example when you feel good, you have a lot more energy then you had before.  If you are involved in fitness you feel great you are always moving and giving your body endorphins to keep going.

The more a person is involved in fitness even if it’s their own version of it, what happens? Is that considered fitness or is just going to the gym and doing workouts there all there is?  Fitness and doing workouts is what most people think fitness is.  There is a lot more too it. The things that are involved in fitness are movements with arms, legs, back and so much more.  Fitness is staying in motion that is what a person thinks fitness is. What that means is whatever they want to focus on in terms of fitness and what their goals are. It is all about what a person wants out of there life in terms of their health.

It is what you do to make your life the way that you want it. That is what fitness is and why people get involved in it. It is all about routines and what you are looking for specifically. Making your muscles scream, or burn is what fitness is because you are working them. It is working your muscles and body parts to make them stronger. What is the best way to do that? The best way to do that is to get involved in a fitness routine. It is also about releasing the tension in your muscles and becoming more limber. It is a focus on specific things in terms of feeling good. The more a person moves the more physically fit they are, so move walk or look online for workouts if you don’t already have something in mind. Do that you will be involved in fitness that way, you can also do things around your house and that still counts and you can’t even really feel it that way.

Everyone is involved in fitness in there life daily. We all have to walk or take steps or move our arms so that is cardio even if we don’t think it is. It is working all parts of your body at one point or the other during the week, which means workout can be done anywhere with everything in your house.  They can be done at the office when your out and about that type of thing.  That is fitness in a different way but it is still fitness. Just keep moving and work up a sweat if you are sweating then you are getting your fitness done and you feel great about it.  When you put physical fitness into your life do you change as a person or do you stay the same? You change even a little bit. The way you change is you have more energy you are a lot happier and your attitude towards eating good and working out is “ If I do this I am going to fee amazing later.” Which is a great attitude to have?

The “if I do this I am going to feel amazing later” attitude is what doing a fitness routine is meant to make you believe and if you believe that ad work hard then it will work. So you do it and what happens? You feel good and if you feel good once you want to continue so you do that and you feel good all the time from doing your workout routines.  When you do that you are working for your different muscle groups so they don’t seize and you are working your entire body.  That is fitness and what it will always be there are so many different fitness moves which mean’s there are so many different fitness routines that it will change with each person which makes it unique to them if that is what they want. In terms of what they want to focus on.

Fitness is not all activity or what you eat either, it’s moving in general. It is all movement to get your blood flowing. So get up from wherever you are and go for a walk or do something moving around with your arms and legs. Do something that makes you sweat a little or a lot. It can be anything you want it to be. It has a lot to do with the physical things you do like stretching, abs, weights that sort of thing.  Eating healthy is there too if you just eat healthily and don’t do those things you are getting there but you won’t get the look that you want so combine the two and you are golden and that is fitness.

If you want to get involved in fitness figure out what works best for you, is it abs, weights, cardio, or is it yoga. What do you think it is what do you enjoy doing when you workout?  Do you enjoy doing things with or without equipment?  It depends on what you are doing in terms of fitness you can burn a lot of calories by just doing things around your house that you wouldn’t think of as being fitness but actually is. Or by using the workout pieces that you have in your house, a stepper, weights, bands, you can also clean or lift heavy things since we all have to do that at some point in our houses.  It is using what you have to make you look and feel your best in terms of working out and what really is.  There isn’t just one specific thing there are multiple things that are considered fitness when a person thinks about it.

When you do a workout you live a better life, no matter what that workout is. So what is fitness? It is something to help you live a better life. It is not doing one workout all the time over and over again it’s switching it up to focus on different parts of the body. It is for your body and your mind.  It Is for doing all of these things because doing a fitness routine is what makes you feel good it is what gives you the energy to get through or continue through your day. Which helps you accomplish so much more. That is fitness and how amazing is that? Pretty amazing, if you are involved in it don’t you think? I think so and that is why I will continue.

Focus on your movements and working your muscles. So in anything that you do sitting or standing focus on that. That is fitness and if you incorporate that into your everyday life you will feel so much better. Just keep moving when you stand or clean up things and if you can’t get to the gym try an at-home workout. Make what you do in your day fitness and call it fitness even if its what is normal for someone else’s fitness journey it might not be for someone else.  Fitness is anything a person wants it to be especially if they are working up a sweat.



According To The Fit Flex Life Fitness Can Be Done Anywhere Anytime

Fitting fitness into a person’s life means what for a person’s fitness routine?  Or the way a person looks at fitness in general?  Does it mean there is just one way of doing a fitness routine or one way to get fitness results?  Well, you know that if you fit fitness into your life it can be done anywhere at almost any time. At least that is what this blog is trying to convey. Anything that a person does in life if they are moving is considered fitness. So they can do workouts anywhere any time. At least that is the analogy. It can be done I have done it. When a person fits a fitness routine into there life it changes there life. It changes their life because they are more in tune with what can be considered fitness, cleaning their house, doing the heavy lifting of laundry baskets. Just things around the house, or if you have workout materials around the house like weights you can use those as well.  You can use anything around your house for a workout which makes doing a workout easier, doesn’t it? Yes. The way a person looks at fitness is how can I get my workout in and still live life out of the gym 24/7.  Fit it into your life doing household things along with workouts you either find online or come up with yourself. You can still go to the gym too if you want but don’t always think that is the be all end all when it comes to fitness.

Working out can sometimes be scary if you are new at it, or don’t know what to do exactly.  If you think of how you can get a workout in anywhere anytime figuring out what to do for a workout can be a bit easier to handle. What I mean by this is, anything that you work up a sweat with is a workout so you can be at home or out and consider whatever you are doing a workout if you are sweating even a little bit.  That means workouts can be done anytime anywhere.  You have to be willing to do your workout anywhere anytime though. If you have to walk anywhere or lift anything that can be considered a workout as we all know we have to move daily to function so why not think of it as fitness anywhere anytime in your life? that means you can do anything to get your heart rate up.   Which means it can be done anywhere. Since it isn’t always about going to the gym.  It is about fitting fitness into the life that you have now. Sure you might have to make some changes but they don’t have to be too drastic.

They don’t have to be too drastic because with you fitting it into your life you aren’t really doing one specific thing. Workouts can be done anywhere any time. How this works is you are always thinking in terms of what your next workout can be while you are doing daily tasks. Which also means you are thinking in a workout mindset. Which is the mindset where you are doing things and thinking “ I am burning calories doing this.” Anything lifting, walking, stretching is a form of calorie burn, running in place or doing some fast workout moves is especially helpful. So anything to get a person’s heart rate up can be done anywhere anytime if they want.  That means they can be fitting fitness into there life then too. A lot of the time people don’t think of the things in there life that they do as being any type of fitness related. They should though which is why workouts can be done anywhere anytime. Think about that the next time you get up and move.

When you look at your life do you notice the fitness you are already doing?  That is what people in fitness or people just getting into fitness should do. I bet you never thought you could get a good workout in, in your bedroom or on your bed. If you want to get an ab workout in and you don’t have your matt, and you don’t want to use the floor try using your bed.  That also means you can get your workout in right after you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed at night. How cool is that? Anything that doesn’t move that you can lie down on can be used for ab work beds included.  That means there is no excuse as to why or how a person can’t work out if they are willing to use alternative things like a bed for ab work.

Working out can be done any time of day anywhere if you use alternative things when you can’t get your hands on what you really need for your workout.  if you need to get a workout in, it can happen. Some people might think using a bed or something else that they aren’t used to for there workout won’t give them the same effect or is strange but whatever gets your sweat on can be considered a workout no matter where you do it or when. So if you only get a workout done in your bedroom one day don’t think of it as not getting a good workout in, think of it as a change of scenery sometimes that is all you need to get your workout in, and you don’t even know it. Even if you are in your house working out give it a try or if you are at the gym go to a different section and see what happens. Try working out somewhere new and see how you feel after. You might feel surprisingly different then you do after your normal workout routine if you try that.


A workout is a workout no matter when it is done isn’t that right? Which means you can do it wherever you choose.  The person doing the workout just has to be willing to do it anywhere and get it done. If you cant get to the gym you can still get a workout in doing anything and everything to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t have to be up to the point of you sweating but staying active is key in fitting fitness into a person’s life that also means a workout or fitness can be done anywhere anytime.  You just have to keep moving. Movement is key to getting fitness into a persons life. Do laundry lift hampers, vacuum or wash the floors.  That is fitness and that can be done at home, grocery shop and lift heavy things into your cart and push it around that is fitness and another of getting a workout in anywhere any time of day.

If you know that you can’t get to the gym or get an online workout or workout video you have in, why not try something else.  Anything can be considered fitness sure it might seem odd to some but if it works for you do it.  If you do it enough in front of others they might want to give it a try and in the end, think the same thing you do. That workouts can be done anywhere anytime if they are willing to try it and think that way.  This means workouts don’t always need to be planned or thought out you just need to live life and think of adding fitness into the way you are living.  That is how the fit flex life workouts can be done anywhere anytime.

Workouts are very helpful to keep a person limber, and active. The question is is there just one or two place they can be done?  There is definitely more than two places that workouts can be done just think of all the moving you do in a day. Can that or can that not be considered a workout?  We all lift things and walk every day, even if we don’t think that is a workout it is. Which means all the walking and lifting you do in a day is always a workout no matter what it is so if you do that stuff all day then you are working out all day or even part of the day if you do that stuff for part of the day.  People don’t think of there walking all day as being fitness when they really should. It makes working out a lot easier. If you think of all the movement you do in a day think of that as fitness when you can’t get to the gym and you’re still getting a workout in.  That is how fitness can be done anywhere anytime.

When you think of doing your workout do you think there is a specific time it needs to be done by or are there different times of day you get it in during your day?  When you fit fitness into your life doing life things the time you do your fitness is always changing which means the workout you do can always change and can be done anywhere anytime there is no set time or place since life is always changing, so is your fitness and what you do in terms of it. That is what fitting fitness into your life is supposed to be, so don’t think your workouts have to be done in just one or two places or in a certain way.  They can be done anywhere and everywhere if you want them too.

If we all had the mentality that workouts could be done anywhere anytime, do you think more people would do them? It depends on how much they believe that it works that is how I look at it. If you don’t believe that workouts can be done anywhere anytime you won’t think that way, but if you do then you will think that way and workouts will be really easy for you.  The only way you can believe that is if you try it and see where you are in the end.  You might be surprised at where you can do a workout and the type of one you can do. Also the time of day you can get it done. Always remember to think positively when it comes to getting in your workout and you will succeed no matter what.

With fitness being able to be done anywhere anytime and it being so easy if you think about it why wouldn’t you want to put it into your life. That is the way I look at it I put it into my life so that I don’t just sit around and so that I eat and I get active. I look at all the things I have to do in a day and I realize that every time I have to do some walking around I am doing fitness. When I am out doing things I am doing the same thing. So yes fitness can be done anywhere anytime and it is whether we think of it or not. If we think about it while doing it though we are more aware of it. When we are more aware of it we try to do it more isn’t that how everything works. So try and think about “ I am fitting fitness into my life doing everyday tasks.” See how you feel thinking that way, I feel great when I think that way and so would you according to the fit flex life anyway.

High Intensity Workouts Vs Low Intensity Workouts In Terms Of The Fit Flex Life

When we think of workouts, do we think of the different types of them? Or do we just do what we know? What are high-intensity workouts? High-intensity workouts are HIIT workouts which are high-intensity exercises with intense bursts of energy, followed by low-intensity moves or complete or active rest. What are low-intensity workouts?  Strength training elliptical, (treadmill) walking just to name a few.  When we first start workouts we usually just start with what we know and work from there.  When we think of high-intensity workouts in terms of the fit flex life we are thinking of running all over the place aren’t we?  At least that was my thought before I researched what it actually was.  The same goes for low-intensity workouts.

When we think of workouts and fitting fitness into our lives we don’t think of high intensity or low intensity in terms of workouts. We just think of what works for our lives and how busy they are. If we think of what we do in our lives in terms of workout they are mostly HIIT workouts, aren’t they?  If you really think about it they are.  Most people’s lives are so busy that they are always on the move the last thing they want to think about is getting a workout in whether its low intensity or high intensity.  Think about these two types of workouts which one is more fun to do? I think both but most people would probably say the one that gets me the results that I want in the fastest way possible which could probably be both depending on the person. Some people like cardio others hate it. So some people like high intensity where others might like low intensity. It just depends on who you ask high-intensity workouts burn calories faster than low-intensity workouts because you are moving at a faster pace. I also think it depends on the low-intensity workout you do as well. Some can burn a lot of fat too, and build muscle.

There are many different options when it comes to low-intensity workouts and calorie burn. Weights, a stair climber just to name a few.  These two things can be done in terms of fitting fitness into your life without having to use a stair master or actual weights. Just take stairs if they are available and carry heavy things.  That is a low-intensity workout and it doesn’t even look like one. How cool is that? If you have the equipment or know where you can use equipment to do a low-intensity workout then, by all means, use it I do, but when and if you can’t for some reason try my suggestions. They might burn the same amount of calories or give you a different type of burn but a workout is a workout isn’t it? They can burn the same amount of calories just a high-intensity one would be faster than a low-intensity one but if you really want the burn who is counting and who to say you can’t do a bit of both.

When someone does a high intensity workout do they think of mixing it up with a low intensity workout? I mix the two workouts up all the time but I might be the only one. Each of these types of workouts gives a person a good muscle burn so why not do both or mix them up.  You can do workouts like this from home which is a huge bonus. Both high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts are great to mix up a persons workout routine. Both of these workouts have movements that I have used numerous times in my own workouts without realizing that they were high or low intensity. What if you sweat a lot what type of workout is that?  That is a high intensity workout. For the most part though all workouts that people do can be a little bit of both high and low intensity especially when it comes to fitting fitness into your life.

In terms of fitting fitness into a persons life, high intensity workouts are usually the way to go. If you want to do something fun and upbeat try a high intensity workout. Low intensity workouts are strength training workouts which means the slower you move and the heavier you lift the stronger you get. That also goes for the length of time you lift. Also using a stair master or something along those lines is low intensity because it is taking less pressure off your joints. These are some of the workouts that make you work up a sweat. The question is are these the workouts that people choose? It depends on what workout people are looking to do are they looking for something completely cardio or hitt related, or do they want strength? Most want a mixture of both to keep there blood flowing and heart pumping.

High intensity workouts and low intensity workouts are pretty much what the fit flex life is made of. When a person fits fitness into there life they do it because they are so busy and that is the only time they have to fit a workout in. which also means a person fitting fitness into there life will do household things or a low intensity workout done inside the house just to get something in. Both of these types of workouts can fit into a persons life no matter what their life entails. The best thing about both of these workouts in terms of the fit flex life is they don’t really feel like workouts when you fit them into your life and live life along with working out.

When a person does a workout no matter what it is do they think of the intensity of it? Some people think of workouts in terms of “ if I sweat a lot then that’s good. Sometimes a fast workout is all you have time for you don’t think of the intensity of it you just do it. Other times you think about it and that is when you do lower intensity workouts. The reason why is you are thinking more about what you are doing, in terms of intense workouts. When you do a high intensity workout you don’t really think about it you just keep moving and call it a day. Sure you can use equipment but you don’t need too. Just walk or carry heavy things, or if you want to use equipment grab weights and use a stepper or stairmaste of some kind. That gives you a low intensity workout but still burns calories.

When we fit fitness into our lives workout intensities can change within minutes or hours in terms of a persons life and schedule. That is why usually if you see someone do a workout or you do a workout yourself you have a mixture of high and low intensity moves.  This is so that you can workout your entire body instead of just one or two areas. Sometimes doing high and low intensity workouts don’t feel like workouts at all it just feels like you are living your life.  Which is awesome in terms of fitting fitness into your life isn’t it? Make life your workout and see how much intensity you can get out of it or the type of intensity you notice that it has.

Most of the time when a person works out the intensity of a persons workout depends on the persons mood. It is what the person working out feels like doing that day for their workout. Sometimes people might have a workout schedule but if there body doesn’t want to do something it will tell them and if they force themselves they won’t get the results that they want. So do what you feel in terms of workouts no matter what a schedule says if you want to do a high intensity workout do it. If you want to do a low intensity workout then do it. You feel so much better doing what you want in terms of intensity of workouts then doing something you don’t want to do. There are so many different things you can do with each type of workout so make it work for you. That is what fitting fitness into a persons life is for, no matter the intensity of a workout.

Doing different intensity of workouts makes a person feel different and look different. This is because each intensity of workout means you are doing different things. High intensity is cardio and low intensity is weights which means you will look different once you finish each type of workouts since you are focusing on different things along with different intensities. Both of these workouts can be done together that is what makes working out so interesting. It is also what makes working out and fitting fitness into a person’s life so much fun.  These two types of workouts are most peoples go too workouts because there are so many different things you can do with them or in them. That is also why they are the first things people think of fitting fitness into your life. It is what makes these workouts awesome.

High intensity workouts vs low intensity workouts is all in who is doing them and what they want out of them. Both of these types of workouts can fit into a persons life seamlessly. Which makes for easy decisions when it comes to what workout you do on a certain day.  When you fit fitness into your life daily you do a mixture of both which is a nice mix up isn’t it? I say it is because I do it all the time and I love it. Doing high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts is a good thing when it comes to fitting fitness into your life because you can never be bored.  If you ever think your workout is boring try doing that and see how it feels after.  Fitting fitness into ones life is supposed to be fun so try high intensity and low intensity workouts to make it that way. Make them a part of your life and see you notice anything new or different.