Why Do People Workout When They Are Skinny?

Being involved in fitness is all the rage.  You see everything either online or on television telling you to need to be skinny, or even if you already are skinny you need to work out in order to stay that way. Or at least that is what the picture shows and that is what goes through our minds, doesn’t it?   Being skinny and having abs is what everyone wants isn’t it?  What if you are skinny but don’t have abs?  Nobody’s body is perfect though everyone’s body is different. With that, however, there is always something everyone wants to change about themselves and that is why they get involved in fitness, isn’t it?  Although people who are skinny and are working out might not want to change something about their body they might just want to stay in shape.   There are many different people who work out and there are many different reasons people workout.  Some reasons people workout might not seem right for someone else but that does matter it is what seems right for the person working out for the specific reason that they say there are doing there workouts.  It doesn’t matter what size a person is if they want to work out then they are going to do it for themselves it is not for anyone else that a person works out.

Everyone who works out has a reason for it, that reason is what keeps them going on there fitness journey. I was asked one day when I was talking to someone about my fitness blog why I was working out, they said: “you are skinny you don’t need to work out”. I said I was working out because I wanted to eat more and stay in shape. If you are skinny and want to work out it’s because you want to stay in shape and gain muscle if you don’t have it already, the muscle that is. People who work out and are skinny do so that they stay active and keep their metabolism going.

People who work out when they are skinny do so for the energy factor that working out gives them, they do it for the endorphins that they get as well.   People who work out when they are skinny do it so that they lower their risk of disease and viruses exercise boosts your immune system that is why a lot of people go to the gym and a lot of people are beginning to work out now, especially when they are skinny.  Always remember being skinny doesn’t always mean you are healthy, so if you want to stay healthy start doing a workout plan even once a week and that will help you stay healthy in the long run.  Working out builds endurance and strength. If you work out you are less fatigued.  Working out also lowers your risk of anxiety and depression. It also can keep potential weight gain from occurring.

People who are skinny and workout do so for the endorphin high that they get.  Seeing results in there abs and muscle also give them a high. You can be skinny but if you can’t see your abs or muscles you might get discouraged from trying a workout routine but don’t get discouraged it takes time for your muscles and abs to show just keep going.  The toned look will come eventually and that is what people want.  The feeling people get after working out is a great feeling it’s like a rush and that is why most people like working out, it helps clear your mind, but we will go into that in another post.  People who work out when they are skinny like to do so to get there heart, rate up they like the burn the exercise gives them when they do it.

If you are skinny and are working out you want to stay healthy or healthier then you were.  For example, I was skinny before I worked out you can read my reality of being a size zero post for more, but I wasn’t healthy, and the reason why I say that is because I wasn’t eating three meals a day I was maybe eating two and that isn’t good for your system you should eat three square meals a day to keep your metabolism going and your body functioning.

You want to keep your body moving when you’re skinny so that you don’t fall into the funk of not wanting to do anything. That is why people workout when they are skinny, to keep themselves going.  That is another reason why I got into fitness and am doing this fitness blog anyway.  Yes, I am skinny and yes I work out because I want to feel good about myself, I don’t want to feel sluggish like I was before.  If you begin to feel sluggish and tired all the time, and you are skinny why not try getting some exercise in or start working out whether it’s at home workout or getting a gym membership.  Doing either of these things will make you feel a lot more alert and awake for the better part of your day, which will make you more productive.  Being productive is a good thing, isn’t it?  Even if you are skinny start a small workout plan, even if it’s just twenty minutes or fifteen minutes a day to just get up and move and do something different. You will feel more alert and you will get more done. Believe me, I have done it and I feel great.

Always remember being skinny will not stick around forever metabolisms change but if you want to work at staying fit and skinny do a small workout, or any type of activity that gets you moving once a day, if you do that you are bound to stay skinny and fit but remember you have to work for it, if you want it. Never give up. The point to working out when you’re skinny is to stay skinny.   The more you work out the younger you will feel, so if you want to feel young for an extended period of time workout it will do the trick even if you are skinny.

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