What is a January fit flex routine how do they exist and why?

January is the month for fitness, or at least that is what people in fitness think and do. As we all know in January the gyms are packed with people trying to get back in their own fitness routine or groove as I like to say.  Before this happens however there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, first what do you want out of your fitness journey, where do you want to start and what type of fitness do you enjoy most? Or do you want to work out from home, online, with a personal trainer, from a gym, or workouts you come up with yourself? Think about these things, and think about the month you are in. Does the month have anything to do with our fitness? Most of us are scratching our heads, at this right now aren’t we?

Yes we are scratching our heads at this. At this point in our fitness journey and the month that we are in, we are trying to figure out if there is a different type of January fitness journey we should be on, and how do January fit flex routines exist?  The way that they are something is they are all movement, that means don’t stop moving your body in January, better yet move it even more. The way that you can move it even more is always stay in motion and every step you take think of it as part of your workout. so a January fit flex routine is you getting back into a regular fitness routine after the holidays. Now I know some people have been keeping up with their fitness throughout the holidays, but I also know that others take the holidays off from there fitness.  When people take time off from there fitness over the holidays and they start back up in January there workouts change.  The way that they change is you do different types of lifting, abs and cardio. Usually in January you do a lot more cardio with a bit of abs and lifting with kettle bells or whatever you have around. You even use more of what is around your house just to spice it up. That is a January fit flex routine and doing all those things fitting your fitness into your life is how a January fit flex routine exists.

What a January fit flex routine is, is you taking your fitness and the year by storm or grabbing it by the horns as some might say. It is all about staying active in the cold weather any way you can. There might be snow on the ground or there might not be snow on the ground but that shouldn’t stop our workouts it just may change our workouts a bit which sometimes makes us want to work out more. Yes I said workout more with it being the first month of the year, everyone wants to get back on the fitness band wagon. What better way to do that then to fit fitness into your life? Just move your body work up a bit of a sweat and call that your workout. When you do that you seem to get back into the workout groove more and then your workouts also become easier.

Fit flex routines in January is you getting back into your fitness on a regular basis. I know we have all taken time off a bit throughout the holidays or haven’t done your best workouts throughout the holidays if you have been working out throughout it. This is why now a great time to get back into the swing of it is. You are probably thinking, okay but this year is just as busy as last year or even more so, we all know as the year’s progress we get busier and busier in life, or so it feels. In the busyness of life sometimes you forget about your fitness. But not this year, let’s make it a goal this January to not do that. The way we can do this is, remember that your life and fitness are one entity. That means look at the busyness of January and consider all the movement you do cardio or lifting if you are lifting things. Just keep moving your body in January no matter what you are doing stay active. That is what a January fit flex routine is and how it exists.

The big question in this post is why does a January fit flex life routine exist? Now I know that we all have our own answers to this, the answer to this question when it comes to the fit flex life is, if the fit flex life didn’t work so well for you last year, try again this year but may change it up a bit. What that means is try and fit your life and fitness together more, don’t stress so much about getting to the gym or missing a workout. You can try the gym thing if you want, and see if that works for you. If you want something new try a fit flex life routine, use the things you have around your house for your workouts bricks, cans, chairs, benches, steps, the list is endless. All of these things can really work in helping you get further in your fitness.

A January fit flex life routine is a person wanting to start a fitness, journey starting one and combining their life and fitness in the process. Doing fitness like this is all about you taking back control of your life in January and starting a fitness journey that works for you. If that means going to the gym, taking classes or using machines, then do that. If that means working out from home then do that, or using online workouts then do that? If it means working out on the go using what you have then you can do that too. Just do whatever works for you so that you make your fitness something that you want to do daily or even weekly. That is the way January fit flex life routines exist, and how they will always exist.

Fitness is very big in Jauary at least that is what it looks like doesn’t it? What about a fit flex life routine is that very big in January too? Think about that and look at the type of fitness you do, when you do that you will probably see some fit flex life fitness routines being done. You are trying to get back into your fitness so sometimes if you start by getting back into your fitness through at home workouts using what you have around the house for them they are easier. That is how I look at it, try using cans as weights, or chairs for step-ups and push-ups or the couch, and see how it works for you. You may be surprised.

A January fit flex life routine exists because you either want to get back into your fitness routine or keep it up. What type of person are you when it comes to your fitness that way? Think about that, you are probably already doing your workouts again, at this point in January. You probably never stopped throughout the Christmas season like me. If that is the case, getting into the fitness groove for January wasn’t hard because you never stopped. Even though you may change it up in January to give yourself something different to do, in a way of a workout routine you have been doing fitness forever. So my next question is what do you think a January fit flex life routine is for, is it for you if it does exist?

What comes to mind when you think of the question I asked in the last paragraph? Is it getting back into a good fitness routine or changing up your fitness? It is both if you think about it. The reason why it is both is so that you don’t get bored with your workouts. That is the great thing about the fit flex life and is even better with a January fit flex life routine. So why don’t you try a changed up fit flex life routine in January and see what happens to your fitness routine in general.

A January fit flex life routine exists because it brings joy to a New Year, and season of fitness. This is why I continue my fitness. This is also why I love it so much. So if you want to try something completely new in January for your fitness do a fit flex life routine.  You will enjoy it I am sure of it so try it out.

A January fit flex life routine is a fit flex life routine you put together for the month of January or in the month of January. You go to the gym and use the machines, workout from home using online workouts or workout DVDs, or you can even use workouts you come up with on your own. They exist because you want to be in complete control of your fitness. Which is why you do them. Why do you think you do them?

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