So So Fit Summer

As it is so warm outside what does that do to your fitness? or does it do something, what is so so fit summer? Is it a workout or is it something else? Is it how fun summer is, and you have to try and fit everything in? Or is it all about summer fitness? It is a bit of both if we are thinking about the fit flex life. Can you be really fit in the summer with how busy it is? This happens when you have a workout regime that doesn’t work with your summer. Most people who are in fitness, however do have a workout that works with their summer or if it doesn’t they make it work with their summer. The question is, is so, so fit summer being fit all summer long? Or fitting fitness into your summer or both? it could mean one or the other or both if that is what you want, so so fit summer can be fitting fitness into your life it could be making time to go to the gym or it could just be living life and having a summer. It totally depends on the way you look at it and the type of fitness you do.

Everyone’s fitness is different no matter the time of year. So, so so fit summer can be too. You can be a total gym goer even in the summer, doing classes or the machines they have there or you could do at home fitness/ online fitness. Or better yet you could fit fitness into your life. Fitting fitness into your life is all about so so fit summer, so fit your workouts into your summer essentially and see what happens with them, as well as your life. If you look at your summer and what you do in the summer usually it’s pretty fit don’t you think? If you are spending time outside in the summer and staying active it is. That is another way of looking at so, so fit summer. Have you ever thought of the summer as being a fit type of year, why or why not? Think of all the things you do outside to stay active is that a fit summer to you? Most people would say no, but to people involved in the fit flex life they would say yes. Why would people involved in the fit flex life say yes you wonder? Well they would say yes, because it fits better into their life and schedules of what they do in their lives.

If your workouts fit really well into your life what do you do with them? Do you do them on a consistent basis or do you not do them?  Well the answer is obvious you do them because you can do them from anywhere, they also work so well with your life and what you do in why wouldn’t you fit your workouts into your summer and call them so, so fit summer? I would because its sounds cool don’t you think?  When your workouts fit into your summer do they feel like workouts? Not really and that is why they are so great. So try fitting your workouts into your summer and calling them oh so fit summer. You may get a totally different workout out of it or much more of a workout. It totally depends on the workout you do in terms of a fit flex life one.

When you think of summer you think of being active outside correct? Most people do because of the nice weather, so get outside and keep your body moving. So so fit summer is all about moving your body all day long or for most of the day at least. Some people may not think that moving your body all day long can be considered fitness but it can be. If you stay active in the summer you are going to have a fit summer so do different workouts in the summer by going outside and using what you have out there instead of staying inside all the time. A fit summer is all about fitting fitness into your life, so take your fitness wherever you go in the summer and you will have a fit summer.

Summer is all about spending as much time outside as possible. So instead of staying indoors for your workouts do something out of the ordinary and take your workouts outside. A so so fit summer is taking your workouts outside and moving your body when you are outside, working up a bit of a sweat.  When you do that and consider that your workout you are fitting fitness into your life in the summer and having a so, so fit summer. It is an unconventional summer workout but you will have a lot more fun, with it so try it out.   When you fit your workouts into your summer you have a very fit summer, at least I do when I do that. Try it out for yourself and see what you think about it.

Use the summer to your advantage in terms of the workouts you do. Some people may think that they can’t stay fit during the summer, because of all the parties, extra junk food or even vacations, that they take however, that isn’t true.  Think about all the summer activities you do and how much standing, walking and running that you do, or the amount of gardening or landscaping.  That is a so so fit summer, not a normal gym workout but a workout none the less. Remember anything that makes you sweat is a workout no matter what type it is.

Take your summer and have fun don’t think about your workouts, too much. Why do I say don’t think about your workouts too much? I say this because usually in the summer lots of things happen off the cuff, or on whim so most of the time your workout is pushed or forgotten about. Sometimes not very much is thought about in terms of workouts in the summer, unless you have a really strict summer workout schedule, that is. When you fit your workouts into your summer you get more out of both of them, that means a lot more gets accomplished. How cool is that? I like when I get a lot more accomplished in my day don’t you?

What happens when your summer and your workouts fit together, you realize that there is more to life than doing your workouts at the gym or indoors. So look at your summer and see how so so fit it is. You probably don’t realize that all the movement you do in the summer, can fit into your life and be a workout without actually thinking about it. So your summer and your fitness fit together you just have to make them work with the life you have and see what happens.

A so so fit summer is the person doing the fitness and making there life and fitness a part of one another, not just scheduling them into their day.  When you do that you move more in your day, walking, lifting, and cleaning up things.  Just moving around in general. That is how so so fit summer happens. It sounds easy doesn’t it? It does just try workouts like that and see how much you get out of them.

There are so many different things you can do in the summer, to help you stay fit and that you can fit into your life, swim go for a walk, or a run just to name a few. These things don’t feel like workouts but they are and they are easy to fit into the busy summer months, for a workout don’t you think?

How do you think so, so fit summer can work for you, your life and your fitness? Try a so so fit summer and see how much more you get from your fitness, your summer and your life in the future.

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