Flex Power

What can make your workout powerful?  Or how much you flex in it? Is that why this post is called flex power? Or does it have something to do with the power you put into your workout too. I think that it is all the above because any time you flex in your day you exude power in it at least that is how I like to look at it. In order to flex and have power in it what happens? You use weights, cans or bricks, and different materials for push-ups and step-ups. The more different things you use the more you will sweat which is great.

A flex power workout is noticing how much you flex in your day. the way that this can happen is, be more conscious of what you lift. Boxes, laundry hampers, bricks, cans, actual weights anything that is heavy really. The more you lift things the more power you have isn’t that how it works? It could work that way depending on the way you look at it. Usually it is the more you lift the more power you have though, or at least the more feeling of power you have. I feel very powerful with the heaviness of the things I lift, that is why I lift and like putting lifting in my   life and my fitness routines. Is that what flex power is do you think?

When you fit fitness into your life is there a lot of flexing involved? Yes, there is but is there a lot of power involved too?  That can all depend on the things you are lifting. Boxes can actually be weights bricks can be weights, full bags of things that type of thing. When you feel powerful om your workouts whatever your workout might be what do you do? You flex of course. When you flex you have power what that means is you feel powerful and you move your body differently. The way that you do this is flex with everything you can get your hands on. When you do that you feel powerful don’t you? Yes, you do.

A flex power workout is what exactly, I know that is probably going through everyone’s heads well a flex power workout is, you flexing and pushing your muscles all the while doing different fitness things, lifting, abs, cardio just to name a few. The more you move your body and think in a fitness mindset the more flex power you will have when it comes to any workout you do. Flexing is all in the mind too in terms of what type of flexing you do so fit fitness into your life and see how much flex power you actually do have.

When you do any type of workout you are flexing and exuding power. How you are doing this is showing your strength throughout the workouts that you do. That means do unconventional things, with them like doing push-ups off concrete benches, lifting bricks instead of actual weights is unconventional too. Both things however show flex power and make you feel great. At least they make me feel great. The more you flex the more powerful you feel. That is what flex power is. So, flex in any of your workouts and you will feel powerful.

Any workouts no matter the style can make a person feel powerful cant it? Yes, it can the best way to show this is to lift and constantly stay in motion when you are inside or out. The more you move your body and the more you flex is a flex power workout. Remember that and the next time you workout think of your flexing as something powerful and see what happens in your workout. you can also see what happens to your life too when you think of that.

Power in anything is shown through what you do that includes your fitness and the way you do your fitness routines. Use online workouts, workouts you make up yourself, or workout DVDs. Put all you have into your workouts whatever workouts you are doing and call them flex power workouts. You are in complete control of flex power workouts so make them your own and see what happens in them with your future workouts.

A flex power workout is all about fitness you enjoy and that you are in complete control of you don’t stop moving when you feel like you can’t go on. You just change your mindset and start thinking in a fitness mindset. When you do that you notice every movement you do in life is a flexing fitness movement along with a powerful one. That is why you are keeping up with your fitness so remember that and keep up with your fitness.

To do a flex power workout you just have to continuously move your body and work up a sweat, when you do that you are exuding power in your fitness. That means you can do any type of fitness you want just make sure that you are a little out of breath in the end and have a bit of sweat on your forehead. To exude power in anything you must believe that you can, so that means to exude power in a fitness routine you have put 110 percent into it and make your muscles scream. Everyone feels good in their workouts when they make their muscles scream don’t, they?  Yes they do, use anything and everything that you have around you for your workout, the more you do that the more power you have in it because you are using different things and keeping up with your fitness routine the way that works for you so that you can show the world that you have the power in it and it doesn’t have power over you.

What do you think a flex power workout can be and what can it entail? Is it the way you look in your workout or the workout moves that you do? Just think about it and move your body as much as you can in your day. You will be glad you did, and I guarantee you will feel so much more powerful when it comes to working out any way that you want to do it fit flex workouts or not.

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