When one thinks of fitness, they think of what exactly lifting weights, using an elliptical that sort of thing right or doing things that involve a yoga mat. What about group workouts at the park or even at your house?  Would you just use your grass and a yoga mat or if you were at the park would you just walk or run the track?  Most parks have swing sets, don’t they?  Maybe not the small parks but why not try going to a bigger park where there is a track, to use those types of parks are bound to have swing sets.

Have you ever been on a swing?  Do you even know what it is?  Can swinging on swing set be considered a workout is there such a thing?  What is a swing? So I have asked four questions now let me answer them.   First and for most a swing is a U- shaped seat, for the most part, it can be a flat seat as well with chains hooked up to them,  they are suspended either from a wooden contraption with five pieces or six, four side pieces, and a top piece.  Or there are industrialized swing sets that you would find at the park made of steal.  Now onto the real important question what is swinging and is it considered a workout?

According to for every hour you swing on a swing set you burn 200 calories. Using a swing set is an effective way, to lose weight, tone up and gain strength.  Swinging on a swing set also has therapeutic effects. Swinging as a therapy is a component of sensory integration therapy good for people with autism.  It can also make you feel weightless.

Swinging combines the exciting combination of freedom while you retain control of how fast and high you go on a suspended pendulum.  It is good for your physical health it can condition joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments the activity is good for pelvic muscles and also helps with balance.

Swinging on a swing set is fun and calming because of the back and forth motion that it ensues.  It helps build muscles and abs, the longer and the more you swing the more muscles and abs you will get in the end.  Swinging is good to keep you limber without you having to strain your muscles.  In order to move on the swing, you have to move your legs and arms in succession with each other.  Just pump and soar. According to the Huffington post, it is better than therapy.   It is a great stress reliever because you can just go onto a swing with your favourite music pump and soar while letting go of your troubles.

It is also great exercise, this is because swinging doesn’t feel like exercise it just feels like you are flying in a sense and having fun, which is the best type of exercise in my opinion.  On a swing, there is a feeling of freedom being suspended through the air. I swing about four days a week now but before I moved when it got warmer outside I would be outside on my swing set daily for hours on end.  I was swinging so much that I began to get a friction burn. So if you have a swing set that you use a lot be careful not to get a friction burn they hurt.  I still get a friction burn if I swing for too long or for too many days in a row that is why I started taking breaks getting off the swing and doing something else so that the burn won’t get too bad.  But if you do get a friction burn from swinging either use doctor prescribed Flamazine cream or Polysporin to heal it.

While I was swinging yesterday I thought about how I was staying so skinny and then I research how many calories swinging burns and realized no wonder I am so skinny and my arms and legs are so toned.  I burned 1,400 calories yesterday just from swinging alone.   Although along with my other workouts I am looking much better.

But why not try the swing workout go to the park with your kids where there are adult swings and give it a try. The longer you swing the more calories you burn, but don’t swing too much you might get friction burns like me which are no fun even if the workout is great.  If you want to know how many calories you burn while swinging either have your phone with you with a step counter on it because each time you go back and fourth the step counter counts that as a step, or have a fit bit type of thing on while you are swinging.

Swinging does make you sweat the longer you do it, so if that is what you are looking for be ready to be on a swing for a long period of time.  It won’t feel that long though because you will be moving fast the entire time, which is great since you will be having fun rather than working out. So yes swinging on a swing can be considered a workout. So the next time you don’t know what to do for your workouts or you are looking for a fun but easy workout why not go to the park and go on the swing for a couple hours.  It will calm, and clear your mind as well as give you a great workout without even feeling like it.  Killing three birds with one stone how awesome is that!

Swinging is considered cardio because of how fast you are going so if you are looking to change up your cardio why not try swinging as part of it?  It is fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. It also fits right in when you are taking your kids to the park to play in the summer how awesome is that? I would say pretty awesome because you get a workout in while your kids are burning off there energy and you don’t even feel like you are working out and it just fits right into your life when you are going to the park with the little ones. This is a great beginning when you are starting out on a new fitness course or routine in the way of an online class check out learn, how to fit fitness into your life on Udemy and see just how great swinging is for your fitness journey, for any time of year.

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2 thoughts on “THE SWING WORKOUT

  1. Sandra DeSantis July 30, 2020 — 7:43 am

    I have been swinging on a swing for fifteen (15) years now and I can verify it is the Best exercise around. When I began I was heavy and just happened to sit and swing a bit while my toddler was playing on the playground. Then I noticed all of the muscle groups that I felt (arms, legs, core and back) so I decided to swing a little each day. I developed a routine (even in the winter months) and it has been my go to exercise Every time I want to feel fit, happy and relaxed. Thank you for your post. My husband told me fifteen years ago to post something or notify Oprah (which of course I never did) since every time we tried to Google swinging for exercise and there was nothing available. I even started writing a book, but never finished it. Have a Great Day!

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    1. Thanks for the comment I’m so glad someone else finds swinging for exercise so great like me I now have two swing Sets and spend hours on them daily


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