How To Love Food Through Fitness?

When it comes to fitness and your workouts is food something you should love? Yes it is in terms of healthy food that is. What is food used for in terms of fitness? Is it used for something to do or is it used for fuel? Every fitness related piece of material we see or hear about when there is food involved, food is always said to be something that we fuel our bodies with. Does that happen in terms of the fit flex life? think about the post I wrote  about the reality of being a size zero, I eat after I do my daily workouts yes but since I have begun my fitness journey  I have fallen in love with food again. Remember to fuel your body with the right foods when you are working out and you will fall in love with food again too. Now I know there is a lot of different ways to eat your meals, but remember eating is different for everyone.

The way you love food through your fitness will be different for everyone as well. Sure in life and fitness where food is concerned there is the 90/20 rule but that is all different depending on the person and or the fitness routine they are doing at the time. To love food through fitness is to eat to fuel your body. Eat to make you feel good and to give your brain energy. If you brain has energy so does your body which means, your fitness will be raring to go, so remember to eat to fuel your body so that you can keep up with your fitness routine, whatever it is you choose to do in it. To love food through fitness you have to be willing to (A) make your workouts work for you, (B) eat foods that you enjoy but also eat foods to fuel your body. The more you fuel your body with the right things, the better you will feel and the better your fitness will be whether you do fit flex life workouts or not.

When you love food through fitness, how do you look at your food? Weird question I know but really think about it. Do you just eat to eat? Do you look at any type of food as a treat, and fuel or do you not look at food that way at all. It all depends on the type of food you are talking, about if the food is sweet, then it is thought of as a treat if it is savory it is thought of more on the healthy side it is thought of as fuel if you are thinking those types of foods. We have food so that we will live full lives, if we don’t eat enough food we won’t live as full lives as we want too. So pair eating with your fitness routine and your life will be as full as ever. Remember fitting fitness into your life and eating work together very well.

When you love food through fitness you eat to keep your body and mind going. You use what you eat as a reward for you getting your workout done. At least that is what I do. Now I don’t gorge myself on food after my workouts I just eat to put something in my system and give myself more energy. The way to love food through your fitness is to use it as part of your fitness, journey in one way or another you can use it as fuel or a reward anything you want really just remember food should be loved through fitness. You are making yourself feel good when you are eating good food, to keep you living fully on your fitness journey.

To love food through fitness is to eat food to help you on your fitness journey. How can one do that, in terms of the fit flex life? Well they cannot deprive themselves if they are craving something no matter what that something is. In terms of a fit flex life workout you are working out almost all the time so you are eating at least three times a day or more. When you eat good food you enjoy it more and want to eat it more. So sometimes that means working out more in your day, so that you can eat differently later or it could mean eat what you are craving and don’t feel bad about it.  The fit flex life is the type of workout   where you aren’t supposed to feel bad about anything food included. So love food through your fitness and see what happens.

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