Hi Ho Hi Ho Fit Flex

As we all have been back on our fitness journeys for a month now how are we feeling? Do we ask ourselves this yet or is it too soon still? Well as  most of us look at our fitness routines and getting our workouts in as part of our work day i would think its not too soon but the world is still in shambles  in some areas so how are you getting in your workouts? Are you just hoping for  the best and getting it in when you can or do you have a pretty good fitness routine even now with the fact that the world has been in shambles for awhile. Do you do your workouts for sanity purposes? If so, keep your body in motion in anything that you are doing. Do fitness routines that you enjoy if the gyms are open in your area and you like using the machines. Go to the gym to use the machines or if you have a home gym use that. Put your life , the way you live together with your fitness and see where it goes. 

Hi Ho fit flex is all about making your life and fitness work together, in everything that you do? Yes it is, isn’t the dwarf song from snow white “ Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go playing in your head after reading this title? It is for me. So if it is for you and even if it isn’t just clean-up your house, or your yard wherever you are at the time, or even go shopping, do laundry, or vacuum anything to get your heart rate up.  The more you do that the more you will work your entire body muscles included. That is what Hi Ho fit flex is all about, don’t you think? It is if you are thinking about it with a fitness mindset and using your life and fitness as a workout, making it part of your workout day every day, or at least five or six days a week. 

Hi Ho fit flex is constant motion lifting, cardio, or abs just to name a few. Use benches or chairs, couches, bricks, or cans, or even water bottles for lifting. Use the things that you have around  your house or around you wherever you are in your workout routines. Use the things that you wouldn’t normally use for your workouts as workout props and push your body until it screams. When you do this you are working for your workout in the form of a fit flex life fitness routine. Just keep your heart rate up, work up a bit of a sweat and you will see your workouts happening right before your eyes. 

The more work that we put into things the  better the things that we are doing will turn out this includes your fitness and whatever results you are working towards. Lift, do cardio or abs, any type of fitness that works for you, do that work your butt off to get the results that you want and they will come, you just have to have patience and a great work ethic in terms of getting in  your workouts, and eating right. You can use cleaning your house as a workout if that is what you want to do one day, or vacuuming. Make sure that if you are trying to do that, you are trying to work up a sweat too even if it’s a small one. When you do this you will feel great while you are on your fitness journey.  So as you live life keep the thought of you doing your fitness journey at the back of your mind and you will be working out. Grocery shopping weekly, cleaning up your house daily, or doing laundry all  of those things can add up to be workouts or part of one. 

Hi Ho Hi Ho fit flex means your workouts are part of your everyday life, whether you are working or just hanging out at home doing things around the house.  Go to the gym, and use the machines or a personal trainer, or do online workouts with a personal trainer, or find online workout videos that you can do yourself at home.  Or come up with your own workouts and make your life and fitness one thing that way and see what happens in it. Do you ever put your workouts into your workday and make the two things one you will get so much more out of it that way. Now most people who are into fitness and do workouts and fitness routines, set it up as a non- negotiable part of the day which means they do it before anything else and get in the best workout that they can that day. So it is like a part of their work day. That is the way I start my work day and love it so if you put your life into your fitness routine you are putting it into your work day, too which in the end means you are getting so much more done in your life and throughout your day along with a great workout. 

Hi ho fit flex is putting your work day, your life and your fitness, together  when you do this do you feel like you are working out? When you put your life and fitness together does your workout feel like it is part of your work day? Depending on the people you talk to about this, working out could be part of their work day or how you look at your fitness journey. Cleaning your house or grocery shopping can be a part of your workout or work day, so remember that the next time you are trying to mix up your workouts or even just figure out what workout to do , you will feel differently about your workout and your work day that I guarantee. 

Any type of fitness routine can be a part of a work day and usually is if you are  really into getting your workouts in.  If you are really into getting your workouts in, on your day you make it part of your work day and make sure that you get it done no matter what time it is or what the workout is. This could be online workouts, going to the gym, having a personal trainer or using apps or dvds or even coming up with your own workouts and doing those. 

Hi Ho fit flex fitness is everywhere you just have to find it for yourself and use it in a way that works for you. So look for it, figure out the best way to do the workouts you want to give you the results that you want, make it work for you and see what happens to not only your workouts but your life also. 

Keep as active as you can in your day, and you will be doing a hi ho fit flex life fitness routine. When you keep as active as you can in your life and put that into your daily workout routine it just feels like you are living which is what these types of workouts are meant for. So just do what you would normally do in your day but think in a fitness mindset and see how much that changes your outlook on your daily life  as it adds fitness into it. 

Fit flex fitness takes work no matter what type of routine you are doing, it could be a routine of your own making. So if you don’t mind the fact that fit flex life fitness takes work and most of the time it could be of your own making then why not add it into your daily life and work day?  If you ever wonder how to do this why not check out the link to the course at the bottom of this post.

Hi ho Hi ho fit flex means what to you while you are on your own fitness journey? 


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