Hop Bop Easter

Holidays, Holidays all around fitness, fitness nowhere to be found or is it?  What do holidays mean for your fitness? does that mean skipping out on your workout when you are busy with family and friends? No it doesn’t or does it for the Easter holiday? How many events do people usually have? Well they have a lot less than they do at Christmas that is for sure but do they forgo there fitness for the Easter Holidays? It depends on the person, as does everything we all know however that working out before a big holiday meal is a good for our bodies and minds. So why not do it for Easter? It is usually a lot nicer weather for Easter then it is for Christmas Easter there is usually no snow on the ground and it is usually warmer. It is warm enough that you don’t have to be in layers which means you can take your workout outside.

An Easter workout is meant to be outside, it  is meant for you to get fresh air. I know you are probably thinking isn’t that what the fit flex life is all about? It is but the title made you think didn’t it?  Easter of a time of year to get active and keep your body in motion. What better way to do that then to hop. Now hopping in your workout is not all you should be doing,  but add some in just to change it up and see how that goes. With all the running around people do at Easter,  isn’t that pretty much a workout hiding Easter eggs for your kids, in hard to reach place is a workout. I am willing to bet you work up a sweat doing that.  Like I always say anything you sweat in is a workout, of some kind so that would be too if that happened to you.

If you do an Easter Type workout, What happens? Do you just lift weights and work on your abs? or do you do  throw cardio in there somewhere  too and hop around? It is Easter after all so hopping in your Easter workout is a must. There are many  things like that. Easter is the time of year you really want to do it because it is a hopping time of year yes  that was meant to sound like a joke so remember to hop and  hop during the Easter season. You can do this without  actually doing a specific planned workout which is great. We like that during the Easter season when it comes to our fitness. At least I do.

Holiday type workouts are very interesting. The reason for that is they can be very similar to your normal  workouts but you can change it up too so that it fits in better with the holiday. For example if you only have a certain amount of time before a dinner why not thrown in some hopping into your day and call it a workout that will make your workout go faster. Or kicking and punching. Rally anything that works for you in your Easter workout. Hop around and see how much more of a workout you get out of it. Fit it into your life and see how more of a workout you get out of it look at it through your fitness and life too.

When you do a hop bop  workout during Easter how do you feel? What do you get out of it? You feel alive and like anything is possible because your heart is pumping so fast, that you feel you can do anything. Just keep hopping  through the aster season and calling it a workout. Fit fitness into your life hop along the way and call it a workout. You will be amazed at what you get out of it.

When you do a hop bop workout you are usually going very fast. Why would you be going fast? You would be going fast because you don’t have a lot of time and you need to get a good workout in. that is what I do so mix it up with abs, burpees, cardio and hopping. See how fast it is then and see what you get out of it.

Are the fit flex and hop bop Easter good together, yes they are because the fit flex life is a fast paced workout and so is hop bop Easter.  It changes all the time because is moving so fast, so it is great for both. So try it and run with it. Hop around and throughout the Easter season and see for yourself.

When you hop around throughout the Easter season so many things can happen. You can get better in terms of ability to push your workouts. Your arms and legs, can get stronger things like that. So remember to hop in your workout during the Easter season and you will fit fitness into your life so much better. Go try it out for yourself and see.

The fit flex life and hop bop Easter are great together because they keep one another in line. If you hop along with fitting fitness into your life you are hitting two birds with one stone how cool is that? It is pretty cool because that is what it is meant for so keep it up and see what happens in your fitness during and after Easter.

Change up your workouts for the Easter season but still get them in. Just make your workouts more Easter friendly and fun. That means bring them outside lift bricks, hop around, and step –up on benches, and logs, and hop down. Those are types of workouts that you can fit into your life and have fun with. That Is what hop bop Easter is for you.

Hop bop Easter is meant to be tried throughout the fit flex life so change-up your Easter fit flex workout and see what happens. What do you think of hop bop Easter have you ever tried it?

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