See Saw Fit

With what is going on in the world today what can see saw fit mean? Does it mean just switching up what you do in your workout or how you do it? What is a see saw workout? is it something specific or is it a number of different things? How can sea saw fitness be something that exists now you wonder? That is a question that makes you think does not it? It does make you think. Is see saw fit all about using a sea saw for fitness routines? Can it just be something you say to get your body up and moving. Is it the way you do certain workout moves? It can be all of it especially when you use benches or chairs for push-ups, when you do that it looks as though you are on a see saw does not it? It may look like that to some degree, but does it feel like that? No definitely not, you are moving your arms more then  your legs when you are doing push-ups, when you are actually on a sea saw you are using both your arms and legs together to make the sea saw move.

Any type of movement you do can be a type of fitness if you keep moving and get your heart rate up. See saw fit is all about what exactly? Moving your arms and legs at the same time so that you can stay in motion. So, you could lift, do push-ups, or step-ups using benches. Keep your body in motion going up and down, up and down. That can be a sea saw motion. Does that mean you always have to use a see saw? No, it does not because most people probably do not have sea saws, in their backyards. Sure, they might be fun to play with, but you do not see many of them around. You may see them at parks, but sometimes not even them anymore. We cannot even go to parks right now and if you are, are you really using the playground equipment?

For the most part you are not but that does not mean you cannot do this type of workout though. It just means you do it in a different way with the same motions. You can do many different fitness routines with the same motions as others, but your workouts look different. So, swinging or push-ups or even step-ups or even sea saw workouts can all be a see saw type workout even if they all do not look like they can. When you are in constant motion in your workouts what does it feel like? Does it feel like a sea saw motion? If so, how does it feel that way it feels that way because you are going back and forth. You do that in the way you lift or do cardio, any fitness thing really.

Is a fit flex life workout a see saw type workout? if so, how can that be? Yes, it is that type of workout and the reason why it can be that type of workout is because it is always on the go. What does a see saw motion type fitness and how can it give you the best results in your fitness routine? It all has to do with the type of fitness you do and your nutrition and how much time you put into your workouts. A sea saw flex workout is constant motion, in the ups and down variety. Although it does not always look the same, it can look like flexing, push-ups, cardio the list can go on and on.

If you have a swing set, with one of those two-person swing things, now I do not know what they are called because I do not have one, but I have seen them. That is a sea saw type workout when it is used. Using one of those things takes double the amount of work to move, with the amount of arm and leg power it takes since it is so big. If you have a see saw in your backyard and you use it how much of a workout do you feel while you do so once it is done? Your arms and legs are screaming, at you and when that happens you have gotten in a great workout. add some lunges into your workout too and that is a see saw flex type of thing. Any workout can be a see saw type workout. So now what?

Any fit flex type of workout can be a see saw workout because number one it is always changing and number two you are in constant motion. You can do this type of workout inside or out but as it is the summer most of our workouts are done outside. You can use bricks for weights, brooms for cleaning up the outside, use benches for step-ups and push-ups that will look like you are on a see saw, use a skipping rope for more cardio. The more you move the more you move in the summer the more see saw fit your workout will be just keep moving.

A see saw flex workout is great for summer it always keeps you active and on your toes. Get outside and move your body you can use actual weights, bricks or cans, so just keep moving outside, the more you move the more of a see saw type workout you will be doing. So, keep active in the summer any way that you can and think of that as being a see saw flex workout and it will be.

A fit flex workout is all about see saw flex you are always moving and thinking in a fitness mindset. Do any movement in the summer and consider it a sea saw type workout especially when you use benches for push-ups or anything for raised push-ups. How can you do a see saw type workout with what is going on? Well use what you have around you for your workouts. Get your heart rate up anyway that works for you, when you do that you are moving in a see saw motion for the most part at least I do what about you?  What type of motion do you move in when you workout for the most part?

Hearing the words see saw flex makes you want to workout or even ask yourself what it is exactly, at least it does for me. It makes you want to get outside in the nice weather and move your body yes I know you can’t be with people while you do this but that is okay that is why there is a video attached to this post, that you probably have already seen so that we can do this together in a virtual sort of way. Get your heart rate up any way that works for you and call it a see saw flex workout and that is what it will be.

Sea saw fit is great and something that will continue it has been around for a while already. So why don’t you try it and see what you get out of it.

What do you think sea saw fit is to you and your fitness?

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