Sweet Sweat Summer

During the summer what is one thing that happens to our bodies constantly? Or most of the time, sometimes without us even doing anything. When we workout in the summer how much do we sweat have we ever thought about it? When we are just outside in the summer we sweat so is that a workout? Or could it be? Does sweating in the summer make your workout sweet or can it? In the summer with anything that requires a lot of movement you are usually sweating because of the heat, if you are outside and the movement that you are doing. Most people in the summer spend a lot of time outside, because it is warm and they like doing things in the heat to soak it up. Going to the beach, cleaning up around there yard, doing outdoor workouts and going for walks just to name a few. People may even prefer a different type of sweat, and that is why they take their workouts outside.

In the summer sometimes August feels warmer than all the other summer months why is that? Well that is because the humidity sets in almost tenfold, also more and more people spend more time outside in August because August is a sign that summer is ending soon. When you know that something is ending soon what do you do? You work so hard to make it last and that includes your fitness. When you work hard with your fitness in the summer, all you do is sweat oh and you feel sweet too. How can you sweat in a summer workout and feel sweet? Is it the burn you feel from your workout? Is it the type of workout? It depends on the workout and how you feel about it. Most people if they do a fit flex life workout in the summer they take them outside. They do this even if it is hot out because, that means they will get more out of it. So as people take their workouts outside do they change? Do they do things in there workout that make them sweat? They do a bit of both because the more you sweat the sweeter you feel. That goes for what they get out of there workouts.

Sweet sweat summer means what and what is it about? Sweet sweat summer means you keep up your workouts even if it’s muggy and gross out it also means the more you sweat in the summer the more of a workout you get. That makes you feel sweet at least some of the time. It does to me anyway. Doing workouts outside in the summer can be sweet because, they are always changing with the things that you do outside. Outdoor workouts can always make you sweat, when you do fit flex life ones, because you are always pushing yourself to do more. That is what makes them a sweet workout. They are done in the summer because that is when the weather is warmest outside. Have you ever done an outside workout that made you think it was sweet even while you are sweating? I love sweating in the summer because I pushed my body in ways I never have before.

All workouts that make you sweat make you feel good, the ways that they make you feel good are, the cardio, abs and even clean up type of summer workouts, even swinging on a swing type of workouts might too. The more work you put into your workouts the sweeter you feel is that how that works? I feel sweeter the more I push in my workout and end up sweating. I do this the most in the fit flex life workouts what about you? Have you ever done a workout like that and if you have what do you think about it? Is it something you enjoy doing? Think about fitting fitness into when you do that do you sweat? Can workouts like that make you sweat? The answer to all of these questions is yes, and yes they can make you feel sweet. That is why this post is called sweet, sweat summer. When you feel accomplished you feel sweet which is great for the summer.

As summer starts to change in August does it become sweeter? Think about all the fruit that is just now beginning to ripen or the fact that soon you will be getting back into a normal routine when September hits. Why wait for September though why not start now in August? Is there sweetness to your summer workouts if you sweat and if so what are they or what is it? Yes there is because your muscles burn and that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. That is what sweet sweat summer gives you or at least it could. That is what it gives me that and the change in type of workout which is great too don’t you think?

Sweet sweat summer is the fit flex life in light of the person that is doing it. What is the sweetness of a sweaty workout you wonder well, it’s the feeling of accomplishment after you finish. Or the sweaty selfie picture you take at the end. The feeling of the sweat coming off of you during the workout is something sweet too. The way that it can be sweet is, how much you get out of your workout when you sweat. Have you ever thought of that when you work out? What about when you did fit flex life workouts? When you are in complete control of your workouts you get the feeling of sweetness and sweat don’t you? I know I do that is why I love them what about you?

With us almost always sweating, in the summer does our fitness change? If it does change how does it? Is it the style of workout or where the workout is being done? The length, or the amount of sweat our workout has in it? Or is it all of the above? It is all of the above when I do fitness this way or even think about it? When you sweat during your workout what do you feel if anything? Do you feel as though anything is possible because you sweat so much? Do you feel sweet because you sweat so much? Usually when I sweat a lot in a workout I know it’s a good one which in turn makes me feel sweet. Try that in your next workout and see if you feel the same way.

Sweet sweat summer, is using the summer weather to your advantage with your workouts. The more you sweat the more calories you burn which is where the sweetness of it comes in. The fit flex life workouts make your sweating sweet in the summer, the way that they do this is fit fitness into your life and instead of weights use bricks instead of the ground use benches for push-ups , brooms or even cans. The hotter it is outside the more you sweat, the more you sweat the sweeter you feel isn’t that how it works? It is if that is what you want. What types of workouts are sweet sweat ones? Use what you have as part of your workouts to make you sweat and don’t forget to smile that is the sweetness.

A sweet summer sweat is what or is it something? It is changing up your workouts and making them work with the outdoors. It is sweet when it changes because you can use different things from the outside to make you sweat. When you do that in the summer what happens? You feel sweet and sweaty which is what summer is meant for. Sweating is fat crying I know that everyone has heard that expression before, so the more you sweat the sweeter you feel. So do cardio, abs or weights outside and you will see. That is what the fit flex life is all about, remember that and have a sweet, sweat summer, you may enjoy it so try it out and see.

Sweating sweetly in the summer especially outside makes your workout more bearable in the heat. The way that it does that is you do things outside as part of your workout and don’t think of them that way. Just think of them as a sweet sweat sesh. How cool is that?

A sweet summer sweat is anything you want, remember that and add some fit flexing into it. What do you think a sweet summer sweat sesh is?

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