Workouts Made By Me For The Fit Flex Life

When a person decides to work out what happens? Do they come up with things on there own or do they look for online workouts or DVDs?  They could do all of that but sometimes making your own workouts works for you. when I first started working out I made up my own workouts. I did this by looking up on work moves online and putting them together in a form I thought up all on my own.  When a person fits fitness into their life there is a lot of workouts made up by you, yourself. When a person like me makes up a workout, I take workout moves and put them together to make a workout. as the title of my blog suggests, fit it into your life and put workouts together accordingly.

There are a whole bunch of workouts out there made by fitness instructors and the like, so when it comes to someone else coming up with their own it isn’t that hard. Just look at the workouts you like to do, and mix them up.  If you enjoy strength and cardio do that with a side of something else like abs or stretching. Just to give yourself some variety. When you come up with your own workout routines you are coming up with just that, a variety made by you.  I came up with all my workout videos by looking at what others do, and putting my own spin on it. That is what putting fitness into your life is all about, isn’t it?

When a person comes up with there own workout routine they are more apt to do it. The reason for that is when you like the moves that you put into your workout you want to do it more.  So why not put your own workout routines together? It might sound hard but it is really easy, you are doing what your body can do and what you like. You aren’t doing what your body can’t do or that you don’t like.  You might not like it at first and it might be hard but if you want to see results don’t give up.  You can come up with your own workout and see results with them it just takes time.

How does a person come up with their own workout routine? There are so many workout routines out there why would a person need to come up with their own? Maybe so they can say that they did, or is it control. It could be a bit of both, l like making up my own workout routines because it is fun and it isn’t really scheduled which means you aren’t going by a specific written out workout plan because you come up with it yourself. How do you do that though? Practice it so that it sticks? I sometimes do that or I write it down and then do the workout it’s much easier to tape it if it’s written down for you to read beforehand.  That is the best way that I have found to come up with my own workouts.

With the fit flex life and fitting fitness into your life, making up your own workout routines is the best. The reason for this is you can pick and choose what you put into a certain routine and make it fun for yourself. When you come up with your own workout routine you know exactly what you want to focus on. In knowing what areas you want to focus on that is what you base your workout around or on. That is also why I make up my own workouts when it comes to the fit flex life. it is fitting fitness into your life your way and making up my own workouts is easiest when it comes to that.

The reason why I make up my own workouts for the fit flex life is that they are unique to what the fit flex life really is. The workouts are worked around everyday life, not just one certain thing. when I put together my own workout routines I make work in terms of how I live life. if you don’t enjoy your workout routine or it doesn’t fit well into your life you won’t get the workout in. that is why I came up with my own workout routines why don’t you try them and see what you think.


Coming up with your own workouts does what for your workout regime? It makes you really want to workout because you are in control of what you are doing in terms of your workout. I have put together all the workouts that I post to the fit flex life, they are made by me to give pople a bit more variety and to let them know that anything they want to consider a type of fitness can be. Working out doesn’t always have to be done in the gym is the type of variety that I am trying to give. If you want to get a workout in and you don’t know what to do try making up your own and see how it goes.

When I think of what to put into a workout I think of what I want to focus on for a  certain workout and do that in the videos that I put together. Abs, lifting and cardio, that type of thing. I have an entire video and written post dedicated to cardio and the cardio routine I came up with myself, I watched videos, looked at pictures and read up on it. That is how I come up with workouts and how I always will. In order for myself to come up with a workout, I have to do a lot of research. Once I do that I come up with the amount of reps that is required for each move, usually, I do enough reps to make my body burn. Comfortably that is and that is how I know the workout is working.

When I make up a workout the first thought that comes to mind is how can I fit it into my life. How can I do things in my workout to help me in my life? Alsowhy do I want to do a specific workout? These are the questions I ask myself when I am deciding what workouts to do for the fit flex life. when I decide what workout I am doing I also decide how it help my life for the future and show people how it might be able to help theres too. That is how I plan my workouts for the fit flex life accordingly.

Workouts can be found anywhere, in a gym, online on facebook, through dvds or you can just do what you know. Everyone has worked out a bit in there life in there school gym classes. Any type of movement can be put into a workout form. That is how I out workouts together and that is also what makes them more enjoyable. Use what you have, do what you can and if you think others could do the same workout as you or you think you should show people, write it down and do it for a video.

The workouts made by me for the fit flex life are what I feel will be easy to fit into a person busy life.  also, they show that anything a person wants to consider a workout is possible. That is why I post a workout video to all my posts they are all made by me.  To show people that anything can be considered fitness and fit into there life.  They also show that you can workout doing anything and everything almost.


Dance Party Workout

Anything can be used in a fitness routine even dancing. Have you ever danced and considered that your workout?  Dancing is a form of cardio but it is a fun form of cardio. Sometimes it can be a form of acrobatics or aerobics which are both forms of fitness.  Dancing what type of fitness is it?  Since there are so many different types of dance can you have a dance party and call it fitting fitness into your life. Well, it is cardio after all and it is fun.  You can do dance anywhere any time if you are willing.  If you go out dancing at any time don’t just think of it as going out think of it as a workout. So if you miss a workout one day but you know you are going out dancing that day, don’t worry about the workout you missed because you will be fitting it in later when you are out.

Any type of dance is and can be considered a workout. Any type of movement can be considered fitness which means dance can be too.  You can use dance in anything that you do. An example of this could be as a warm-up for your workout, a workout itself, as a cool down for a workout or just to get you up and moving. When you have a dance party what type of dancing do you use? Something to get your blood pumping and your body moving where at times you are out of breath? I like hip, hop and pop when I am at a party or when I am doing a dance party workout.

What exactly is a dance party workout? Is it some sort of dance routine you find online and do or is it something you make up yourself. Is it going out somewhere with people and having fun where there is dancing involved?  Or is it taking a dance class?  When fitting fitness into a persons life anything can be considered fitness which means any form of dance can too, like a dance party that you come up with yourself and have with yourself or others too.  A dance party is putting on some upbeat music and just moving your body in a swaying motion to the beat. That is dancing, isn’t it?  Swaying to the beat of music burns calories and can be done anywhere, so why not consider it part of your fitness routine sometimes?

A dance party workout is the type of workout a person has a lot of fun with.  When you dance how do you feel, happy, energetic, out of breath at times? Dance gives a person a sense of freedom and speed which in the end does what to a person’s body? It gives it endorphins.  Doing a dance party workout is pretty much all fun and moving around without thinking about it.  Dancing is all about letting loose and having fun.  When a person dances do they consider that a workout?  most people would say no and that it is just something to do. What they don’t know is that sometimes the just because things that you do to get your heart rate up can be considered workouts and they are the best kinds.

Dance parties can happen anywhere with the right music. You just have to keep moving and swaying. You could do it without music but where is the fun in that?  If you do a dance party workout or even if you just dance what do you think that does to your body?  Does it burn calories? When a person burns calories by doing something what happens?  They lose weight and get toned, and they sweat, don’t they? To all of these questions, the answer is yes, most people think the best way to lose weight, and to get toned or even to sweat is to do fast cardio like running or other cardio movements. What about dancing and adding weights into it and see how much more fun it could be especially with spins and leaps. Even if you go out dancing move your hips do some spins and make dancing like a party anywhere you are dancing.

When you just add a bit of dancing into your day any way you can how do you feel?  You feel happy and like you aren’t working out at all.  Which is what parties are meant for no matter where they are, you can have one by yourself while doing your workout and that still works.  Although at an actual party with other people you shouldn’t be working out or thinking about it but since dancing is so easy to do and since it is such a great sweat session why wouldn’t you just do it to do it and consider it a workout without telling anyone. So why not throw your own dance party workout and just dance around your house or in the privacy of your office if you have an office by yourself call it a party and see how good you feel after.  Try it in a group even and still call it a dance party workout and see how much fun you have.

Dancing is all fitness moves just in a differnet way then most are used too.  You are jumping around you are contorting your body in different ways which constitutes fitness moves don’t you think?  I think so and it is a great way to think when you are dancing just to change your workout up. So if you just want to change up your workout why not just throw on some music and call it a dance party any kind of dance.  Even if you warm up by dancing put that into your workout and keep yourself flexible that way.  which means the longer you move in a day the longer your workout is. If you are happy while you are dancing where ever you are dancing you are having a party aren’t you because when people are happy they always like a party so dance.  Always consider your dancing a dance party and a workout and you will feel amazing.

Even if you have kids or places to be get the kids involved and before you leave the house just dance it out.  You get your kids involved in your workout and you still get it in.  When you have what I like to call a dance party you are moving around having fun not thinking about working out when you actually are getting a  great workout in.  sometimes not thinking of your workout is a great way to just get it in and feel good about it after.  Working out doesn’t need to require too much thinking and neither does dancing so they go together great in my book. Have a dance party the next workout you do and see how that works for you. If you need a break and you need a fun workout to do to get your mind off life try a dance party workout.  It will clear your head and give you a better frame of mind.  Which is what fitness is meant to do.

When you dance you feel like you can do anything.  You are working out without doing something specific but still getting a good cardio blast in.  Nobody notices that when they are dancing though which is a plus when it comes to dancing for a workout or having a dance party for a workout.  A dance party workout can give you a new fun take on fitness and your workout. So if you need a change do that, with yourself or friends and see how much of a great workout it is. Use any form of dancing a workout and see how it changes your life and the way you look at workouts.

A dance party can be anything dance related, that people laugh, smile and have fun with.  Dancing comes in many forms and styles there really isn’t just one.  If you are moving your body in a swaying motion or spinning around you are dancing and putting fitness into your life.  So just shake your body a bit and that will shake up your workouts.  You will feel great because it is something different and why not try it?  You might be surprised what having a dance party with yourself or others will actually do for you and your body.

A dance party workout is just that dancing. You make it a party by the music you play to accompany it or the people you have around while you are dancing.  Having fun with it can make it a party and the fast movements help with making it a workout.  You can add anything you want into it when you fit into your life. I added weights and had a blast with the extra weight and burn it gave me.  You can use anything you want or nothing at all it is totally up to you just make your moving enough to work up a sweat burn calories. Dance into your day, your week anything and see how it makes your fitness amazing.  It makes mine fun what about you?


Stretching And Fitness How Similar Are They?

When someone says the words fitness and stretching what comes to mind? Cardio, Abs and what else, in terms of stretching?  Toe touching, stretching your hip flexors when your feet are in a diamond shape? Or when your feet are in a P shape with one leg out and you are leaning forward and you put your head on your leg, to stretch. This stretches your legs and hip flexors all at once. Which makes your entire lower body burn in a good way because you are working it. Stretching is great to do before and after a workout, a cardio workout for sure because you are loosening up your muscles.  It also helps your muscles relax at the end of a workout.  The question is though how similar is stretching and fitness?  Do people who are involved in fitness think of stretching as part of it. Fitting fitness into your life is not all about cardio and abs it’s about being able to move your muscles without straining them.

Stretching and fitness are pretty similar. They can give you the same endorphins, as well as helps you get the results you want in terms of fitness. So they work for hand and hand in terms of getting you the results you want.  When you stretch along with cardio, weights, and abs you become more flexible which helps you live a longer more fulfilling life.  The more flexible you are the more you want to do the workouts either that you see on DVDs or the workouts you make up yourself or workouts that you find online. Always remember though to stretch before and after your workout to both warm up and cool down your muscles.

When you do your workouts do you feel as though stretching is a part of it? Or do you just stretch before and after because you know it is good for you, or do you even do that? What about just workout with some stretching mixed in. It mixes the workout up and gives your body a change which is sometimes what it needs. So are stretching and fitness similar? If you said yes you are right because doing both helps you in so many ways when it comes to fitting fitness into your life. have ever tried putting stretching into your workout how did you feel afterward? Most people would probably say that they felt good when they put stretching into there workout because it helps with flexibility and we all need that in our lives right?

When we fit fitness into our lives does that mean we fit stretching into it too? Think about it, is there stretching, involved when a person fits fitness into there life if they aren’t thinking about it? It depends on what the person is doing. An example of this is doing lunges can be done while sweeping, or vacuuming. Which means we are stretching our legs and calf muscles while doing that. Our arms are also stretching doing that too which is good for those muscles as well.  That is also how fitness and stretching are similar. So if you want to get some stretching in along with your fitness why not try my suggestions above.

Why do we add stretching into our fitness routines? Is it so we can move, better after our workouts? Is it so we don’t get hurt during our workouts? These are two of the reasons and we should always remember to stretch before and after our workouts so these two things can be avoided at all costs. Stretching and fitness are very good for you so why not do both?

If you want to do your workouts and feel good why not add some stretching to whatever you are doing. When you add stretching to your workout how do you feel? Probably good because of all your muscles are loose and you feel the rush of workout endorphins when you stretch and relax your muscles once the workout is over a little bit at least. Stretching is great to help you relax after any type of workout you can make stretching fun too.  Always remember stretching is key before and after a workout, I have said this before but it is true and we all need to remember it.

When you stretch before your workout you get your body warmed up for, whatever workout is that you are going to do that day.  When you warm up for your workout you get more out of it.  Or at least that is what I find.  Who wouldn’t want to get more out of there workout? probably nobody so tries stretching before and after and see how you feel. Doing both things helps you in so many areas of your life.  If you think about how it can help you-you will put it into your life and feel great about it.

Stretching is something the best thing for a person’s body. We all think it’s going to the gym but stretching daily tops that because it is the beginning of what helps us on our fitness journey.  They both keep us young and mobile so that is why we add both of these things to our workout and run with them figuratively and literally.  If you run before you do that you stretch to warm up and cool down that is what we should always do when it comes to any workout.  Which is hard to remember but we always should.

When we start on a fitness journey do we think to stretch? Sometimes sure but most of the time its an after thought and we do cardio instead.  The way we can make it not an after thought is put it into our lives on a daily basis like we do when we fit fitness into our lives.  It is essentially the same thing so it will work for both. Which makes fitness and stretching a good combination when it comes to everyday life and fitting fitness into it.  It is very easy to fit fitness and stretching into our lives we just have to give it a try.

With fitting fitness into your life stretching and fitness are quiet similar because you can do both when it comes to putting a fitness rountine together or just doing one you find online or somewhere else. It is better for your health actually if you do it that way.  That is also why when someone says the word fitness most of us think cardio, abs, and stretching. Doing all of these things in your daily fitness routine makes you feel amazing.

Stretching and fitness are similar if you want to get a great workout in. You can’t do one without the other, so put both of them into your life and you will be golden. That is why they are so similar because they are meant to be used interchangeably so try that the next time you work out. You will feel great I gaurntee it.

Can You Really Live In Activewear?

If you wear activewear to workout do you just wear it for that?  There are so many different brands of active wear that a person may have. So how many times a day can a person do a  workout to accommodate for wearing all their activewear? Most people wear one set of activewear per workout. Is that all they wear activewear for though? No activewear can be worn anytime don’t you think?  Most activewear is comfy so why not. Jogging pants, leggings t-shirts or even tight yet breathable clothing is comfortable whatever clothing really. If you are fitting fitness into your life that is. You can wear anything and do anything in your life and consider it activewear and put fitness into your life. Isn’t wearing activewear more comfortable for every day?  the elastic waistbands and baggy shirts or the tight shirts that still let you breathe which are comfy. Most people wear those types of clothing to lounge in why couldn’t they work out in them too?

The best activewear is what? Tight breathable clothing or sweat resistant clothing. Can we really live in clothes like that? It depends on your profession and how you feel when you wear them.  Anything that can be worn as loungewear can also be considered active wear which you can definitely live in.  Any movable clothing that is comfy can be lived in. I love wearing activewear because it is comfy and that means I can workout anytime I want, which is great when you are fitting fitness into your life.

Can you really live in activewear? It depends on the activewear but if it’s comfy or stretchable, who wouldn’t  like it. If you can stretch and your clothes don’t hurt or pull against your skin, you can live in them as well as a workout in them. Some people can’t handle wearing their workout clothes for more then the hour of there workout but if you are comfy in them then why would you want to change? I wouldn’t and that means I can workout anytime anywhere.  Have you ever worn your workout clothes all day and done one or more workouts in a day? If you do wear workout clothes all day and you are fitting fitness into your life you are getting a lot out of your workout clothes.  So you can wear workout clothes all day when it comes to fitting fitness into your life.

How many days a week do you workout and what do you wear. If you workout at a gym you wear breathable clothing that helps your sweat dry fast so you wear dry- fit clothing of some kind. When you wear dry- fit clothing for your workouts your clothes dry so fast that when your workout is over you don’t feel wet at all from the sweat so why would you want to change your workout clothes to other clothes? is it just to say you changed if your comfy why do that? When I worked out in workout clothes I wear them for an hour or two and then I change from one set of workout clothes to another since they are so comfy.


I wear jogging pants or leggings with an old t-shirt or tank top for my workouts. I will sometimes wear dri- fit clothes like lululemon or puma active wear or the Costco brand of activewear. There is so many different types of active wear, Nike, and Addias too, but I only have Nike shoes, not clothes.  Although the lululemon and puma clothes along with all the other workout clothes I have, I do wear a lot or more then the others I still wear them a lot more then any other type of clothing that I have. Active wear is a lot more comfortable then any other clothes that I have and that is why I wear them the most. Are you the type of person who wears active wear all the time? If I could wear active wear over jeans and nice clothes I would and I do sometimes.

What if you work from home or come home from work do you change out of your clothes into something comfy like active wear and get a great workout in. After your workout do you automatically shower or do you stay in your workout clothes and get other things done around the house? Or do you have to change in order to feel productive?  When you fit fitness into your life, do you wear active wear all the time, I love workout clothes because they are comfortable? I wear them to write in and read in because I feel that the more comfortable I am the more I want to get stuff done as well as workout.

If you enjoy wearing active wear all the time, do you relax in active wear or do you wear something else? Can you do anything and everything in active wear? Clean the house lounge around, workout since that it is what they are for. Have you ever just put your workout clothes on and just did everything else but your workout?   When other stuff comes up in life life putting your workout off is sometimes the easiest but if you are in your workout clothes and you can get everything in your day done plus your workout isn’t that great. So yes we really can live in active wear and when we do we workout a lot more then normal along with getting everything else done. This is because we can maove easier in stretchable clothing.

The more your clothes move the better you move isn’t that how it works. It is alos easier to get things done and fit fitness into your life if the clothes you are wearing work for it, so if you are wearing workout clothes all day you can fit fitness into your life. Active wear is anything that you can move a lot in but is also form fitting. Active wear is anything that you van move a lot in whether you think that or not, so if you are wearing clothes that are form fitting but you can move a lot in you wear them al the time. Since almost anything that a person does is considered fitness and if they do that they are always wearing active wear, or at least they try too.  Active wear is comfy clothes and they help you move eaiser which makes fitting fitness into your life great.

Active wear is and always has been stretchy or in the form of jogging pant material or stretchy pant material or stretchy shirt material that is some form of dri- fit. Which makes people feel warm and cozy. They also make people feel comfortable as if they could wear it forever. Which is normally what people do. If you are comfortable if they could wear it forever. Which is normally what people do. If you are comfortable in active wear and some other clothes you have are uncomfortable you won’t wear them would you? no probably not you would wear the comfortable clothing and then fit fitness into your life. It is so much easier to do it that way and a lot more can be done in terms ofo a workout if you stay in active wear all day.  Your body is not constricted in active wear so if you can move your body more freely isn’t it easier to just stay in active wear and through your day? Yes because you can do a lot more with your body wearing active wear.

The things that you can do in workout clothes is work on anything they are so freeing in the way that they feel, why would someone want to change. Wearing workout clothes makes a person want to keep moving because it is easier. Active wear is always a set of clothing related to comfort. Which is why a lot ofo people wear it more then they would wear any other type of clothing. When you wear your workout clothes for longer then your workout in a day you are more dertemined to put your workout into your life that day or any day really.  That is what I notice when I wear active wear all the time, I always want to workout or do some sort of workout and for longer periods of time. It makes the day move faster because I feel like I am doing more when I wear active wear all day.

How do you like active wear? Do you find it comfortable enough to wear all day, or do you like changing immediately after your workout and not wearing workout clothes unkess you are working out. I pick the most comfortable leggings and tops or jogging pants or capris and use them for my workouts. So if I odnt want ot change after my one workout I don’t need to and I can do more fitness in my life later in the day if I want. If you have never tried it you should it might change the way you look at fitting fitness into your life in terms of wearing your active wear all day.


Working Out Barefoot Apposed To Wearing Shoes

When we workout do we just do exercises or is there certain things we need first? In terms of clothing and shoes or do you workout barefoot? If you go to a gym running shoes are required since it is a public place and you don’t want to get kicked out for not wearing shoes and you don’t want to get any type of diseases for not wearing shoes in a public place.  However if you workout from home you can wear whatever you want. Which is good in terms of comfort.  It really depends on how you like to do it, but if you work out in a gym you have no choice you have to wear shoes.  Have you ever not worn shoes to work out and if so do you notice a difference?  Or do you just work out a gym and don’t even consider it?  Think about these two things the next time you work out. Some people just get a gym membership instead of trying at home workouts but you can do both so why not try it?

Does it depend on a person’s feet or just how they feel when they work out? Sometimes doing a workout barefoot is better for a person’s feet. Other times it might not be but it doesn’t make your workout any less effective it just gives it a different feel. Sometimes it is better to workout with shoes depending on the workout. An example of a workout you can do without shoes, is a floor workout, stretching on the floor or abs. some people might need a lot of arch support so they will wear shoes all the time for there workouts. For me, if I can avoid wearing shoes for my workout I will, but if I am using the stepper shoes is better. I do have some arch issues in my one foot so I did try with shoes in the beginning and then decided that it felt better if I went barefoot. It also depends on the mood the person is in too if they feel like wearing shoes for there workout they will if they workout at home and if they don’t then they won’t at least that is what I do. Are you the type of person who uses shoes to workout?

Shoes give your foot the lift it needs to help you balance while you are doing your workouts, don’t they? Also, who wouldn’t want to wear shoes to work out?  Just the word might make a person smile there are so many different brands, styles, and colours and if a person smiles because of a workout shoe they might do a better workout. At least that is what I like to think what about you?  Think about what is better for you when it comes to working out, how do you feel when you do your workout without shoes on? Do you feel out of place or off balance or do you feel fine?  Some might do what works for them when it comes to working out.

When you workout with shoes on versus not you have more grip on the floor or on the equipment that you use.  There is a piece of equipment that I use for the workouts that I would much rather use shoes with then bare feet.  There are little circles on this piece of equipment that bite into my feet when I use it without shoes it is the stepper that I mentioned above.  That is the only thing I really like using shoes for when I workout though. Although that is just my opinion it depends on the person and what they prefer when it comes to wearing shoes or not wearing shoes when they work out. What about for a workout video?

When you are working out in a group or taping a workout video do you think that it is better to workout in shoes? I would say that if you are working out in a group or taping a workout video wearing shoes is best.  The reason for this is usually your workouts are longer and there are a lot more moves involved. Also wearing shoes give you the ankle support you so desperately need when you use your feet so much.  Although it all depends on what the person doing it feels is necessary for them you can’t tell someone working out without shoes to wear them. When I do workout videos that is the only time I wear shoes because I am on my feet doing workout moves for a lot longer than my normal workouts.

Running shoes, however, are awesome, to shop for don’t you think? the colours and styles can keep you in a certain shoe store for hours.  You can’t just buy the first shoe you see though, when you are looking for shoes to workout in you have to look for shoes with the best arch support for your foot. So try shoes on with someone who knows a lot about them and chooses a shoe that way.  if you wear the proper shoe your workouts will be so much better and you will feel it. I like using Nike training shoes myself.  They are comfortable and give me the support I need.  That is the goal in any shoe that you should look for when trying to find the proper workout shoe for yourself.

If you ask people who work out what they like better wearing shoes or not wearing shoes to workout I guarantee their answers will differ. Everyone prefers different things in life and when they work out it is no different. Some people like wearing shoes others don’t some people like working out in gyms and others like working out at home. Some like wearing workout clothes others like wearing pajamas. The list can go on, but the point is everyone who works out is different from the next person. Although we are talking about if wearing shoes or not wearing shoes is better for a workout and not clothing.  It depends on the way you look at it, who you are and the workout you are doing. Wearing shoes to workout or not wearing shoes to workout is purely the preference of the person doing the workout.

Great colours of running shoes when you workout makes people who see you do a double take because they are so bright or cool. Which makes people who don’t wear shoes to workout think twice about wearing them for there workouts because of the colours and how cool they are.  Look for good training shoes, with good colours that draw you to them and give those shoes a try. Pick your favourite brand of running shoe that you would use to workout in and get a pair or two. I have two pairs of workout shoes. Both shoes are Nike, the outdoors are purple and the indoors are peach. I love them both and wear them both for my workouts.

Are you the type of person who always likes to wear shoes or have you worked out barefoot? Do you notice a difference the feeling in whatever workout move feels different when you wear shoes or not?  Do you feel better in shoes no matter where you workout whether it be at home or in a gym? Most people say yes, and I do have to agree for some moves I do get a better workout when I wear shoes, just because wearing them lifts my arch which gives me more give when doing certain workout moves.  If you have never tried it before and want to give it a try why not try an at home workout or an online workout or the workout video that goes with post and see how that goes, see if you like working out barefoot better or not.


Working out is working out no matter if you are wearing shoes or not. As long as you work up a sweat does it really matter? I would think not if you are fitting fitness into your life it shouldn’t matter what shoes or type thereof you wear or if you wear them at all. In my swing workout video I am wearing sandals, although that’s in the workout video most of the time I don’t wear shoes for my workouts only when I am taping a video do I wear shoes. It takes the pressure off my feet when I don’t wear shoes for my workouts and I feel as though I do a better workout that way.  Everyone is different though so don’t just take my word for it.

When you workout with shoes or without shoes when fitting fitness into your life is you experiencing something different. Are your workouts changing in some way? Some people might say no and others might say yes, for me when I want a different feeling in my workout that is when I wear shoes.  it works either way and you can get the same results never think that you can’t.  If you like working out barefoot and don’t know how to do try fitting fitness into your life and see what happens you might be surprised at what comes out of it.

Working out barefoot or with shoes is something that everyone who works out has experienced at least once in their life if they want too.  It is a yes or no decision, according to the people who are doing the workouts. So someone can’t decide if one or the other is good for someone else or what someone else might like. I have told you what I like to do in terms of wearing shoes or not when I work out what do you like to do when you workout do you like wearing shoes or not or does it matter? Have you tried it?

Why Put Fitness Into Your Life?

Fitness, walking, workouts they have all been around for centuries.  Why do people want to put into their life? If they haven’t already why would they want to do it now? Is it because of all the fitness infomercials they see on t.v.  or what they see on the internet through social media? Do they see how happy people who do fitness are and do they want to do it for themselves?  Or do they know how much more energy being involved in fitness can give a person?  There are many different reasons people put fitness into their lives.  Since each person has their own fitness goals, all the reasons they do it will be different. Some people will say why do you need to work out? But that reason isn’t really for them. It is just for the person working out the way they are. Just like the why of fitness and it is in your life remember that.

With fitness in a person’s life, what do you think will happen?  The person will have more energy and be happier. Have a smile on their face be more outgoing?  These are just a few things that are good, and that can happen when you put fitness into your life. Although it can all be different for everyone.  For example, some people might feel that if they don’t work out in a gym they aren’t getting a good workout in. However, as long as you are sweating you are getting a good workout. if you do anything fast paced in life or just move a lot you are working out.

Go for a walk, clean your house,  put laundry away, start at home workout videos.  There are so many different things you can do to fit fitness into your life. Fitness is anything you do to work up a sweat with. So think of all the things you do in your life that you work up a sweat with, the question is do you workout?  most of us will probably answer yes and not even realize it.  When are you doing your everyday stuff you are fitting fitness into your life isn’t that cool to think about?  If you think of all the walking you do in a day as a workout you won’t feel as bad missing a gym session. Anything can be a workout if you want it too.

Doing things in your life that are active anything at all can be considered fitness or a workout. Which means fitting fitness into your life can be quiet easy if you think about it. Go out and garden, take your pets for a walk, put your can goods away on the shelf.  Those things can be considered fitness too. Everyday tasks can be considered fitness you just have to have the right mindset. Walk around your house or up and down stairs, a couple thousand times if you don’t have workout videos or use online workouts if you don’t have workout videos. There is always a way of getting a workout in. Sometimes you can work out all day depending on what you are doing and that is awesome don’t you think? It also helps with comprehension and your food consumption which is great too.

If you are thinking you don’t even have time to work out or have never had time to work out think again.  There are always ways to workout in a day and there is always time.  The reason why there is always time to workout in a day is that you can do it doing anything in your life.  So don’t think of your workout as a chore or something to dread you will be dreading living life that way and that is never good.  When you fit fitness into your life you are changing the way you live your life the reason for this is because the fitness you put into your life helps you live a fuller life.  That is why the people that fit fitness into there life daily or even weekly seem a lot happier in their everyday life.  Have you ever noticed that?  I have and that is why I am doing it for myself and my own fitness journey. You should give it a try.

Fitting fitness into your life is to make you more aware, of what you actually do fitness wise in your life. Almost everything that we do in life can be associated with fitness if we are moving that is.  Which is awesome in terms of people being busy and not being able to get to the gym all the time. So if you can’t get to the gym one day just do something that makes you work up a bit of a sweat. Which means just keep moving.  The more you move the more you are fitting fitness into your life without spending a lot of time and money in a gym. If you can do things fitness wise without being in a gym why wouldn’t you?  If you are new to fitness and don’t know what to do why not try doing that first and see if you can come up with a fitness routine for yourself.

Life is full of fitness opportunities we just have to go out and look for them. So go out and look for them and they will be there. Take a hike do your day to day tasks and consider that fitness.  If you fit fitness into your life you make your workout easier.  You do what you want to do in terms of fitness instead of doing something planned or written down. Just do something to get your heart rate up and you can call it day. Sure you can do more but if that is all you have time for don’t fret about it.  Think of all your movement in a day as something fitness related it will make your fitness a lot more fun.

When you put fitness into your life you feel a lot better because you are moving.  Your mind is a lot clearer because you are eating healthier and the endorphins you get from your workouts are opening your mind to new possibilities for things in the future. You are always using what you know in fitness and putting it into your life.  When you do that you are always working out even when you don’t feel like you are.  This just goes to show that workouts don’t have to be hard, or long. Just do a workout to keep yourself moving and just do a workout for your fitness goals when you have time the more moving you do the better.  Make your workouts work for you and your schedule not the other way around that is also a great way to make fitness fit into your life.

Fitness and fitting it into your life is essentially you living your everyday life with a fitness frame of mind. For example, if you lift things at any time during the day you consider that lifting weights. If you take a set of stairs you consider that cardio. The fast movements you do in your life every day you can consider cardio and bam you are fitting fitness into your life.  Fitness is a part of life if you think about it.   Just keep moving and there you have it your fitness and life together.  Think in a fitness mindset in everything that you do and just keep moving. That is how fitness and fitting it into your life makes life so much better. Think of how you feel when you fit fitness into your life you feel good right? If you feel good when you fit fitness into your life then why not do it all the time.  That is what most people do.

Don’t always think you have to do a certain workout or go to the gym to get a good sweat session in.  Just make sure you move for a least an hour to 20 minutes and work up a bit of a sweat each day. Any type of movement that gets your body moving and your blood flowing is considered fitting fitness into your life. Stay active moving daily don’t just sit on the couch and think you are going to get fit that way because that isn’t how it works you have to get up and move in order to stay fit. So get up and move any way possible, your own workouts, workouts you find online anything that gets you moving even DVD workouts that you have that you haven’t used why not try them. If you really want it and you work for it, it will work whether you are in a gym or not or even following a specific workout plan.

Fitness an life go together like fruit and yogurt get it healthy food equals fitness.  Just move lift heavy hampers of clothes or full cans of beans or soup,  grocery bags full of food.  Everyday things. If you do everyday things you have fitness in your life without having to leave your house really or go to the gym. Some days there is no time to go to the gym but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout in. That just means you have to fit into your life by doing it at home or at work. Not the best by far but any workout is better than nothing just think of it that way. So don’t just do your workout because you can’t do what you normally do just do something else and make it work that is fitting fitness into your life. Which saves you from no workout guilt, just do something small and call it a workout it still counts.  That is what fitting fitness into your life is all about.

How To Pick A Specific Workout To See Results In A Certain Area

Workouts they are meant to get a person results in certain areas of their bodies aren’t they? Some people might want to get muscles in their arms or legs, others might want to tone and get abs. Depending on the person depends on the results that they want in terms of their fitness since we all work out for different reasons. We all have different areas of our bodies that we really want to focus on.  The reason why is so that we can see results in that area we are focusing on so intently. We need to remember that there are many different workouts you can do for this in terms of where you want to focus.

Sure you can work your abs, for a six pack or a flat stomach but there is not just one way to do so. You can do sit-ups but there are other ways too oblique exercises, in order to work your abs in another way. when you work your abs you will see definition in them. The same goes for working different parts of your body for long periods of time. Depending on the results you want and what you want to work out depends on what you work out and how long. Or what work out you do doesn’t it? Yes, and it also depends on the amount of time per week that you do a certain type of workout.  That is what happens when you pick a specific workout to see results in a certain area.

All workouts that we do are to get results in certain areas of our bodies.  Most of the time when you put a workout together or you are looking for one you are looking for a certain one for a specific part of your body. Or a certain area of your body that you want results in. For instance, lifting weights you will get muscles in your arms and legs if you do lunges with the weights that is.  The more you workout the more results you will see. A workout that I did awhile back was a chest and back workout I did it six days a week for a few months and it got me the results I wanted and I got to wear a strapless dress to my cousin’s wedding that I wouldn’t have gotten to wear if it weren’t for those workouts. I still do it now but a little less frequently and it still gets me the results I am looking for.

All workouts are meant specifically for something it just depends on what you are looking to improve or change in your body in terms of toning.  Or even muscle mass.  It just depends on what the person working out wants to focus on. Most of the time when we workout we don’t work out our entire bodies at once, we only work out certain sections of our bodies at a time. We as people like to usually focus on one section at a time when it comes to workouts because we can see our definition more closely that way.  When we see results in one area we feel as though we can move on to the next because we are seeing results in one place so there must be able to result in other places.

If we work one section at a time and it gets the results, we want then we will want to continue to work out. We all know that most people who give up on there workouts aren’t seeing the results that they want but we have to remember that to see results it takes time and effort so we shouldn’t give up on our workouts no matter how long it takes. Be patient when working out and the results you want will show up.

How you pick a specific workout to see results in a certain area of your body is to look at what it is you want to improve and either find a workout online or you do a workout video dealing with the area you want to work with. Most of the time when that happens you look for certain moves and make up your own workouts. Sometimes that is the best way for you to see results from your workouts in certain areas. Always remember though don’t let others tell you what results to expect or what you should work on. It’s your body which means you know what you want to work on more than anyone.

Everyone who works out wants different results in different areas of their bodies. Which means everyone workout is going to be different. Which is why people fit fitness into their lives in different ways so that it works for them. We all have different goals and different times of day we can get a workout in. Which means we all will be seeing different results in different areas of our bodies because we all won’t be working the same thing as someone else.  For me I want my abs and muscles to show a bit more so that is what I focus on when I do my workouts.  I usually pick a certain day to do each type of workout because I feel that it works for me. It just depends on the area that a person wants to work with that determines the type of workout they want to do.

So pick a workout that you know is going to get you the results that you are looking for and do that.  The more you work with the areas that you want in terms of your fitness the better you will feel. Everyone likes feeling good don’t they so why not do a workout in an area you feel you want too and see how you feel. You will probably be a lot happier once you see results in the area that you want too in terms of your fitness whether it be your muscle definition or AB definition.  Focus on you when it comes to your fitness that is the only way it is going to work.

The way you pick a specific workout to see results in a certain area is all in the way you feel when you do the workout and after. If you begin to feel the muscles that you are getting from lifting weights you will eventually see them. The same goes for abs as well. When you feel good about your workouts you will notice more in terms of results. So pick a workout that you want good results from doing it properly or to the best of your ability and see what happens. You will be surprised and happy in the end.

Picking a workout to see results in a certain area can sometimes be challenging.  This is because you might not know what you want to focus on in terms of what area of the body you want to do first. Once you decide that however then pick a few workouts to do and go for it. If you don’t pick a certain area to work with then you won’t see results as quickly. So pick a certain area to focus on and with time you will see the results you are looking for faster and it will come to a lot easier the more you do it.  But you have to know what you want to focus on and pick workout accordingly don’t  let others pick them for you pick them for yourself and you will be more likely to do them then you will see the results that you want. That is why I usually do workouts on the internet or make them up myself.

How a person picks a specific workout to see results in a certain area is all from what they usually see others doing and the results that other people have that they want. However, we cant compare because everyone’s results when they work out are going to be different than someone else’s. Even our own results will be different in different areas of our bodies. That is why we don’t compare ourselves to others when we work out and we fit fitness into our lives in our own way. If you want to compare anything take before photos before you start working out and some photos after a few weeks or months of doing it.



The Unconventional Ways Of Doing Fitness

When you hear the words fitting fitness into your life the first thing that comes to mind is what? Using things you wouldn’t normally use as part of your workout routine. Cans as weights, A Chair as a spotter to use for sit-ups and butt bridges or toe lifts.  Using chairs as something to support your feet. You don’t always need equipment when it comes to working out. These are the unconventional ways of working out.  Even if you don’t like conventional workouts like everyone else that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a proper workout. Make workouts work for you, use cans as weights, chairs for sit-ups or grocery shop as cardio.  It will give you the same effect if you work hard enough, with it. Fitness is not all about the equipment or the places you work out at, it also has a lot to do with the way a person lives there life. How they make their workouts work.

Fitness has been around since the dark ages, which means there hasn’t always been equipment that is used. Although we don’t think of that now, in the olden days before fitness really existed with equipment how did people stay fit? They chopped wood, hunted their food and gathered herbs which were a lot of arm and leg motions which kept them strong and fit.  So indirectly they lifted weights and did a bunch of cardio with the all the walking and lifting of tree limbs that they had to do in order to survive.  These were the unconventional ways of fitness years ago, but are they used today? Yes just in a different way.  Which in the end describes the unconventional ways of fitness.  Think of how long fitness has been around and how much it’s changed. We use equipment in gyms or what you buy fitness wise to use instead of using the things that we have at home, which means we would save money instead of spending it.

If people want to get into a workout routine, and they are new to it what is it that they do first? Do they look at what they see on television, and try to do that, or look at things online and do that although that isn’t really unconventional. In years prior using the internet to find workout routines was unheard of DVDs were just coming out in the fitness sector but even before that, there were videotapes. The internet came along way after that.  That isn’t how fitness started though it is how it has evolved. It started with what people had on hand to use in order to get a good sweat on.  Those are some of the ways that fitness is unconventional but still used today.

The unconventional ways of fitness are what essentially makes fitness fit into people’s lives. What that means is the people that fit fitness into there lives look at the different things they can use to do it.  When you are outside lifting heavy things up off the ground and using them as weights. So the unconventional ways of fitting fitness into your life means you use what you have around the house instead of spending money on fitness equipment. Sure it might be unconventional but it is cheaper. Working out isn’t the same for everyone though because we all have different things in our houses that we can use for different workouts.  There are always going to be unconventional ways of working out because working out is always changing as the years go by.

If you have something to jump on at home or off of at home you can use that as part of a cardio routine to get your blood pumping, it can be a good replacement for running if you need a change. It gives you the rush of running but it is a lot less evasive on your joints.  That is a great way to workout and its fun too. You don’t always have to be at the gym to workout there are many other ways to do it conventional or not who doesn’t like that?  If you don’t have time for the gym that doesn’t mean you should miss a workout even if you don’t have the proper equipment at home. Remember workouts don’t always have to be planned out, you can just do what you feel that day and if you don’t have the right equipment use what you do have to give to yourself a bit of a sweat session. That is another way of fitting fitness into your life and having it be unconventional. The unconventional ways of fitness are usually the most fun and fulfilling don’t you think?

Chairs are a great alternative when you want to do alternative fitness. When you are trying to figure out different ways of doing fitness the first thing that comes to mind are the workouts you can do with household items. Make your workouts a part of your life and you will get so much more out of them. which is what makes life so much better to live in terms of being healthy and active. Unconventional workouts are the most fun because they can change all the time and who doesn’t like that, everyone likes changing up their workouts.

Fitness and getting in your workout is not always conventional. Since everything is always changing, in terms of times of day that people work out and their schedules.  Take the stairs or lift things you wouldn’t normally lift if you need to get a workout in and don’t know how you are going to do it.  You can work up a sweat doing that without having to do anything strenuous. Use full filing boxes at work taking the steps as weights or just take the steps instead of the elevator. As long as you get in a workout of some kind does it matter if its unconventional?

Fitness is everywhere, and the unconventional ways of doing it were one of the first ways that fitness was noticed. In today’s day what we did in the olden days in terms of fitness, we think that it is unconventional when really what we do now in terms of fitness is the thing that should be called unconventional fitness because it is not how fitness came to be. Today, in order to get a good workout in you either, have to buy thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment or you have to get a gym membership and spend that money leaving the house to get your workout in every day. However, that is not the only way to get a good workout those are the unconventional ways until it changed. Now we are using home workouts and the things that we have around the house and that is noticed as unconventional but it still works.

Fitness has always been unconventional if you think about it. The reason why is because there is always new things that come about in terms of fitness. In the olden days using the outdoors and what it offered in terms of things to use for a workout was not unconventional but now it is people don’t  pick up tree branches and use them as a piece of fitness equipment anymore like they did years ago. In today’s day, it is though because now when people think of fitness and working out they think of going to the gym. Gyms to some of the conventional ways of working out but I like the unconventional ways of doing it. Use what you can from home make up your own workouts, do online workouts. Its unconventional yes but if it works for you then why not do what works.

Fitness is always around whether conventional or not. If you want conventional fitness go to a gym if you don’t or don’t care then do at home workouts and fit fitness into your life. For some fitting fitness into there lives is a lot easier by doing what they find online or just getting outside,  or doing household things when they have time instead of trying to find time to go to the gym. If you want to give yourself a new way of doing fitness and you have been going to the gym try the unconventional ways of it.  You might get more then you think out of it.

Unconventional ways of doing fitness is just someone’s way of saying they are going to make fitness there own and a part of there life. Fitness is great anyway that it is done. Always remember that so don’t think that an unconventional way of doing fitness is wrong and the other is right. They are both right it just depends on what a person likes best for themselves. Fitness is fitness no matter how you look at it. If you want to get into fitness and fit it into your life you will find a way whether conventional or not.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy

When a person is fit how do they stay that way and is there a difference between unhealthy fit and healthy fit?  Yes, there is since I have been both I am living proof of it and I am going to tell my story. I will first tell you about when I was fit and unhealthy. When I was fit and unhealthy I would only eat when I felt hungry or when my stomach growled but I wouldn’t eat right away I would wait until it was uncomfortable then I would eat. That is what I like, to call eating when you want not eating to to fuel and live. Also, I was eating maybe a fist full of food or two per meal, which is fine but not when you are eating only twice a day.  In the fitness industry, we are told to eat at least five to six times a day right? Yes small meals and then one big meal, I, however, wasn’t doing that. I was eating when I felt like it which isn’t good.

If you just eat when you feel like it and workout when you feel like it is you really getting things done to get results?  No, you are just eating to eat and working out probably since everyone else is you feel you need too, too. That is not the way to stay fit and healthy. The way to stay fit and healthy is to eat consecutive meals throughout the day and to keep your body moving. Make sure to also get your proteins and veggies in, that keeps you healthy and strong.  Working out lifting weights, doing cardio and working your abs helps you stay fit but you have to remember to eat too. If you don’t eat you won’t gain muscle and that is what everyone who works out wants muscle.


When you are trying to stay fit and healthy do you do your workouts first or do you eat first?  For some they eat or have a shake first and then they work out, for others like me, I workout then eat. I guess it depends on the type of person you are and the workout that you are doing. What I mean by that is are you the type of person who likes to workout early in the morning or later in the day? Is there a different way of eating for each time a person likes to workout during the day.  Not really just remember to eat healthy fats and proteins right before or right after a workout. You have to eat protein with healthy fats in order to stay healthy. When I first started my fitness journey I just ate to eat, because I was just trying to get food in my system. Now, however, I try to add more healthy options to my eating along with my workouts.

Drinking the right amount of fluids really plays a role in it too. If you don’t drink enough you won’t be healthy either. You will be dehydrated and feel disgusting. If you want to live a full life where you accomplish a lot and live life to the fullest you should eat right, drink enough water and exercise.  Now exercising doesn’t mean getting a gym membership it just means get outside and get active or get active inside your house. Staying active is how a person can stay fit and healthy always remember that.

Staying fit and healthy in life there is always the eighty-twenty rule. 20 percent fitness 80 percent nutrition. This is a great rule because if you aren’t eating proper nutrition you won’t get the proper fitness results that you are looking for. So in order to stay fit and healthy, you have to do it the proper way with fitness and nutrition, not just one or the other. These two things go hand and hand and that is why they are needed to live. If you want to live a healthy life you should do the 80-20 rule when it comes to fitness and nutrition. So make your fitness and nutrition work for you and you will be able to stick to it easier.

The key to fitness and nutrition is not just having it in place, and forget about it it is sticking to it eat three to six times a day, veggies, meat, and starch drink water. Workout twenty minutes to an hour or so a day and you will feel amazing. At least that is what I do and it works for me I feel amazing.  This is how both fitness and nutrition work together so you can live a long life. don’t forgo one for the other because you won’t last you will crash and be very tired and that is never good. If you are in fitness you know how to eat properly too is all that means. Eating properly and working out regularly is how one will stay fit and healthy so if that’s what you want then do that.

When you are fit and eating right you feel so much better. even if you are not fit but you are eating right,  don’t you feel so much better?  Usually yes if you are eating nutritiously you feel so much better then when you aren’t. This is because you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs to survive. You will also live longer if you eat healthily, being fit helps with that too but it isn’t the only factor. So if you want to do one in your life its best to do both because you feel great in the end. So eat healthily and exercise to live your best life possible as long as possible.

Being fit and healthy in life also helps your ability to think and function better. what I mean by this is you have more brain power for things when you eat healthily and when you exercise while doing that you have more energy. Which gives you more brain power which in the end helps you live a lifer life.Who wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy and live a better life? everyone wants to live a better life being fit and healthy. That is what makes life fun. It makes you feel better and gives you a better outlook on life so why not do it. It’s so much more fun to live a healthy and fit life.

Being fit and healthy offers a person so many opportunities because they feel good about themselves and they want to show the world that. When a person is fit and healthy they act and look different. Sometimes they are all into fitness and nutrition with a smile on there face. Sometimes they are happier because of what they are doing. Being fit and healthy gives you a sense of how life is amazing and you are all smiles because of that.  This is why you should eat properly while being involved in fitness because you will feel better in the end. People are a lot happier when they feel good.

Staying fit and healthy will prolong your life. in so many different ways you are happier so you make more friends which means you go out more so you are more stimulated. You feel better so you want to do more with the people in your life. You are more in tune with the things going on around you because your brain is not fogged with sugar chemicals. So you see things more clearly as well as think of them that way. which makes your life easier and more fun to live because you are more awake. Being more awake during the day is a sign you are fit and healthy in your life and everyone wants to be more awake during the day in there life.

Being fit and healthy gives great endorphins to your brain. You feel like you can accomplish so much because you are exercising and eating right for your body. That is how being fit and healthy helps a person live the best life they can. So if you want to live your best life why not try that or even one or the other and see what happens. Being fit and healthy is an amazing feeling you won’t regret it once you start on that journey.




How To Make Fitness Not Boring

Fitness routines are meant to be fun and keep a person’s interest. What happens though when you do the same routine over and over again? Does doing the same thing over and over again fitness wise boring? Most of the time it does. There are ways, however, to make your fitness routine not boring. Have a dance party before your workout begins or even during it.  That spices up a workout if I ever saw it.  Do different things each time you workout not always the same thing. great music helps too. These are the first few things you should do when you are trying to make your workout not boring. 1) pick good music that gets your heart pumping music is what gets a person in the mood to workout. Make a workout playlist get a group of people together that like the same fitness as you do, and have a dance party. Get a bunch of different music and test it out and pick the best songs for the workout you are doing. 2) pick out a great workout outfit, that puts a smile on your face,  if the outfit you have on makes you want to work out then you are halfway there. Colorful and form-fitting clothes usually do the trick for me.3) Also brightly colored supporting running shoes to go along with the workout clothes work.  What about the different workout contraptions like weights, a stepper, bands that type of thing. A stepper with handles that count your steps, or weights for your ankles you can also use what you have around your house if you don’t have this equipment but equipment  is a plus for making your workouts not boring

. These are just three of the big things that can make fitness not boring. So if you ever thought there was no way of making your workout not boring think again. There is always something you can do in terms of making a workout not boring. Always change up your workout have a number of different ones you alternate with, that is another way of making it not boring for yourself.

When a person starts a workout regime there goal is what, with it? To get fit and toned yes, but what else. There is usually more than one goal when a person starts working out. Most of the time the goal of a person, when they start working out, is to be more active, in their life. There are many ways this can happen, they can write out a workout and start that way with good music so that they can get it done. Or a good thing to motivate them. check out my what motivates you to workout post. There are some tips in there, that relate to this post. Here is another list of what can make your workout not boring,

  • Have fun with it, laugh, dance anything that is fun for you

Make your workout like a party that way it will never be boring most people always like parties don’t they? Most of the time, yes, so if they make their workout for a party they would want to do it more wouldn’t they? I like my workouts more when I make them a party so I am guessing that everyone else would like there’s more if they were like that too. So if you are doing a workout and you feel bored with it try changing the things you are doing in it.  Or work out some other body parts instead of the ones you always do.

If you want to make your workout not so repetitive, and boring then make a list of what you want to do, in terms of moves and reps throw some other stuff in there like dancing as a break and there you have it, your workout isn’t boring anymore.  Working out shouldn’t be something that you dread because it is boring it isn’t something that should be boring so make it fun for yourself so that you want to do it and see how much more you get out of it. You will be surprised at what you will see if you make your workouts fun for yourself.

If you do the same workout routine or DVDs for too long what happens? Do you do the same thing more than once in terms of workouts or do you do different things along with some of the same things? You are usually changing up your workout routine a bit so you aren’t getting bored of it and you are doing new things as well. Doing new things in your workout makes it more interesting and you look forward to it more don’t you? I do and I know that others do too. Doing new things in your workout as well as some old things that you have done before really does make your workout not boring and opens up your eyes to many new workout possibilities.  Make sure you have fun with your workouts.

When a person gets bored of a fitness routine they are doing what happens?  They don’t want to do it anymore so what happens? They stop doing it and forget about there fitness all together? And stop fitting it into there lives.  When they do that and then they start them up again it seems as though they are boring don’t they? Because they just stopped their workouts and started again they didn’t change anything and if you want to have a different workout so you aren’t bored you have to change something in it.  Another way to make a workout not boring is to take a workout you haven’t done in a while and do it, it feels as though you are doing the workout for the first time and that is new and exciting. Which makes it not boring so take a break from some of the workouts do something else and then go back to them.   your mind and body will thank you in the boredom department.

A boring workout is a workout that people don’t want to do. It is something that is completely avoided for the most part. So is that fitting fitness into your life? No, it isn’t that is why when you fit fitness into your life you try and make your workout something that you enjoy doing.  If you don’t enjoy the workout find a workout that you do enjoy doing, instead of so that it isn’t so boring.  Also, pick upbeat great music I have said that before but it is true the music you have playing in the background of your workout really does help when it comes to making your workout not boring.  Have fun picking upbeat music and getting the workout done.

Spice up your workouts or find new ones to do. Then when you find new ones to do add them to the ones you are already doing and voila you aren’t bored. Since most of the time when people workout they do more than one workout a day or they combine a few workouts into one. That is how most people make fitness fun for themselves. So always look at that the next time you want to make fitness not boring.

Fitness isn’t boring when you fit it into your life. There is so many different ways of doing it. Which is why most people who make it not boring for themselves have a routine that they follow? If you want to do that but don’t have a fitness routine in place try fitting into your life like going for a walk every day or something to get you active and then your workouts won’t be boring.   When a person fits fitness into there life they make it work for them in there own way.